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Jenni Chapman



George Regan

Very flavorful


Tasha Langford

I tried Will's Amazing Vegan burger at the highland park arts festival today & it was indeed AMAZING!� Awesome flavor, perfect texture & his coconut mustard, kale pesto, & ghost pepper ketchup complimented the burger very well. I went back for 2 more! Thanks Will! Nice to meet you! I wish you & your family the best! More...


Judith Barber Wilson

These are delicious and being served at the winter farmers market at the Dvoor Farm In Flemington


Stephanie Higgins-Rowley

These are the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had. They taste great and they have a good texture. Try it with a poached egg on top. You won’t be sorry! �


Jean Kuhn

Will and his lovely wife are the purveyors of the most delicious veggie burgers I have ever had. They are also very nice people and I am so glad to have met them.


Jeanna Gipson

Sampled my first Will's Amazing Vegan Burger today at the Highland Park Farmers Market on rt 27 (Friday's in Summer) and the few bites I had were delicious! What's even more rewarding is my 9 year old lobbied for us to get them which of course we bought a 3 pack. Can't wait to have them for dinner tomorrow night! May God bless this local establishment! More...


Jordana Landsman

I had the extreme pleasure of having one of Will’s amazing burgers this week!!! It was a religious experience. Delicious!! I love meat, but this was an amazing burger! More...


Ann Quackenbush

These burgers are amazing! Great flavor! Perfect for bbq season!! �� If you're at a fair and see the stand, go get a burger! You wont regret it!


Amanda Cowen Reiser

Will's burgers have great fresh flavor and a perfect blend of spices without the heat. You feel like you're eating something made with love, not just processed and filled with preservatives.


Jenna Ross

I picked up 6 of Will's burgers at the Highland Park farmers market. I made them a few days ago for friends when they came for a bbq. They were a huge hit with everyone - even the meat eaters! We love the ketchup and coconut mustard too! Literally everyone who tried them raved. We will see you again on Friday for more! More...


Sharon Young

I truly enjoyed my vegan burger. It is fresh, flavorful and great blend of spices. It is truly tasty. it is not processed with a bunch of garbage-it is 100% natural. I highly recommend that you get some. You can get Will's vegan burgers at the Highland Park Farmer's Market. I can't wait to get more! Thanks Will and best of luck to you! More...

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