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Atlanta, GA

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Wright Choice Business Consultants

Atlanta, GA


At Wright Choice Business Consultants, we believe a business is only as strong as its bottom line. Drawing on our knowledge and creativity, we will guide your strategy, analyzing your financial statements to deliver exceptional results that cut costs, improve efficiencies and maximize performance.



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Accounting and Financial Management, Accounting Information Systems (QuickBooks, NetSuite, Sage, Dynamics and many more!), Training, Financial Statements & Analysis, Financial Recruiting, Process Improvements

I also offer Operations Management, Process Improvement and HR Management.

The main advice I would give to someone looking for a great accountant is to look for someone who has a broad range of experience (beyond accounting). You want someone that can produce, interpret and analyze the numbers to be point that you get results instantly.

I love helping others. My success is based on the success of my clients.

I've always had a love for finance and structure. Over the years, I have come to enjoy putting systems in place and training people on how to make the financial aspects of their business more efficient. I have felt more rewarded with my own business, than working for someone else.

I have worked in business for over 20 years and have done everything from full- cycle accounting to producing financial statements, implementation of accounting and payroll systems and SOX compliance and testing. Additionally, I have extensive experience in Human Resources Management, compensation planning, strategic long-term planning and overall general business consulting. I love helping others reach their short-term and long- terms goals and will not stop until my clients are successful.



Our experienced team unpacks your financial statements, transforming chaotic content into readable dashboards that are easy to digest and full of key information to make informed, data-driven decisions. Whether you have issues related to your internal bookkeeping, ERP system, or overall financial operations, our full-cycle accounting provides back-office support and general ledger analysis to help you make informed decisions from the most comprehensive data available.

We will show you how to bring your financial statements into alignment and keep them in excellent working order, so you can continue to take advantage of the wealth of knowledge they provide. We believe in showing not telling. When you see the numbers in your new financial models and dashboards, you’ll understand how the right decisions can have the most impact.

Our ability to analyze your financial statements and extract vital information ensures your business will cut costs, improve efficiencies and maximize performance. Our analysis includes recommendations with solutions you can implement.

We are focused on streamlining your business processes with our organizational development. By identifying inefficiencies and working to mitigate risk, we can continue to optimize and innovate for maximum productivity. Keep doing what you do best; we’ll make sure your business compliments your efforts.