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Capturing Beauty & Art with My Lens:
In her TED Talk, Graphic Designer Marian Bantjes perfectly sums up something I've become conscious of in the last few years. For at least the first two-thirds of my career, I worked within the framework of being handed a proposed layout and solving the problems required to refine, polish and create the requested image.


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Darin Fritz

6 March 2019

I absolutely love the photo workshops from Studio 315. The environment is casual and relaxed while the information is presented rated in a comfortable speed and very engaging. Will does a great job of explaining the technical information in a simple easy to learn manner.If you want to know more about your camera or just take better pictures, take a class today! More...


J Chaney

6 March 2019

Will is great! He takes his time to find out what you are wanting to learn about. Adding in his years of experience and I was very happy with what I learned and took home from the workshops!


Sue Olson

6 March 2019

I've found Will's classes to be both challenging and fun. He's patient as you're learning and seems to really enjoy teaching. I definitely feel my skills have improved through the classes I've taken. More...


Jayme Murgas

6 March 2019

Took a class with Will and learned so much about lighting and manual mode. Super helpful, would definitely reccomend.


Aubree S.

28 April 2017

I walked into my first workshop, with a camera and not a clue. I'd read my manual, twice - nothing was connecting. Thanks to Will's unparalleled teaching methods, I was not only conversational in the terminology, but knew how to put it into use - by the end of class.I'm currently part of Will's Critique Group. The assignments are fun, inspiring and challenging. It's a great opportunity to try new things and share your photography experiences with an extremely supportive group. Thanks to this Critique Course, I can see my work improving on a daily basis.Will goes the extra mile for his students. I needed to shoot in a lowlight, no flash, theatre setting, with no room for error. I sent Will an email, he got right back to me with "setting starting points" - my photos came out great!Hope to see you in class! More...


Marj P.

28 July 2016

I have taken many photography classes and lessons over the years and have simply NOT been able to understand some of the very basic elements of the camera. I spent one hour with Will and he would explain things to me and if I said "I don't understand" he would explain it again but in a different way. At one point he was explaining film speed and I just could not remember whether the higher number was better when you have a little light or a lot of light and he explained it three different ways then said "use this to buy more light" and it stuck completely. I really appreciate someone who knows his stuff but as a teacher is more focused on helping me understand. More...

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As a visual artist, as a Photographer I have spent the past 40 years “finding “ fresh perspectives on a tremendous range of subjects. From advertising, corporate marketing and People to my own personal landscape and nature work, I am known for my unique perspective. It is who I am.
I dislike forcing my pre-selected perception upon new images so that each photograph is unmistakably mine but prefer to allow the essence and uniqueness of each person and subject to become apparent within the image.
I invite you to consider the beauty of the images I submit for your approval.

The single most important question of any photo client is "What is it you want to see in these photos"?

Each day brings a new challenge. It's why this work never gets old.

I started my career in Chicago. And within 3 years I had enough clients asking for my work to begin my own studio.

I'm not for everyone. I often require clients to leave their comfort zone and try new approaches. But I'll let my numerous repeat clients (Individuals to Fortune 500 companies) speak for my results.


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