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J T.

10 August 2019

After reading the Yelp reviews we wanted to try Wilson's BBQ Rib Shack for quite a while but we would miss all the events.  We finally decided to place an order for a family birthday dinner. We were not disappointed in anyway. We ordered the mixed meat platter, beef ribs, garlic mashed potatoes,  baked beans, mac and cheese, creamed corn and cornbread pancakes. Everything was absolutely delicious. The flavors and amount of smokiness in the meats were perfect.  The sauce had a great tanginess and kick that matched the foods very well. All our guests kept raving about the food. I look forward to ordering from Paul again in the future. More...


Justin L.

1 July 2019

This was our second time having Wilson's BBQ and it was still just as amazing! The first time was during NYE when a friend hosted a party, which was immediately memorable. This time we decided on a full on "Ultimate Feast" catering order for our children's birthday BBQ bash. Paul was great in scheduling such a large order and even able to accommodate changes to the menu a week before the event. We were having a mix of adults and lot's of children and Wilson's BBQ was able to satisfy everyone's taste. Our guests were definitely impressed with the food and the amount of it!We had racks of pork spare ribs; which was juicy and well smoked, with a nice crisp char, the Santa Maria Beef Tri-Tip; which was tender and flavorful. However, the BBQ chicken was "out-of-this-world". It had an amazingly smoked flavor throughout and so tender that everyone, including children, had tons of it. We also ordered the Mac and Cheese, Garlic Mash Potatoes, and Paul even threw in a 1/2 tray of his famous BBQ baked beans. Everything had such great flavors and consistent. The Mac and Cheese was sufficiently cheesy, not runny, which went well with the saucy BBQ beans. The Garlic Mash was peppery and garlicky. Finally, the BBQ sauce was the best I had ever tasted, sweet, thick, and a good kick. I am going to add the leftover sauce to everything I eat for days. We were thinking that we needed to order pizza for the kids in case of picky eaters with this "specialized BBQ". However, it was unnecessary as everyone was able to enjoy this impressive menu. Last thing to note: you can tell Paul is a great family guy and tries to accommodate your needs with his family. Even though he couldn't deliver the food to us (his son had a baseball game) he made sure he had someone be available for pickup, on time, with the food hot and ready to go. He even added some extra touches to the whole order. He will definitely be one of our go-to caterers for future gatherings. More...


Edward Rojas

5 May 2019

The best Ribs, tri tip, and chicken ever!!!! And the sauce wow!!!! If you haven’t had them, you are missing out...


Gary S.

1 May 2019

My company hired Wilson's for an event and it couldn't have went any better.   The food was excellent and fresh.   Everything was set up elegantly for our corporate luncheon. Great Job!


Dan G.

25 April 2019

On 4/13/2019, Wilson's BBQ Rib Shack catered my son 2nd birthday for approximately 100 people. It was outstanding. All of our guest served themselves double up to triple stacking the plates high! We ordered beef brisket, which was to die for! We also ordered pork spare ribs, beef tri-tip, mac n cheese, bbq baked beans, and coleslaw. Wilson had all the food ready for pickup at the time indicated. His homeMade BBQ is fantastic. No real place for bbq around the San Gabriel /Alhambra/ San Marino area that serves bbq likeWilson does.   Let me tell you, if you haven't tried  Wilson's Bbq, you are missing out! We will definitely order from you again for our next event! Thanks Wilson! GREAT BBQ! More...


Lynda L.

17 April 2019

I worked with Paul on a birthday party and his food was one of the highlights of the event. This was a group of hearty eaters and most came back for seconds, We ordered the chicken and brisket along with four sides (mac and cheese, garlic beans, cold slaw and potato salad). All were delicious but the potato salad was hands down the best I have ever tasted from a caterer. It was home style classic (eggs, pickle juice?). Paul was easy to work and very helpful as we changed menu mid-stream. He delivered on time, got us set up and running and followed up with a phone call a day later to make sure we were happy customers. We were!!  I look forward to working with him again. More...


roy p.

13 April 2019

There were many bbq choices and they were all really good. The bbq sauce was one of the best with a good kick to compliment the baby back ribs and tri tip.  The sides were mash potatoes and beans and both were really good.  You can't even compare this to Lucile's or any other bbq places around So Cal. The pink smoke ring around the meat tells you it's really smoked using the right stuff ! I'd love to go again and highly recommend it to anyone. I did not get a chance to try the beef ribs, but hopefully next time I'll get a chance. My wife and I were fighting over the leftovers the next day!! More...


O K.

2 April 2019

Wilson's BBQ was highly recommended by my sister so I decided to give it a try and ordered catering for my son's birthday party.  It was such a hit!  Everyone loved the food.BBQ Chicken - Tender and smoky.  Simply delicious.BBQ Brisket - This was my favorite.  It was so juicy, tender and full of flavor.BBQ Ribs - Everyone was excited about the ribs!  The tray was basically empty.Mac n Cheese - Delicious but I wished it was a little bit more cheesier.  That's just my personal preference on mac n cheese.  Baked Beans - Everyone loved the beans, even the ones who don't like beans to begin with.  Creamed Corn - This was so delicious.  Sweet and creamy and just the right consistency.  I haven't had creamed corn this good in a very long time.    Cornbread - I made the mistake of putting this over warmers.  The bottom become a little dry but nevertheless, it was still delicious.  Honey butter made it even better.Potato Salad - Everyone loved the potato salad.  It had eggs in it!     BBQ Sauce - The sauce came warmed!  It had a slight kick to and had the perfect balance of favors so it didn't overwhelm the meat. I thought Paul was going to do a simple drop off delivery but he rolled up to the venue with his trailer.  My husband was going to kill me thinking I went all out!!!  It was definitely very impressive.  Paul sliced the brisket on the spot while we were setting up.  Freshly sliced juicy brisket....yum!   Paul did not leave until he made sure I had everything I needed.  I planned this party months in advance and guess what, I didn't have any knives!!  I didn't even think of it and I'm so glad Paul asked!Paul provides great food and great service. I can tell that he really cares about the quality of his food and his customers. I highly recommend Wilson's BBQ! More...


Tammy L.

18 March 2019

Food is so good! Ordered the mixed meat platter, mac and cheese, garlic mash, and a rack of beef ribs. Everyone was raving about how awesome it tasted. The BBQ sauce was to die for!!! People who don't normally like bbq sauce was drenching their food in it!! I will definitely be using Paul for another event later this year!!! More...


Brian G.

27 January 2019

Excellent! Paul set me up with dinner for a poker game on short notice. Everyone enjoyed it.


J R.

13 January 2019

I ordered 2 smoked pork butts for Christmas dinner from Mr. Wilson.  It was not only a good experience it was great!  I chatted him up via his Facebook page and he was very accommodating.  Paul took my order on short notice and I picked it up on Christmas Eve.  It smelled wonderful and we almost didn't wait for Christmas dinner.  I popped it back in the oven to warm it for dinner and it made the neighbors ask if they could come over.  Needless to say the meat was fabulous and a big hit with everyone.  Just the right amount of fat content and looked to be trimmed well.  Paul's sauce is boss!  I like my sauce a bit sweet with some twang and then spicy on the finish.  This sauce delivered.  Thanks again Paul and I can't wait to try some babybacks in that awesome sauce! More...


Davy S.

2 January 2019

One of the best bbq caterers/take out places in the 626 area. Wilson was taking carry out orders for New Year's Eve, and I jumped at the chance to try it out. I got a few racks of spare ribs and beef ribs while Wilson threw in some smoked turkey for free.Spare Ribs: great smoke flavor. On the firmer side with the meat easily peeling off the bone. These are full sparerib racks, not St. Louis cuts. Beef Ribs: again nice and smokey. Very tender and easy to pull off the bone. Very meaty.Turkey: incredibly tender and soft with great smoke flavor. Even my young kids enjoyed it. He provides bbq sauce which does pack heat to it. I love spicy flavors but not everyone can tolerate the heat. Wilson was a very nice guy who helped take the food out to my car. One of the few places in LA where you can get legit southern bbq! More...


Peter C.

10 December 2018

We used Paul's service for a large church gathering. About 100 people. Paul's is easy to work with and the food was very good. Everyone was happy with the quality and taste. Would definitely use him again. He even brought a warmer to keep our food heated since it needed to be dropped off a few hours early. More...


Jay C.

22 November 2018

Wilson's BBQ kindly agreed to accommodate my order for Thanksgiving. I really appreciated the care that went into packing my order. The attention to detail did not go unnoticed.I ordered Beef Ribs, Baby Back Ribs, Tri-tip, Pancakes, and Asparagus.Tri-tipThe Tri-tip was the best I've had. He was even able to get it medium-rare per my request so I was pretty impressed. Whenever I order Tri-tip, it's been difficult to find a BBQ place that gets the smoky flavor well penetrated into the meat, but Wilson's was able to do so.Beef RibsThese Beef Ribs were the best I've had in recent memory (Bludso's/Rub45/Phil's BBQ). Very smoky and super juicy. Fat is rendered so perfectly. Not fall off the bone (which I hate) but just enough tug--perfect.Baby-back RibsI'm no BBQ connoisseur, just a big fan, so forgive my layman's language. This is easily one of the tastiest baby-back ribs I've had, but it's not my favorite. This seems more like a competition style baby back rib, very similar to the type that Rub45 produces. I like my ribs super smoky, even "over smoked" if that makes sense--with an extra dark bark. The Tri-tip and Beef ribs were so smoky so I'm pretty sure the "lack" of smoke flavor in the ribs was on purpose. It's hard to describe, but all these quality BBQ guys obviously really know what they are doing. But for some strange reason, I've been noticing that the Baby Ribs in particular from these quality BBQ guys are always noticeably less smoky than all the other meats and have a much sweeter glaze. I would prefer a much smokier and savory flavor. Cornbread PancakesI'm a huge, huge fan of these pancakes. If I had to guess, these were cooked in a cast iron pan. The pancakes are very dense, but in a good way--they will really fill you up. I really loved the texture and taste. There was this place called Kick Back Jack's in Claremont, Ca where I grew up that offered cornmeal pancakes and I've been looking far and wide for something similar. This is way better and I'm so happy I've finally found a place.AsparagusMy wife wanted some greens, but I ended up eating most of the tray. Very delicious.I ordered a ton of food. I have a very young child and a wife who barely eats. I was able to finish mostly everything by myself. I am really excited to order from Wilson's BBQ again. He said that he can accommodate smaller orders from time to time if he is given enough notice so that's super awesome! More...


Sarah G.

24 October 2018

What a find! Ordered lunch for a big crowd and all were saying how great the food was - even a couple of people who don't care for BBQ!Ordered the brisket and chicken. Both were delicious and moist that I can't even decide which I preferred. And their bbq sauce was quite tasty as well; it has a little kick, but not spicy at all. It just a little something that enhanced the flavor. Overall, delicious food and great portions at a great price. Will be ordering again. More...


Drea N. Bear

23 July 2018



Vivian Solis

23 July 2018

The most amazing tri trip and smoked anything!!!! Can't forget the slaw, mashed potatoes, baked beans, EVERYTHING Paul makes is great! Just love all the food


Jacky Granados

23 July 2018

Bbq Tri tip is very delicious one of my favorite and everything else on his menu is delicious ....great flavor I totally recommend his services !! Meat is very juicy and tender


Michael P.

5 July 2018

Best BBQ in town! Had some friends over for the 4th and getting this catered was the best decision I could have made. Pork spare ribs, BBQ chicken and tri tip with sides of garlic mash and baked beans, All so good! And can't forget about the BBQ sauce! Couldn't get enough of that! Safe to say this will be the go-to BBQ spot here on out. More...


Amanda C.

29 March 2018

Delicious Lenten BBQ!  Yummy...Full of flavor ! I'd totally recommend itThe kiddos love it!


dado a.

25 January 2018

We ordered smoked brisket, ham, and garlic mashed potatoes from Wilson's BBQ Rib Shack for Christmas Eve, and it was absolutely amazing! All 25 of our often-hard-to-please family members said it was the best brisket they had ever had. The meat was tender and tasty, with just the right amount of smokiness. The ham was also superb. And the mashed potatoes were creamy heaven. Our family can't wait for future opportunities to order from Paul. More...


Nick S.

7 April 2017

We had Wilson's BBQ Rib Shack come out to the grand opening of our salon, and wow was it amazing. We had over 200 people in attendance and people could not stop raving about the food. The portions are huge, the prices are great, and the food is ridiculously good. I'm not the biggest fan of BBQ but this has changed my mind. I guess up until this point I have never had really good BBQ. The sauce is amazing. Some of the best I've ever had.Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to have an event catered. You won't regret it. More...


Steve B.

10 October 2015

I just came back from St Anthony's carnival where I picked up some ribs by Wilson's to take home (cuz I just ate a philly from a different vendor). When I tried them at home - OMG! The best ribs I've ever had - the sauce is also the best ever!So I figured I'd write a review, they are Bringing Southern BBQ to the West Coast!I don't know their prices, I got paid in tickets at the carnival and gave the remaining 22 tickets ($11 worth) and they gave me about 6 or 7 ribs (and a few of their cards). At first I thought it wasn't very big amount; but after I ate 3 of them and was stuffed (after the 2nd one) I realized that they were so good, that I kept going back for just one more. More...

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Our open-pit grilled chicken and smoked tri-tip combination is one of our signature dishes. Looking for some finger foods, our BBQ nachos is the perfect option for those parties when you just want to hang out with friends and family.

I typically would sit down with the client to go over menu choices. I would make recommendations based on the type of event to help easy the decision making for the client. It's also important that the client feel comfortable with the menu selection so that we are all on the same page. It is my duty to provide a memorable experience for my client and their guests.

The part that I love about the job is that I can provide an experience that most people can't do. BBQ catering takes commitment to bring a high quality product to their client. Most people will not have the patience to prepare hundreds of pounds of meat overnight for an event. My reward is seeing the satisfaction my food brings to the client.

My youngest daughter is the one who inspired me to start the business. It's been a long journey and it hasn't been easy at all. With the support from friends and family the business has evolved to what it is today.