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Howard Thompson

9 May 2019

I love LN Justin’s right hand 6600 volts. Mighty! I think he is God’s true servant. More blessings on you prophet.


TA Joseph

9 May 2019

If you've been going under the huge problem just watch "Blessing TV" in YouTube I'm 100% you will be blessed as I am blessed.


Namakasa Haupindi

9 May 2019

Wccc can restore life, a true church of the servant of god, this church can only do things which are of the will of god and chases permanently things that are not of the will of god in Jesus name.


Fyfy Kems

9 May 2019

God lives within this man... He works through him
he is truly wonderful and nothing and no one will take that away from him...
He is truly blessed and he blesses everything and everyone around him...
And anyone who believes in him shall receive their prophecy...
Amen...Glory be to the Lord All Mighty Son Of God Jesus Christ


Est Bebeth

9 May 2019

I love to watch Blessings TV, because the same with Emmanuel TV have true Prophet of the Living God. I believe that Prophet L. N. Justin is a true Prophet. Please pray for me Prophet Justin... More...


Keoagile Kebeilwe

9 May 2019

I have seen all sorts of ministeries, but this one is different. Gog is really at work here. And unlike others, money is not the motive. Batswana have lost a great Man of God, who was and is helping people selflessly. Just don't forget us, sir. Keep praying for our country, and ourselves. More...


Eunice Maano

9 May 2019

Hi guys, beloved brethrens in the Lord Jesus Christ, U Know what Bots, you are blessed through this man of GOD it HAS BEEN MY PRAYER that we may have like the Nigerians. Lets celebrate and thank God for such gift from heaven you don just find evrywher, follow salvation and not money Jeremiah 17:9-11 More...


Veronica Martin

9 May 2019

My prayer for you Prophet LN Justin, is that God Grace through Jesus Christ is son will continue increase you in is anointing for his work. I hope before this year end I will get to meet you in Jesus name. America need this grace of God! More...


Inocentia Matebesi

9 May 2019

Under his grace nothing's it's impossible and we will not perish eve we belive in him.WCCC it's what God says it shall be ,his will shall be accomplished through WCCC .nothing will make WCCC to perish and all things that are happening they are there to make us more stronger than before in our Faith because it's where we are going to realise how grateful is this God that we save.anything can be done on our Father Justine but the word of God will not be stolen from his heart for the will of God to be accomplished through him in Jesus Christ.. More...


Tamobona Paphani

9 May 2019

If you are going through difficult situations: demon possession, sick, poverty e.tc just watch Blessing Tv and pray along with faith and you will receive your miracle in Jesus Name. I got my first deliverance in wccc Botswana 'm now free and i thank God for providing us with so poverful and annointed man Of God pastor L.N Justin 'm so happy and encourage other people to watch blessing Tv More...


Goatweng Moilwa

9 May 2019

I am in love with the centre and the words of Man of God all the time distance is not a barrier. He preaches the true word of God as he has been sent to the job. AMEN.


Yayatay Chong

9 May 2019

my daddy...my everything...very humble...very steady...very nice most of all loving...thank u lord for him


Lorato Kesenye

9 May 2019

Prophet L. N Justin is a real Man of God. God uses him to perform miracles. I am a living testimony otherwise I could be six feet underground.There is a living God in that church. May God Almighty continue annointing him more and more.The people of Botswana have really lost but distance is not a barrier! More...


Maggie Mphogo Mathiba

9 May 2019

Good afternoon man of God, I'm using dstv decoder in Limpopo but all of a sudden I can't see d blessing tv again.are the settings changed,it's 3 weeks now�

Can I have d settings?

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