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Jeff Janke

Noticed nobody here had any gains so I decided to be a hero and post up and make some for everybody ......💪🏻🏋️


Nick Lockett Thornton

Been here since opening day and haven't left yet lol...this place is a sanctuary for real, clean, tons of equipment, extremely awesome staff, and it's 24/7 what more could you ask for!!!


Brent Pursifull

Probably THE best gym I have ever set foot in. The staff were truly glad we were there too. Plus, the owner came out to greet my son and I. Class act!! We will visit whenever we are in the area More...


Bo DePaoli

By far one of the best gyms I've ever been to. Great equipment, great amenities, and great staff! Excited to train there and take advantage of the World Gym Athletic classes.


Robert Krysl

Staff brings an above and beyond experience. Can tell they genuinely care!!

This place is awesome. We were just driving thru for the a late night work out on our way to Florida. Would love to workout here every day! More...


Nancy Henderson

Really great staff who care about the members, ask for opinions and really listen. I'm a class person, and I'm really enjoying BodyPump and BodyCombat classes, because the instructors are so positive and encouraging. It's great to see the classes getting bigger. More...


Jacqui Pittenger

The staff are welcoming and the equipment is top notch. Everything is clean, it doesn't smell, and my fellow gym-goers never make me feel uncomfortable or out of place. Plus ample free parking, showers, and hydromassage chairs. Great location and value! More...


Ben Shivers

This place has every piece of equipment you could ever imagine! It's not even a question, this is the Gym every person needs to be a apart. The owner and his team are going to make sure you're taken care of and feel like family. Get on the bandwagon Nashville! More...


Chris T Stone

As an athletic trainer, strength and conditioning coordinator, and now a PA in Orthopaedic Surgery, I've used countless gyms across the country. World Gym Music City offers an experience unlike any I've seen. They truly want people to enjoy the time they spend grinding out their gym work--no matter their level of experience. No matter the style of program or routine you prefer, you can find anything you need for essential any kind of training. Most importantly, the staff genuinely cares about the community and they are dedicated to making Nashville a better place. I couldn't recommend WGMC highly enough. More...


Anthony Jordan

It's very similar to areas of some of the professional teams facilities, like the Deerfield Sports Complex for the Bulls - in its collection of equipment, access in the city and accessibility. The staff is ready to help make your fitness goals a reality. I once met the contractor they use for cleaning, who showed me the quality care taken in disinfecting that's above hospital grade.

Very impressed! Glad to be here.


Lauren Lowe

What an awesome facility! Very clean and organized and well laid out. Lots of really nice equipment with all the upgrades you could ask for. The staff was super friendly and we tried one of their Hip Hop Spin classes and their spin bikes are some of the best I've ever been on! Their cycle room is really fun too with a light up floor that goes to the beat of the music. They do have a parking area with free 2 hour parking that is either included in your membership or you can call for a code if you are getting a guest pass to try it out. This place is definitely one of the best gyms in Nashville! More...


Logan Garrett

Big fan of this place and the environment. The staff is very friendly and the equipment/space is clean and accessible. The location/ parking is solid for downtown access. Always a good vibe and temperature. More...


Arsenio Hardrick

Quite honestly the best gym experience I’ve ever had! Only thing missing is a pool, but hey this ain’t Burger King! The culture and attitude in the gym make the atmosphere even more enjoyable. I’ll be here for years to come! I encourage everyone to give it a try. More...


Mike Kraft

It was the only gym open on Thanksgiving day and I was in town for the holidays. Cardio area is upstairs with plenty of options. Free weight area was downstairs which definitely gave me the feeling of working out in a basement. Ceiling clearance is very low....... as low as seven feet in some places because of air ducts and electrical conduit. The top of the squat racks only had inches of clearance at the top. Speaking of squat racks they had SEVEN of them and two smith machines. I feel they could have used a few less squat racks and a bit more other equipment. The ONLY calf machine was a seated calf raise machine. What's up with that? Also, there was only one leg curl machine and one leg extension machine. I know they are a bit limited on space but I think a bit more variety would have been nice. I believe they could have opted to go with four squat racks instead of seven to make room for additional equipment. I guess I am just used to training at much larger facilities and am spoiled by the wide variety of machines they are able to offer. More...


Phil Chea Mengeling

Had to pay $26 to park in their parking lot for 3 hours and $15 for a day pass. Other then paying $41 to work out today I had a blast. Plenty of equipment and weights to go around. All equipment seemed brand new. More...


Rach Nic Mass

Was visiting Nashville from NJ. Love this gym. I dont have any near me, but have been to other franchise locations and this one crushes them. Would be here all the time if I was a resident. More...


Austin Cooper

Moving into a new city can serve as being difficult when finding places that you’ve become accustomed to back home. That being said, World Gym met and surpassed everything I needed/wanted in my gym and it only took me one day to figure that out. Thanks to their welcoming staff (Christopher, Caelinn, Julia, and Olivia) they make each visit even more enjoyable! More...


Cisco Carter

I can’t get enough of this gym! I took a three day trial and was hooked. I was so fortunate to meet Chris and Olivia on my third which they help and me in the right direction. The gym is clean and has every weight/ machine one could ask for to get to their peek shape. If you are looking to find a gym home, I’d highly recommend World! More...


Christopher Eric Williams

This place is amazing wonderful equipment nice staff and so much to choose from. I could not ask for a better place to start my new journey in Tennessee . We just moved from Florida and are really into fitness and want to make sure we pick the right place to train. I tell you this is the place to be. 5 Stars... You can not go wrong. More...


Curt Hruska

I travel a little bit for work... Which takes me, at times, all across the country. This gym is by far one of the most unique ones, and I mean that in a great way! Very clean, great equipment, great environment, and an awesome staff. I wish I could take this gym with me on all my travels. 24-hour pass is very appealing as well four days if I were to be there for a two-day session. The monthly rates seems very reasonable as well if I were to live in the Nashville area. Keep up the great work, guys! More...