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Woodbury University School of Architecture

Barrio Logan, California

1 hire on Bark

Woodbury University School of Architecture

Barrio Logan, California

1 hire on Bark

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Cyrus Christos

14 April 2019

top of line professionals are teachers you will get a job easily after graduation


Tawi Phantong

13 July 2018

A good small and friendly university that I have graduated in Accounting in 1970 with a good career and good future.


Akiko Ozaki

16 March 2018

Countless great memories at Woodbury. People here both students and faculty members are very friendly to each other with a family atmosphere. I came from Japan without speaking any English when I arrived at Woodbury, everyone welcomed me and helped me to get used to the life in the US & have a fun time at the campus! Architectural program is excellent. I learned a lot and the education from WU definitely helped me to be a successful architect! More...


Vic Hansen

8 December 2017

I visited Woodbury College a few times in the late 1970's, the reason:lunch, with whom: The Dean, My Uncle Watson B. Teaford. He almost talked me into going there for Business Classes. Miss those days. More...


Tina Warren Lambert

20 August 2017

Amazing school my sweet girl starting in Animation can't wait to see what she can do and the people whom will inspire her!!!


Ruben V. Suarez

5 July 2017

Excellent State of Higher Education, Great Staff & Great University.


James Cathey

23 May 2017

Graduated with BA in Business, president of Gamma Sigma Pi 1964 - 1965


Mindy Trisko

26 March 2017

I was there for a Fashion educators workshop, led by the fashion department. I was blown away by how ahead of the curve and in touch with what's just now happening in fashion they are. They are continually revamping and updating their courses to stay in tune with the industry, technology, and global business trends. Highly impressed!!! More...


Randy Fechter

19 March 2017

The business students who prepared my tax returns at the VITA center were the best. Friendly...prepared and diligent. They knew what they were doing and with their expert advisors on hand took great care of me. Nice experience.


Sandra Betancourt

5 October 2016

Love the campus, small and a great place to get your MBA! Getting plugged in with Alumni, career placement, connecting with mentors.


Martha Laura Valladolid

21 May 2016

I'm here for my sister so she can attend her entrance exam. Love the school. Can't wait till its my time to attend this school!-Koral


Gabs Commando

11 August 2015

when I first entered the premises of this university, I felt that I am on the right place. can someone say hi to Mr Cesar for please


Bob Achara

27 July 2015

I enjoyed studying at Woodbury .The teachers have vast real life business experience that you can draw from


Lolita de Leon

11 July 2015

Great University, highly recommended for business professionals.


George Marshall Sutton

31 May 2015

It was the perfect college for me! I worked my way through and graduated in 1970. I own an RV Dealership in Eugene, Oregon with 43-employees. Life is grand even at 67!


Hugo Arteaga

2 April 2015

The best! WU is where I learned my craft. I continue to explore and learn from the student work I see.


Ketima Barbara Cooper

2 February 2015

It was a great experience The University was downtown Los Angeles at the time on5th and Bixel


Mtoto Innoçèñt

23 June 2014

Av heard that Woodbury is one of the Best schools am eagerly waiting to join this year as am international student


Dan Dubrow

31 May 2014

Good architecture program!


Santosh Oommen

24 May 2014

Great staff. The animation program is well put together. Dori Littell Herrick ,the chair of the program,knows animation and has hired some great staff to teach animation.


Erick Altman

5 May 2014

Fantastic school !!!


LaDeane Simmons

19 March 2014

LaDeane Simmons (Irvan) Class of August 1976 Yay!!!!!


Nancy Luna

21 November 2013

Supporting my sister Ruth Luna's beloved sorority "Phi Sigma Sigma, Zeta Alpha Chapter at Woodbury University at the "Rock - A -Thon" their annual philanthropy for the The National Kidney Foundation. Rock-A-Thon is a 24-hour long fundraiser in which the Ladies of Phi Sigma Sigma rock in rocking chairs. Why do the Phi Sig ladies rock in rocking chairs? When patients are suffering from kidney problems, or kidney failure, doctors and nurses have these patients rock in rocking chairs to stimulate blood to their kidneys. It is a healing technique for these patient's kidneys. Please stop by and lend them your support at: New Woody's Patio Nov 20 & 21 12pm - 12pm Thank you for ladies for such a great event. You Rock! Dr. Nancy Luna Director of Internships, Management & Accounting. Adjunct Faculty More...


Russell Gould

31 May 2012