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New Hope, MN, Hennepin

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New Hope, MN, Hennepin



Whimsical Fox Photography specializes in family portraits, as well as children and pet portraits. My main style is more of a candid or lifestyle type photography, but I also include traditional posed portraits during my sessions. My goal is for families to leave the session feeling as though they were out spending time together as a family having fun and creating new memories, not feeling like they just left a stiff and stressful photo session.


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Kristin Overton

23 January 2019

Amanda is professional, talented and competitively priced. She is a joy to work with and we just love our prints! We will be booking her again for sure!


Kari Concannon

15 January 2019

We worked with Amanda recently for family photos. She was very pleasant & fun to work with, and was extremely prepared! She got some fantastic photos and one surprise one of our dog that I didn’t even know she took! Would highly recommend!


Stephanie Hagen

5 December 2018

Amanda has been there to photograph many of our family pictures and I am always blown away by what she's able to capture. I remember the first time she took photos for our little 1-year-old. I had packed numerous outfits, various props, and headbands. I felt completely prepared. Then we got to our destination and it just seemed like nothing was going right. Our daughter wasn't interested in the Pinterest inspired props I brought, she was running willy nilly all over the place, the headbands wouldn't stay on, etc. etc. It was a fun day, but I was sure Amanda couldn't have gotten many decent photos. I was so. wrong. I literally have my home littered with all the amazing photos she took that day (and from other sessions as well). She has a true gift for seeing something beautiful in such an ordinary moment. I couldn't recommend her highly enough. If you want someone to take photos for your family who can turn energy and chaos into beautiful memories, look no further. More...


Lindsi Boynton-Lilledahl

14 October 2018

Amanda is professional and extremely creative. Our family of 6 can be tough to get a good shot let alone dozens! Amanda had the attention of my kids, the dog (and the husband). She is an excellent photographer.

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The secret to taking a great photograph is capturing real, candid moments. That is when true emotions and personalities really shine through. Pose portraits are great, but the photographs that people cherish are the ones that are real moments, not posed.

When starting a new project, I would ask a client what they are looking for as an end result and what they will use the images for. Do they want more posed portraits, or more candid? Do they have a specific look and feel they want? What type of location do they want? Are the images for Christmas cards or printing on canvas to hang on your wall? Who will be involved and how old are any children? These are all things that matter and help me to plan out our session together and help me deliver what the client is looking for.

What I love most about my job is that I get to stop time and capturing real, beautiful moments and memories between people to have and cherish from one generation to the next. My family photographs mean a lot to me, and even in this digital age, I know they are still important to my clients too. I take my job very seriously and want to deliver the best images I possibly can for you, your children, and your grandchildren to look back on.

I have always been interested in photography. I started at a very young age photographing flowers and landscapes, and also explored macro and abstract photography. Although I loved photographing my friends and family, I never really considered portrait photography until recently when my brother and sister-in-law asked me to take one year photos for their son. When I was editing the photos after, I realized that photography was truly something I wanted to do and share with others. It truly brings me so much joy and happiness to provide this service to other families, and that is why I decided to pursue starting my own photography business.

First and foremost, you should choose me if you like my style of photography. Do your research--there are lots of photographers with different styles, and it's very important to me that we are a good fit artistically. I also truly care about my work and am my worst critic--this means I take my job very seriously and strive to provide my best work possible in all situations. You should also choose me if you are a bit of an adventurer at heart and enjoy playing games and interacting during your session rather than just being posed the whole time!