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Diane Dye Hansen helps organizations and leaders create more opportunity from a challenge or crisis than would have existed without it. She created Critical Opportunity Theory during her Masters program at the University of Southern California, Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism.


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Halle Eavelyn

6 November 2018

Diane has coached over 100 of my clients and I love both the energy and the intention she brings to their growth. She’s not afraid to give tough love, and she is a really terrific coach who can handle herself with any industry.


Hanna Bernard

6 November 2018

Diane is very optimistic, enthusiastic and dedicated! Known her and worked with her for many years.


pj o.

2 March 2017

This review is for Diane Dye Hansen. I completed a life coaching from Diane this week and I went from confused and stagnant in my career to focused and determined. Also my direction into my future has become very clear. I highly recommend Diane to anyone who might be struggling with any kind of life change or even if you feel stagnant in the moment. She is extremely motivating. More...


Kassandra Chilson

16 October 2016

What an amazing, inspirational coach. This is just what I needed to get me back on track with my business. Diane was so helpful and has a great outside perspective. I am so happy I decided to set up coaching to further my business and success. More...

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I love seeing my clients experiencing change and the benefits that come from it. One life changed can create a ripple effect that impacts thousands. I live for this. Whether I am working as a private coach/consultant or activating my team, this is our goal - to create change. As such, you won't find a single cookie cutter process with my firm. Everything I create I formulate specifically for my clients and their unique situations. Although I follow the greats, I never copy their work. I take what is proven, do my own research, testing, and create tools and perspectives that work. That's why my company is called What Works. I do What Works for my clients - not deliver the trend du jour and expect it to work for everyone. You can expect pre and post scoring of your progress and customized work tailored to your goals for you (not mine for you).

In 2009, I was laid off from Konami Digital Entertainment when unemployment was at 15% in Los Angeles County. The story of my own transformation and the start of the firm can be found in the Amazon best selling book "Reno Rising." Ultimately, I love working with a variety of individuals and companies. The consulting team I have developed is the best. Every one of us has a Masters degree or more. We work fast, efficiently, and accomplish more in less time. Our success is your success!

You should choose me if you are tired of online programs, workbooks, worksheets, and coaches who regurgitate the hot theory du jour. I'll go to the seminars so you don't have to, but I won't resell you their tools. I also won't run you through some cookie cutter program. Accountability comes with every contract for free (group call on Fridays). But other than that, its me and you climbing the mountain together.