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Neth D.

19 August 2019

Wow, this place caught me by surprise. I was visiting a friend in SF and had lunch here before I headed back to LA. From all the restaurants I went to in my weekend there by far Wences was the best! The dollar oysters they offer on sundays and mondays were some of the freshest most flavorful oysters I have ever had and for $1! Unbeatable we had a dozen each. We also got calamari which were perfectly fried and served with a vinegar base sauce. The grilled octopus was perfectly cooked and the poblano sauce paired so well. We also got a grilled chicken burger that came with bacon avocado and spring greens. The prices are very reasonable considering the quality of the food, this restaurant competes with some high end restaurant that charge ×3 more here in LA. The flavors in their food is amazing and the oysters were literally a steal! More...



18 August 2019

Great place to grab a bite to eat during happy hour. Fish and chips is great and the lobster chowder is always good.



18 August 2019

Food and service were very good. Lobster soup the best!! Shrimp scampi was very tasty. My husband had the filet and like it but wasn’t thrilled with the potatoes that came with it, thought it tasted a little bit like lasagna. I definitely will be eating there again and recommend for a nice dinner. More...


OpenTable Diner

17 August 2019

Great place for a date


Kevin Z.

16 August 2019

Have come here twice to sit at the bar. $1 Oysters on Sundays and Mondays.. Sign me up.. Also the Jalapeno/Mango drink is next level perfect. We've ordered a few great appetizers, and some good entree's so far. We're going to keep coming back to try more items! More...


Scott B.

13 August 2019

The service was extremely good! Our waitress was new and knew exactly how to answer our questions. The manager accommodated us with cooking a dinner meal during the lunch hour. (That would be the only cautionary note! Is that there is a lunch menu and dinner menu) More...


Cherra C.

12 August 2019

Great food! Chef is knocking it out of the park!The Salmon dish is amazing, soups and salads are delicious! Highly recommend!



11 August 2019

The food service was slow but it was a busy night. I was a bit disappointed that our large party did not receive our main entrees at the same time. Four of us had ordered burgers medium but all of them were overcooked to well done. More...


Delicia B.

10 August 2019

This review is hoping the owner/manager is reading! I LOVE this restaurant for 3 reasons:1- my first time here was after getting a dress for my sons wedding 2- my first experience was phenomenal from the food to the experience ( all thanks to Michelle) 3- the Octopus!!!!!Since that time I moved to the area,  I visit frequently JUST for the octopus and almost had to stop coming!Michelle & Jose are AMAZING!! Treat you right, friendly, make you want to stay! When I stopped in today (sunday) an unusual day for me, I was ready to walk out if Jesus was working.  I have had 3 encounters with him that made me want to NEVER return! Here's why:1st time- I waited patiently for service after 7-10 minutes of no acknowledgement at the bar while he washed dishes! I walked out!2nd time- waited patiently,  got service initially only to wait forever for a second drink. Cashed out!3rd time- ordered octopus & drink..  then a young couple (apparently friends) walked in and couldn't get his attention again. I sat right next to that couple & couldn't get service! More...


Kyle S.

5 August 2019

Wow! Surprised there aren't lines out the door at all hours here! Best restaurant in East Bay right now. Food is always fresh and well prepared, service is very good, and prices are quite fair.Just had the Bacon Jalepeno burger, probably one of the best burgers I've ever had. My favorite however is the brunch on Saturday and Sunday. It's all good but I love their Crab and Avocado Omelette. Lotsa crab! Can't go wrong here. Sometimes they charge a hefty charge for add ons or extra, so definitely ask for extra costs. (Young and seemingly inexperienced managers). But service is still top notch and the food can't be beat!I've been here at least a dozen times and haven't had a bad meal once! Great Happy hour too! More...


Ed V.

28 July 2019

Been there a couple of times.....last visit was in June with the family. Overall, our orders were enjoyed by all -  very good in taste and presentation. I loved the crab cakes and for some reason the string fries....Service was good and our waitress was attentive. I would go again ............. More...


Klementine K.

26 July 2019

We love Wences! We are regulars for dinner, but I feel that the hidden secret here is the weekend brunch. You just can't go wrong. Always delicious, always great service. Surprisingly rarely crowded at brunch. The full bar has a wide array of specialty drinks and good wines. They could maybe use an additional beer, like a good craft IPA. The atmosphere is always positive and lively. Outdoor seating is great for warm summer nights. Enjoy More...


Jesus L.

23 July 2019

I've been to Wences restaurant a handful of times, and I kid you not.. each time is better than the last. I found this place on accident when I worked up an appetite after a hike. I've tried the smoked salmon sandwich, Cajun jambalaya, lobster tacos and more! Everything has exceed my expectations, and I've left the restaurant incredibly satisfied with the food, service, and the ambiance. More...


Teresa H.

20 July 2019

Charming place but was a bit noisy the day we went because of the musician out front. Service was great and they have great GF options.


Lisa C.

28 June 2019

One of my favorite place to go for my carbs and protein cravings.  The truffles Mac & cheese definitely satisfy my carbs craving, add lobster to it and boom!  Can be a meal on its own...  What I love is that there are full chunks of lobster meat in there but what truly brings me back time and time again is their ribeye, it's not the ribeye itself per se but how it's prepared!  I am a garlic lover and this thing is covered with melts in your mouth cloves of garlic, add a glass of wine or beer and it's a perfect evening. More...


James M.

25 June 2019

Great menu! Great selection. They helped me plan a surprise birthday brunch for my wife and it was great. The management here was very quick to make right on a food misunderstanding and didn't make my guest feel bad for her concern about what she ordered. (She thought the seared tuna was actually cooked tuna ... which it was, but that's ok.). Any way, the place has a very nice an easy feel about it. Great food and very good prices. More...


Frank K.

22 June 2019

Fantastic spot here in PH.  Food is consistently good, the drinks, look great, tend to be a tad heavy on the alcohol, which they will gladly correct.  One of our regular spots.  Enjoy ! More...


Sergio P.

14 June 2019

Excellent brunch with a great bar & TV setup. Perfect for when my case of the scariest shows up too strong during my weekly sickness. I had the filet mignon eggs Benedict, which had a good spicy More...


Elizabeth G.

4 June 2019

Love their Happy Hours! Fresh, delectable food at great prices!!! The patio is very comfortable and breezy.....


L. P.

4 June 2019

Local neighborhood restaurant which offers three course Early Bird dinner specials. I ordered French onion soup, Chicken Piccatta, and Strawberry gelato. French onion soup was tasty with lots of onions and cheese on top. The Chicken Piccatta had diced red peppers which is not usually in Chicken Piccatta so I didn't enjoy the dish. The chicken breast, however, was large and moist. It came with sauteed veggies and mashed potatoes. For dessert I had the strawberry gelato. It was not creamy like gelato, it was more like sorbet. Overall, Wence's Early Bird dinner was a good value at $17 for my meal. I would probably go back to try other specials but not for the Chicken Piccatta. More...


Gianna D.

3 June 2019

Wences is the perfect neighborhood establishment. I will say that the ambiance caters to an older crowd which means the diners are likely in their 50-70s. If the ambience matched the modern American food, I could see this place drawing in a much younger crowd which is what the new pleasant hill demographic is. Just take a look at Rooted across the street More...


Anthony W.

24 May 2019

My god...This might be my new breakfast spot...Me and my girlfriend came here randomly last Saturday and boy was that a treat. I didn't even know that shopping center existed. I'm usually never on this side of Pleasant Hill. That being the case we walked in and I was super impressed with the decor. Two big screen TVs at the bar is never a bad thing haha.We decided to sit at the bar since the wait time was 10-15 mins and we were trying to make a movie after brunch. I already knew for the most part what I wanted. When I saw that they had a Lobster Benedict, I was already halfway out the door of my house. I'm happy to say that it was everything I never thought I wanted that morning. Both eggs were cooked perfectly and the the Hollandaise sauce had a good flavor. Our bartender however gave us the suggestion that we should try the Chipotle Hollandaise sauce. Best suggestion I had that day. It's super flavorful. It's the one that usually comes on the Filet Mignon Benedict. Ugh that one was good too though...Above all, it comes with super soft and flavorful country potatoes. Such an amazing meal overall. Oh yea. I also had a Bellini. It had a very nice balance of peach flavor with the wine.I need to come back. I j-just really need to back. I need to know that this wasn't a fluke or something. Everything I ate that morning just seemed too good to be true.. More...


Will M.

20 May 2019

Food is good, can not complain about it. I enjoy the filet mignon benedict. One issue I have had there, twice, was the service. I don't know if it was the waiter or mis-communication with the kitchen. However, just want to say thank you to the manager, who was there at the time, Valentino (..sorry if i spelled it wrong/or if i used wrong name). He came over, listen to what I had to say and took care of us. He took care of the issue and made sure we were happy. Thank you for doing that and making the experience better! More...


C M.

18 May 2019

Consistent service and quality food.  Good vibe.  It's our local hangout and we've been there many times.  We prefer to stay out of the large dining area because it's incredibly loud in there..you can't hear yourself think.  Good thing there are options in the front dining area/bar and outside seating. More...


Sara S.

17 May 2019

Okay so I was a bit nervous because of some issues we faced HOWEVER...... the food was amazing and our server max was awesome! Probably the best of the best. The food was super tasty. I would for sure recommend making reservations. More...


Aric W.

4 May 2019

Great place. Bartenders are awesome, especially Michelle. Food is really good and I'm a bar food snob. Service is fast, chefs in the back care and you can tell. They have great oysters. Try the French onion soup. Garlic bread, shrimp tacos. You know everything is at bare minimum decent and that is better than every other bar in the area. I've never been in a fight, but if you talk trash about this place I will try fighting you. More...


Bruce D.

3 May 2019

Greatest happy hour ever!This is now our go to place for great food, good service at 1990 prices!Everything on their menu is worth trying and trust me you won't go wrong!Come early at 3pm or risk not getting a good seat.Actual forget everything I just wrote!More room for me! More...


Michelle S.

28 April 2019

Decided to try this establishment out on a whim at the last minute because of their Yelp reviews. We were celebrating my boyfriend's 30th birthday last week and all he wanted was a good steak. Seeing ribeye as an option on their menu I called and asked if it was necessary to make a reservation on a Wednesday night, they said no but put our names down as a courtesy. We were greated by the hostess I had spoken to on the phone and seated within minutes of arriving. They have a good variety on their menu, and the prices are a bit higher than your typical chain restaurant but the quality of food was worth it. They offered French bread which was fresh and held us over while we looked over their menu. We chose the grilled artichoke as an appetizer that came with a Chipotle sauce that was a nice twist to your typical mayo for dipping. We also had some red wine and I was impressed with our waiter, Edgar who made sure our glasses were smudge free. It was a small touch that we noted. For entrees my boyfriend chose the ribeye cooked medium rare which came with sauteed garlic cloves on top, mashed potatoes, green beans and mini carrots as a side. He said everything was delicious but he should have opted for a more rare cooking temp (as a preference). I ordered the porkchop which was delicious and very moist/tender. It came with sliced brie cheese and apple slices cooked in a sweet glaze atop it. Served with mashed potatoes, broccolini and mini carrots. I snuck off to the restroom to let our waiter know we were celebrating a special birthday and the hostess informed me she had noted it on our reservation and already let Edgar know so they could include a candle with our dessert, which again was a nice personal touch. They said we could get either a scoop of Gelato or dessert of our choosing. We ordered the beignets which was a big serving of 4 doughnut sized ones, sprinkled with powder sugar and served with a side of a strawberry infused apple sauce. They were good but unlike the typical light and puffed beignets I've had before; definitely more savory and filling. We were surprised to see they had comp'd the dessert from our bill, which was another nice gesture (not sure if they typically do that for birthdays or not) as it was our first time there.I'd say along the lines of service and food, everything was exceptional and we had zero complaints. You get what you pay for in terms of quality of ingredients and it was a lovely restaurant. We'll be coming back again, thank you for making our night memorable! More...


Hussain K.

27 April 2019

Don't order their pancakes or french toast. Aunt Jemima's pancakes and homemade french toast are better...bring back the banana foster versions! Hate menu changes, especially if you're a regular and haven't been consulted as a customer. I mean seriously, you have bananas back there, all it takes is some spices and voila! Service is always on point and attentive. Outside seating is fairly spacious. Pet friendly. Food is mostly delicious, depending on what you order. Have had multiple brunches, a few lunches and a happy hour.The one star was deducted because...you guessed it...the menu change. Came here to order two of our favorites and they were not on the menu...a disappointing start to a beautiful Saturday. Fine...I'll have the regular, boring pancakes...and they were just as regular and boring as I feared. The tacos were great, the fries a little too soft.Will I be back? That used to be a resounding HELL YEAH before. Now? Eh...maybe if you bring some of the old menu items back. More...


Abby C.

26 April 2019

Wences is super undercover. It's in a small shopping center in Pleasant Hill. We started with a dozen oysters. Super fresh. Get the kumamoto oysters! My husband got the steak and I tried the Chilean sea bass. My sea bass was delicious and perfectly cooked! It's a fun spot for a date night if you're looking for good oysters and fresh seafood.It does get pretty crowded on the weekends so make reservations if needed! Parking lot is pretty small since there's a few other restaurants in the area, but street parking is available too More...


Marisa K.

23 April 2019

My favorite restaurant ever In pleasant hill! A total hidden gem. The bar tenders are amazing. The owners are so nice and friendly. It's super clean, the food is phenomenal. My favorite dishes are the chicken street tacos, the Cesar salad, the Beignets with the strawberry infused apple sauce to die for and the raspberry lemon drops that Jose makes. This place is just the absolute best! I come here a few times a week! More...


Vivian C.

22 April 2019

Dungeness Crab. That's all you need to know.If you're a seafood fanatic like me, then I would highly recommend the Dungeness Crab omelet. The crab meat didn't have a crabby/fishy smell or taste to it and it complemented the eggs and avocado well. The portion was fairly filling especially with a side of house potatoes. This spot is pretty spacious with plenty of parking in the lot outside. I came in for Sunday brunch and there were still plenty of tables available. More...


Mary Ann C.

21 April 2019

Second time here in 2 weeks. First for business lunch and now Easter Brunch. Food and service excellent. Enjoyed the crab Benedict and the Ahi Tuna Tower. Wouldn't change a thing. Lunch was Steak Cob salad and The seared Ahi salad. Both dishes licked clean.  Can't wait to return More...


Maxfield A.

14 April 2019

Dollar oysters were awesome, fresh, well shucked. We ate 24 between 3 of us. I had grilled chicken bacon sandwich and a beer on tap. Loved it.


Renee A.

12 April 2019

I believe the service has improved greatly from what it had been the last two years. Although, they do not give the Happy Hour prices if you come for dinner or there is no seating in the bar even if you are there at 4:30 PM. They do let you go to the bar and order drinks and appetizers if you also pay for and wait standing for them in the bar. Hopefully you don't lose your table in the dining room while there waiting for delivery as they are busy for hh. I have never been in a place where that is the norm that you cannot add the hh items to your entire bill.The food is good and they delivered it in a timely manner. No more mix-ups or failed orders this time. Just the lack of ability to visit with friends while standing and waiting in the bar for your HH orders. If that wasn't the case,  I would have given a 5 star review on this visit. More...


Luciene B.

10 April 2019

Came here for Happy Hour and had a great time! We had couple drinks, fried calamari, Manila clams, and their amazing $1 oysters!!! Food and service was awesome! We'll be back for sure!!! More...


Ingrid M.

6 April 2019

Love this hidden treasure!  Bar is super slow but food is amazing and servers are sweet.  We will be back!


D D.

6 April 2019

Really enjoyed Wences. We had excellent service and devoured meals - fish and chips, mussels and daily fish special. Only miss was artichoke appetizer which arrived undercooked. Fair prices and nice atmosphere too. More...


Tracy N.

25 March 2019

What a treat!! I've dined here prior for dinner but this was my first time for brunch. The atmosphere was lively, food so delicious and on point!!  The dishes we had were the grill octopus, calamari, grilled fish tacos, and the beloved oysters for $1 I might add!! Everything was seasoned to perfection. Nothing overly salty or bland. Perfect balance. I forgot, don't forget the drinks. I had a gin&tonic and my cousin had a Bloody Mary. I don't usually go for a Bloody Mary but in this case I would suggest you try it. Everything was great from start to finish! More...


Ida Slapter D.

23 March 2019

A fine eatery amidst a neighborhood strip mall. Very non-descript from the outside, when you enter the bar is on your left and the dark wood decor gives it a substantial ambiance. There was plenty of seating available on a Friday afternoon for lunch. The service was continuous, no one went by without filling water glasses or asking if everything was okay the entire hour. We were limited on time, so we decided to order each a bowl of lobster bisque and split the Avocado BLT between us. It came with shoestring fries in a petite shopping cart style basket. The chowder was more warm than hot, perfect temp for me, as I dislike burning the roof of my mouth on soup. It leaves me unable to enjoy the rest of the meal. They accommodated our choice to split the BLT, but only brought out one plate. No biggie, as I used the charger under the soup for my half, but I'm sure they'd have brought me another plate had I made that request. The bacon on the BLT was extra crispy and had just the right amount of avocado on it, so it didn't come falling out when you bite into it. The sourdough was toasted nicely but had a bit more butter/oil on the outside than my liking as they must toast it right on the grill. Next time I'll have to request less of that, as I get heartburn from too much fat.The parking lot was pretty full. The other party had to find street parking but did, just across the street. It's a bit loud in there but overall great atmosphere, attentive service and well portioned good food for lunch. More...


Tohana W.

23 March 2019

Excellent! Food was great. Wait staff on point. Had the halibut & polenta. Sooo good. Would've taken a pic but I ate it too fast.


Stephanie C.

17 March 2019

The food was really good and our server Max was super attentive and made great recommendations for us! The restaurant was really crowded and noisy so it was hard to enjoy our conversation which is why I deducted a star.


Yelp R.

16 March 2019

A surprising gem hidden away in a Pleasant Hill residential area.Our plan was to go to the Japanese restaurant nearby for lunch, but it wasn't open 30 minutes after the posted opening time.  Medical emergency?Anyway, the staff here was pleasant and the food good.I ordered the Seafood Louie which ended up being smaller than I thought.  My dining companions ordered the Crab Tacos and a Burger, which they both enjoyed.  Since I was still hungry I ordered Crab Tacos too.  The cheesecake was perfect, and the "soup bowl" of house coffee was well made.The restaurant seems like an unpretentious neighborhood bistro with great food and service, and reasonable prices.  Hope to come back soon to try the dinner menu. More...


Christina N.

10 March 2019

Great coffee ! Great quaint atmosphere! Classy , clean , prices and menu are good !!! I didn't drink but I observed from afar at the drinks being made and yum yum they looked very good !! I had French toast and some bacon as a side all tasted very delicious ! Water was good and servers were prompting refining my coffee n water !!! No rude faces they really made u feel comfortable More...


Ray Z.

9 March 2019

Went for a birthday lunch.  Our party ordered fried oysters and crab stacks.  For dessert we had orders of beignets and cheese cake.  Everything was outstanding and our server (Courtney) was awesome. More...


Jemellee S.

4 March 2019

I was invited to have brunch at Wence and so I went with the cousins. For some of us it was the first visit and some had been here already. I just love it when there is a parking lot. It makes the experience much more enjoyable. It has the looks of a high-end restaurant. I had a mimosa and a coffee, yes I did! I preserved the Dungeness Crab omelette. It was made with egg-whites, filled with real crab and jack cheeses, topped with fresh avocado slices and spinach garnish and served with home style potatoes. Other favorites were Dungeness Crab Avocado Benedict and Lobster spinach Benedict. Our groups shared a bowl of lobster bisque, so creamy and yummy!We had a little sneak peak taste of their dessert dessert. The apple cranberry crisp. It had apples and cranberries topped with oatmeal crunch...served nice and warm warm!Our server was Valentin awesome! He was polite, attentive, and smiled every time he came to the table. I was told this place had a great dinner menu, so I'll be coming back. The price was standard for "brunch." More...


Cindy A.

20 February 2019

This place is wonderful and consistent.  The service is fabulous.  The food presentation is impeccable.  Even on busy Valentine's Day it was perfect.   We love Wences!!!!!!!


Durae S.

14 February 2019

The food is delicious and well seasoned! I went during the lunch rush with a group of 8 coworkers, and everyone was pleased with their meals. Service was great and our meals were served promptly without feeling rushed. I would definitely go again. More...


Theresa T.

11 February 2019

The service here is amazing!!!! The food is awesome!!! I've been looking for a place with rockafella oysters..and omg these were so bomb!!! We didn't even have to wait a long time for the food to be brought out!! We ate everything we ordered!!!! Cool prices too!!! Thanks Wences!! More...


Marina B.

10 February 2019

I was searching for the oysters on Sunday evening and found this restaurant. Came here, they provided me with one oyster to sample and it was what I was looking..: Also they said that every Sunday they have a 1$ deal for one oyster. Right away ordered 12. When they brought oysters they were good but not cold enough. More...


Cj C.

8 February 2019

Came here during brunch for a friend and had a great time. Atmosphere - Wences is in a tiny pavilion of some sorts with limited parking and one way parking ways. The inside was very clean, but also a bit dark. I believe this had to do with the dark color theme they were going for, but still sunlight was able to shine through. There were many booths along the side and lots of open tables in the middle. It almost looks like a club at night. Food - At the time, I was looking for something that was light, heavy, and healthy. That's why I went with the Wences Omelet (pictured). The flavors were there and everything tasted right. I even got a side of hollandaise sauce. SO GOOD! And it accomplished what I wanted it to. Not too heavy, and just right. Service - Our server was phenomenal! We were a party of 14+ and she delivered on all of our needs. Sometimes, she was missing for a very long time though, but other than that she did great!Awesome brunch place and would definitely recommend this place to others. More...


Melissa M.

7 February 2019

Today was my first time to this restaurant. I went with my coworkers to celebrate our birthdays. My first impression was "wow". It had great decor and we were greeted and seated as soon as we stepped foot inside. The service was fast and friendly. The seating was super comfortable. But the best party was the food. I ordered the crab cakes and chicken Fettuccine. Good lord was it good. One of my coworkers ordered a sandwich with sweet potato fries. I am not a fan of sweet potato fries. But she offered me a fry and I decided to give it a chance. Especially after my coworkers kept stating that not all sweet potato fries are made equal (lol). I took one bite and I was sold! Those were the best darn fries I have ever had!!! I will definitely be back with my family and friends. I truly enjoyed my experience and encourage anyone who reads this to eat there! -TheTruthCritic- More...


Ashley L.

5 February 2019

Food was amazing. I ordered the king salmon and my husband ordered the lobster chowder. I am very pleased with how perfectly the salmon was cooked. It was accompanied by garlic mashed potatoes and broccolini covered with a lemon dill sauce. Everything about this place was beautiful and elegant. I appreciate the ambiance which was comfortable and classy. The server was professional and didn't over see the table too much. The bread they serve before hand was very soft and a nice compliment to the meal. I will be returning. This is a great date night spot. I can see having a group there...i didn't get to see a kids menu but i did see some kids there. It's a total hidden gem in pleasant hill More...


Niki R.

2 February 2019

The food here is fantastic. Whether it's by myself or two or three of us we have always gotten in right away never had to wait a long time. Every server I've had has been courteous and right on point. Best lemon drops! More...


Chris H.

2 February 2019

We stopped in for lunch yesterday.  This is a nicely decorated restaurant, it looks like two different seating areas.  We were seated at the back of the room that contained the bar unfortunately.  Food was good but the crab cakes did not have enough crab, and were too gummy for my taste although perfectly crispy.  Loved the shoe string veggies they came with, absolutely delicious.  My friend ordered the Chicken Piccata and she enjoyed her dish very much, the vegetables looked lovely and the chicken breast was tender.  Our glass of wine was nice but the noise level from the bar area was deafening, and it was hard to talk over the drunk man talking at the top of his lungs.  We rushed through our meal, he and his friends were so offensive we couldn't wait to leave.  We'll return another day when there aren't so many overzealous bar patrons. More...


Angela W.

27 January 2019

Good food. Large portions. Great price. Only negative is the food takes a little long to come out.


M S.

21 January 2019

In my opinion, Wences is a real local gem! The food has ALWAYS been fantastic in both presentation and taste. Yes they get busy, but would you rather eat at a restaurant with no customers? Their King Salmon and the Seafood Mixed Grill are among my favorites, but honestly . . . everything I have ordered has been wonderful and I would definitely order any one of the dishes again. No bad choices here! Absolutely LOVE THIS PLACE!!! More...


JaJa H.

12 January 2019

My daughter suggested dining here for her birthday lunch,she had brunch here previously.From cocktails to dessert everything was perfection.We started with the mussels that are served with a cheese toast.The broth was rich and spicy (we should   have asked for more bread for dipping) We both had the Mac n Cheese with truffle and Lobster. It was delish and chocked full of lobster. More...


Elizabeth C.

10 January 2019

This is quite the funny place to invite a vegetarian to. Yes, there's a salad and French Onion Soup. That's what I love to eat when I go out to dinner - exactly what I fix for myself at home every night LOL. Once we all finished laughing at me because the menu is jam packed with meat and seafood, I asked the server if I could just order fries and Mac and Cheese off the children's menu (that's what my 4 year old niece sitting next to me, ordered - sounded better than my usual soup and salad). The server said I could order whatever I wanted from the children's menu when someone filled him in on the vegetarian thing. He suggested the garlic cheese bread and assured me it was very filling and tasted great and that he'd upgrade me from children's fries to a whole side. Now we're cooking! He was a good sport. I've got to admit - that cheesy garlic bread was freaking delicious. I felt like I was spitting in the face of a weeks worth of workouts for it and that was fine with me because it really was that good. I was full after 2 pieces but had a third because there was nothing else to do while my animal carcass eating dinner companions were buried in their meals. I actually ended up ignoring my fries which is a twice yearly guilty pleasure for me. The wine menu is great - several of us found the perfect selection for our meal. The cocktails were mixed well too - very tasty! For you meat eaters out there! The Chilean White Sea Bass got rave reviews from the two who ordered it. The 3 who shared the Raw Oyster Bar Mix said they were all very fresh, the sauce was a perfect compliment and they'd order it again. Filet Mignon was prepared "to perfection" and the Rib Eye Steak was devoured with glee. The southern gal ordered the Cajun Jambalaya and said it did not disappoint. The four year old said the Mac and Cheese was almost as good as Kraft Mac & Cheese which actually is quite the compliment. I'd give five stars if they had one solid vegetarian option besides soup or salad. Hey guys - veggies have to eat there too - we can't skip mom's birthday dinner - give us ONE main course as delicious as what our carnivorous counterparts get to enjoy. I'd have run to the kitchen and kissed your cook if y'all had even a frozen veggie burger to warm up for me. NO - vegetarians won't seek out a seafood restaurant but we ARE invited there by others, so - consider having something - one thing - that's interesting for us. Please? More...


Walt B.

4 January 2019

Was looking for seafood one night when we came across Wences in Pleasant Hill and thought we would give it a try.  The food was excellent as well as the service, a nice bonus is the prices are quite reasonable.Fish is fresh and cooked well.  Nice not having to drive into SF for good seafood! More...


Jakjak S.

3 January 2019

Based from other yelp review, I was glad we tried this restaurant. Absolutely the best I've ever been.  The lobster chowder was a bomb and so was the seafood Louie salad. Not an everyday place you can go to but well worth for the price. More...


Megan M.

1 January 2019

Love the food, atmosphere, and service. Colette at the bar, the lobster bisque and street tacos are awesome...need I say more?


Gina R.

27 December 2018

Great happy hour! We only got food so can't comment on the drinks. Crab cakes, fish tacos and sliders were very good. Nice sauces and garnishes that you actually want to eat. Oysters were perfect - accompanied by vinaigrette sauce and cocktail sauce with horseradish. Good price too. Service was nice. All around 5 stars. More...


Heather P.

18 December 2018

Great for families. Clean, spacious, good menu for the kids, not over-the-top fancy. Food and drink selection was yummy, prices a bit high however the quality of food and portion size is good. Server was sub-par but that can always be a one-off. More...


Kristin S.

6 December 2018

Service and food or fantastic! Definitely would recommend and will be going there again.


Phil L.

26 November 2018

This is what a local bistro style eatery should be like. There's a little something in the menu to please everyone. Steak, fish, pasta, sandwiches, etc. Or how about some fresh oysters while you're deciding what you'd like for supper. Excellent early bird and happy hour too if that's your thing. Full bar with good cocktails, wines, and so on. Food is always very fresh. Service is very professional and friendly. This is pound for pound and excellent local restaurant that provides a tremendous product day in and day out. I highly recommend it. More...


Pat B.

24 November 2018

We've been here twice for brunch and loved it both times!! First time I had Chorizo and eggs they were outstanding but the second time i ate eggs Benedict with fiilet and that was one of the best eggs Benedict I've had!! So if your in the neighbor hood looking to eat this is the spot:) also Michelle the bartender makes great sangria my wife loved it More...


Emily G.

20 November 2018

Food was absolutely amazing! I ordered the king salmon and was thoroughly impressed. A little on the pricy side but would come back!


Maria S.

14 November 2018

Im a huge fan of mac n cheese and man this place has some really good! The bruchetta is also super good, good juicy tomatoes, with feta cheese that melts in your mouth and not on the plate. Even though I usually don't get dessert, this place has really good cheesecake too when I feel like gaining some weight :) More...


Karen N.

11 November 2018

I always begin with the positives:  great service and food is delicious. Drink and wine choices great. I took my daughter for her birthday Fri. Night.  We had a great server.  Our lobster bisque was delicious!!  Their bread is always good but should be served warm.   Menu has been changed so wasn't as impressed as before.  Prices have increased.  My daughter and I shared fish and chips and have had them before.  The fish was a bit fishy...the fries were thin and crispy, but not hot.  No we didn't complain.  Our flourless chocolate cake, although really good, was more like a choc fudge cake and although if you are a chocolate fan, just ask for more berries and more cream.  It needed it,   Although we sat in the inner room, which is slightly quieter than main room, beware...if you are looking for a romantic evening or want a nice conversation, go for lunch...the tall ceilings and wood floors do not contain noise level.Just disappointed with menu options and prices increased.. More...


La Tanya J.

9 November 2018

Went here for happy hour with some friends.Great prices even full meals.  There is a variety of food that meets everyones palette.  Some things we had were crab cakes, shrimp taco, fries, garlic bread and steak meal.  The serving size was decent and flavor was fresh.  The thing that i liked alot was the side salad it had the best herbs and dressing we ended up getting a few.As for the bartender he was nice attentive and let me customize my drink. More...


P. M.

1 November 2018

This place is really good, however they need to work on their food consistency. Items come out different every time I order them


Dave B.

1 November 2018

Great food and servers!  Everyone is so nice. I always enjoy eating at Wences. I do recommend.


Ann K.

27 October 2018

Great find in Pleasant Hill. Sat at the bar and had a great dinner.  Bartender Jose was great. Calamari with jalapeños was a treat. Lobster tacos and Brussels sprout salad were unique and tasty. Very nice staff and nice atmosphere ! More...


kristi w.

23 October 2018

This restaurant is very near to be house . It is a great place to have lunch. I go there specifically for their lobster chowder and one of their delicious salads. It will be a leisurely lunch to be savored. More...


Melanie J.

21 October 2018

One of my favorite places for Sunday brunch eggs Benedict and Bloody Mary's. Been there for lunch and dinner many times. Always good food and service


Jenn C.

19 October 2018

First time coming here and we will 100% be returning :) great service. AMAZING food selections and it all tasted fabulous! Such a personable restaurant with great dimmed lighting for an intimate dinner date More...


Sarah W.

18 October 2018

Best steak Cobb salad and BLT we've ever had! Can't wait to come back and order the rest of the menu!!!


Jessica M.

12 October 2018

Great meal. Had filet steak, tacos and fish. Wonderful. Dessert was good...creme brulee and no flour choc tort. Was delicious


Maria T.

10 October 2018

This is a lovely restaurant--good for a first date or an everyday meal. Had the ahi burger which was great.


Michelle G.

9 October 2018

Amazing mac n' cheese! Specifically the lobster mac Service has always been good. I love the casual vibe, yet intimate setting. There was only one instance when my husband ordered a steak that wasn't so great, but I never judge by just one experience. Thankfully every time before and after that has been wonderful. The drinks are also great. Definitely a hidden little gem tucked away in an inconspicuous part of town. More...


Jannine R.

4 October 2018

Loved this place!  The salmon with fresh veggies and mashed potatoes with corn sauce was amazing!  Service attentive and friendly!  Can't wait to try again!


Angel R.

1 October 2018

Very nice layout. I particularly like the seating outside on a warm afternoon or evening. $1 oysters are incredible. The seafood plate, scallop appetizer is also very food. Steak medium rare is perfect.The salads and pastas were ok. Overall I would recommend Wences, especially during their happy hour. More...


Diana M.

29 September 2018

After the movies my husband and I decided to get an early dinner.  We found Wences and said let's get it a try. It a hot Tuesday afternoon and we could see people sitting outside having a good time. We walked in and sat at the bar, hoping for good service, and that is just what we got!  The bartender was just as nice a cheerful as she could be, the servers were also fantastic. The Happy Hour menu was just and added plus. Great Food, Clean, Friendly Staff and an Awesome Bartender, all equal 5 stars from me! More...


Mari T.

24 September 2018

This place is delicious. Maybe be a little pricy but the food is worth it. I thought I saved a picture but I can't find it. I went on a Saturday afternoon and it was pretty quiet. The bartender was very friendly and had great suggestions. I got the Chilean Sea Bass. I said no to bread but the bartender recommended that I get it and use it to dip in the sauce and he was completely right. I sat at the bar and they have TVs which would be great during a game. If you go further into the restaurant it looks like it's a fancy restaurant but the front has a relaxed atmosphere. The customers that were there seem to be regulars and made it fun and inviting. Looks like they have a good happy hour too. More...


Morgan C.

10 September 2018

Cannot say enough good things about this cute hidden little restaurant! Just went last night for my first time and I enjoyed chicken enchilada soup, lobster mac n cheese and some lobster tacos! All of it was delicious but the lobster mac blew my expectations out of the water with huge chunks of fresh lobster!!! On Sunday evenings they have some great food deals and live music which created an incredibly relaxing environment. Can't wait to be back to try their brunch!! More...


Alexandra A.

7 September 2018

I've gone here the last few times Jackie has helped me out. She is always doing a great job telling us the specials and never misses anything. She always greets you with a smile and is quick on orders and getting the food to you. She told me the bread pudding is something to try because it was there special for the day with peach and man was she right. I was so full I had to take the rest home. I give her 5 stars for being such a great waitress all these times I've gone. Oh ya and the halibut with lobster meat on top was to die for. More...


Lisa H.

3 September 2018

A 5 star restaurant that is walking distance from my house? YES PLEASE! My family has been to Wences several times, and have been blown away by the food every single time! Between the 4 of us, we have had almost everything on the menu and it is all delicious! It's definitely one of those restaurants where you let your friends or family try a bite of your food because it's so good. Even the salads and soups are amazing! The seafood is always fresh, we quite often get crab, calamari, sea bass, or the mixed grill, and the steaks have been cooked to perfection every time we've ordered it. The service is also top notch, we have been well taken care of every visit, even though I don't think we have had the same server twice. Definitely one of my favorite restaurants! More...


Sharine d.

3 September 2018

Excellent dinner...attentive waitress...great find! Ordered mac&cheese with bacon...it was delicious with lots of strong guoda cheese.  Ordered lobster chowder...it was light, flavorful & memorable. Then for the main ordered the stuffed salmon special....Salmon & crab is never wrong.Food was delicious...but what  was most memorable was the service. We came a little earlier than normal dinner rush and the wait staff was warm & accommodating. The lady that helped us (sorry I didn't get her name) was excellent!! She regularly checked on us and was spot on in her attentiveness. Enjoyable evening with great food. More...


Daniel C.

2 September 2018

This is one of my favorite places to eat. The food is amazing and the people are friendly.  They have an amazing brunch menu on the weekend.


Alexis H.

21 August 2018

This place is amazing!! I ordered the lobster chowder and the crab stack! I was not disappointed. The lobster chowder was cream and full of chunks of lobster! Big chunks! The crab stack was light and refreshing and not lacking on crab at all! The noise level is a little loud - I sat at a tall table near the bar - but it wasn't too terrible. I feel that it was proved right for the quality and taste. Parking was a bit tough even though it's a Tuesday night but there are a lot of businesses in the strip mall. I would highly recommend trying this place!! DELICIOUS!! More...


Nicolette C.

20 August 2018

Before kids we would come a few times a week. The food is amazing. After kids we would come when we could. They always have great food, and such great presentation. We would always change what we ordered to get the full menu experience but for dessert it was always the cookie melt. That is to die for! Getting a little bit of mint, strawberry, cookie and gelato makes for a great party in your mouth!! I recommend Wences always! It's our go to place! More...


Larra O.

20 August 2018

Great for brunch (crab Benedict is my fav), lunch (crab stack), and happy hour (too many choices to try them all but I loved all that we tried). And great cocktails.


Peter O.

19 August 2018

Lovely brunch , the freshness of the food didn't go unnoticed , our new favorite brunch place, thumbs upBooked a reservation for dinner, because breakfast was so good, but first experience was not good, hostess was rude, let's see from here


Mjc M.

18 August 2018

I can only say we loved the place.  The service was superior only exceeded by the quality of the food and drinks...Only have good things to say about Wences...I know it will sound weird but what I really enjoyed was the calamari appetizers.  Everything was good but this stood out in my mind. More...


Carly Z.

31 July 2018

Absolutely amazing food. I had heard from many people that the food was insanely good but it took me being there to really understand what they meant. I had the gluten free lobster pasta with gluten free penne and it was amazing!!! Also the portion was huge and I got to bring the other half home. The environment is a bit loud for a date but I think overall I would definitely come back More...


Richard H.

29 July 2018

We live locally and eat here regularly. We have never had a bad meal here, from the prime rib to the pork chop, to the fish and chips. Even breakfast/brunch. It's always been great. Service is always very pleasant as well. Sunday evenings they even have live music. Atmosphere is upscale and relaxing. It's a bit on the pricier side, which is the only negative thing to add---otherwise we would eat here more often. More...


Julia H.

26 July 2018

My go to in PH. We come here at least twice a month for happy hour. I wish they had ore patio seating though. We had to go inside last week even though we got there early and happy hour was very noisy. My one other complaint is that if you are saying Well drinks are at a happy hour price there should be a disclaimer on the ones it does not include. The food here is very good. Came here once for Valentines dinner and it was also great. I especially love the oysters and the lobster tacos. The crab stack appetizer is very good too. More...


Tippy T.

25 July 2018

Very nice nothing more to say except I took an ungrateful guest! Loved everything expect the AC was out the day I visit in the spring. Excused my language but hot az hell. More...


Logan G.

17 July 2018

So gooooood! First of all, our waiter, Antonio, was excellent! Our first time to Wences, won't be our last!  We had a couple entrees that we were interested in, ended up going with the special MahiMahi and Fish and Chips, both were delicious.  Our waiter, guided us to a special bottle of wine, delicious.  Specially, enjoyed the conversation with our waiter, above and beyond friendly! Would suggest this restaurant to many! More...


Gary C.

16 July 2018

Fabulous restaurant; food is delicious, service is great, restaurant is beautiful, and the ambiance wonderful! I cannot believe I have never been here before. This is my new favorite restaurant. More...


Curley M.

10 July 2018

My second visit to this restaurant for a birthday celebration and it was as good as the first time! The service was outstanding! Our waitress really went the extra mile to help us retrieve a birthday card that slipped between fixed cushion seating! The food was very tasty and the presentation was outstanding!! Brussel sprouts for the appetizer, wedge salad  and I ordered the salmon for my main course! It was fresh with a nice but not overpowering sauce. I'll be back More...


Marie V.

10 July 2018

Wow! This place is great. Went here for lunch with my boss and some co workers to meet up with a customer and I must say this place is a must. I'll definitely come back after the great customer service along with the food. I didn't get to take a picture of my food, but I will say the chicken piccata is a must. It's delicious and the sauce was great. It's a good portion as well. I didn't finish mine, so i have a doggy bag to take home. Price is decent and if it's expensive, it's worth it. The ambiance to this place is great for business lunches, a date, or even a gathering. I'm from San Jose, and I must say I will definitely come back here to grab dinner with my boyfriend for date night or even take my family to try this place out. It might be far, but it's worth it for the customer service and the food. More...


Christine D.

9 July 2018

We went here for happy hour. It was awesome! The food was perfect and the drinks were excellent. It's a great little place and I would highly recommend it for a romantic dinner out or just a nice dinner with friends.


Ruheen A.

8 July 2018

I cannot believe I just now found out about this amazing restaurant. Thank goodness for a picky mom otherwise I would not have found it. I have been here 3 times: Mother's Day, my graduation, and early bday dinner. I loved every entree and dessert I have ordered. You have to try the wild shrimp scampi appetizer, king salmon, lobster tacos, fish and chips, and lobster spinach fettuccine (ask for less sun-dried tomatoes because it's too overpowering). The cookie dessert was amazing! Make reservations when you can because it's pretty busy all the time.   Prices are pretty decent as well. Enjoy! More...


Sarah S.

2 July 2018

Really loved this place. We sat at the bar and had great service abs delicious food! Can't wait to come back.


Ariana L.

24 June 2018

Came here looking for Oysters and got everything i needed. I'm so pleased! We came on Sunday so oysters were $1. We ended up getting oysters, Mac n Cheese with bacon and lobster, crab cakes, Rockefeller oysters and Oyster chowder and nothing disappointed! On top of that they had a guy performing some Jazz music and that made it even more enjoyable! Will be back! More...


Marta K.

23 June 2018

Came from St. Louis and had a wonderful dinner!Great prices and seafood !! Highly recommend.


Eric L.

19 June 2018

My lady and I split the Caesar salad, shrimp Louie and fish and chips. Good size portions, not from the area but wouldn't mind coming back to try the citrus scallops if they're still on the menu when I'm back in the area. They looked good.


Heather I.

18 June 2018

This is just on the brunch. I ordered the crab omelette. It wasn't as large as normal omelettes, but that was probably a good thing. It was pretty rich tasting because of the crab. It came with potatoes, toast, and a mini berry crumble. It was the perfect size!Many of our group ate the crab Benedict. Everyone loved it! My mom didn't care too much for the potatoes and wished they had hash browns. But other than that, everyone seemed to enjoy their meals. The waitress was very friendly and helpful too. Since this place is so far away compared to my home, I don't think I would come here unless I'm in the area. If I do come back, I would like to try the dinner options next time since they had such high reviews. :) More...


Neal M.

7 June 2018

Oh, my, wow!!  Had dinner here on a week night and the food and service were amazing!  We started with appetizers that were perfect.  Dinner was beautifully presented and so good.  Portions are large and they were so accommodating with us taking the left-overs home.  Service was wonderful, cheerful, and attentive.  Water glasses were continuously refilled.  Cannot wait to go back! More...


Edie K.

3 June 2018

Wences handled our birthday group beautifully and we all enjoyed our brunch dishes. It's a great place to enjoy celebrating or just hanging out. The various Benedicts were great.


Aundreya V.

2 June 2018

WENCES HAS STEAK AND EGG SATURDAY BRUNCH SPECIALS NOW!!!Saturdays are a good time to come and relax with a great meal to eat! Tons of patio seating in this wonderful summer weather! More...


Matt C.

29 May 2018

Love it here! Everything is good. A little on the pricey side but the only real good food option for a nice dinner in all of pleasant hill. Make reservation place is always busy. Will take off one star since I think they can be a tad less expensive. More...


Brandon F.

25 May 2018

One of my all time favorite restaurants. Consistently good food every time, and great service.Try the the lobster tacos!!


A M.

22 May 2018

Reservations are recommended and then prepare to wait a little bit more. But it's worth it. This place is delicious, service is great and efficient. If you have a chance to try the lobster chowder - do it!! If you are able to order the crab and artichoke fondue - you will not regret it! Great oysters, great mussels, great calamari, to die for rib eye steak. Highly recommend this place. Will be back soon! More...


David R.

22 May 2018

We visited for a weekend brunch that was thoroughly enjoyable.  The interior of the restaurant is elegant, but there is also a few tables outside.  They are along the parking area but are somewhat shielded from it. The brunch menu includes a nice selection of omelets, benedicts and other egg dishes.  Pancakes, French toast, and burritos are also available.   There was a nice selection of wine and cocktails.  The food was great, service was cordial and efficient, and there was plenty of parking More...


Valarie R.

18 May 2018

We have been coming to  for several years for happy hour , company brunches & special events & have never been disappointed. Went by tonight after a wedding delivery ( we are wedding & event florist!) for , appetizers, dinner , drinks . Sat in the bar food & service we're top notch (as always) A special shout out & thank you to Michelle, our bartender & server , thank you for making it such a great experience as always ! More...


Steven J.

16 May 2018

This Restaurant/Bar is a Hidden GEM.  It is the East Bay's Best kept secret. The Food is Fresh, the Ambiance is Great, And The Staff is Wonderful!!  The Owners Actually WORK here, 24/7,  as well, so they CARE about Everything that goes on! This is our "PLACE!" More...


Franz R.

13 May 2018

Great seafood that very fresh. Calamari is very tasty  and good choices for oysters. Miss the paella on the menu.


Denise H.

10 May 2018

Had a very large party awesome food, prime rib to die for. Service was great!!!Everyone else in our party of 20 was very impressed as well with food.


sharma h.

27 April 2018

We love this place. Been years since we used to visit often. Just as good as I remembered. Will be returning more often


Noemi E.

26 April 2018

Went here for lunch and it's a good sign to see many local ppl. For starters had the grilled octopus and that was delish, then for my main had the crab stack also another yummy plate, perfect size, can replace as a salad. And hubby had the lobster roll that came w lobster chowder, their lobster roll is cold inside instead of hot. More so like a salad n it was on a white bun, somewhat like a hotdog bun..it would of been better if it was on a brioche bun type. I definitely would come eat here again and try other dishes n cocktails! More...


Laura Y.

25 April 2018

After searching thru Yelp for somewhere to try out, we decided Wence's. Looked like a very nice place modern place to dine.  We walked in and there was a sign to wait to be seated.  It didn't take long and we were seated at a table by the bar. A bit noisy and a Happy Hour menu was presented along with a full menu. I guess the front of house host thought we wanted HH. Maybe we're dressed too casual?  No big deal. Instead for ordering from main menu which looked great, we went with HH menu and tried a few dishes. Only complaint was Coconut Shrimp which even our server thought was overcooked when we asked for a replacement. Ok overall experience was pleasant. Food was good not fantastic. Next time we're in town we'll try the main menu. I'm giving 4 Stars because our sever was very pleasant. More...


Karren L.

22 April 2018

The ambience was wonderfully romantic. I loved the saxophone playing in the background. This was a great place for a dinner date. Our waitress was Briana and she was so kind and attentive.The food was delicious. We ordered the Monterey Calamari for appetizers and had some oysters since they were only $1. The oysters were Rockefeller style and they were delicious. For our entrees, I ordered the seafood grill and my boyfriend that the prime rib special. The only thing I would have to say about the seafood grill was that it was a little too salty for my taste. The quality of the seafood was delicious but the sauce was too salty. My boyfriend had the prime rib special and he enjoyed it. Overall, I would absolutely return to this restaurant. The service was great and the food was delicious. More...


Kellie R.

15 April 2018

We found Wence's on yelp as we were staying in the area. Unexpected pleasure!  The hotness was charming and accommodated out party of 7. We ordered from the kiss menu as well as the regular menu all consistently good. My cioppino was delicious, piles of seafood and crunch bread!  We ordered adequate if the specials that were fresh and delicious!  Would highly recommend if you are in the area. More...


Step By Step L.

12 April 2018

Glad I came here . Accidentally end up here . People work there seems friendly and attentive to customers. I try few HH meals pretty good one time I order ahi Nicole it was too well done Agi must be rare side but I didn't sent back I just shut up ate wasn't too good cause well done ahi . I enjoy HH  now I don't have income but I like to go out sometime so I can afford this price. They have variety of cocktails and rose Champaign wence carry is great. I liked it . I told my friends about wence some I already introduced they love it . Hope When I visit their Buisiness and able to enjoy time when I go there . Highly recommend yelper must try! I believe owner and manager doing everyday effort to put all together wonderful . More...


Stanley J.

9 April 2018

We had the shrimp Louie salad and crab sandwich for lunch one day. The service was perfect, the water glasses were clean and odor free, the wine selection a perfect size. The food was fresh and really hit the spot. The sweet potato fries were the best I can remember. We're going back for salmon on the dinner menu. More...


Lisa D.

1 April 2018

Had a delicious Easter Brunch with live jazz music! Outstanding service provided by Candace and could have not been more pleased with our menu choices. Parking is ample on Sunday and limited outdoor seating. Reasonably priced and consistent quality! More...


Ruthie N.

31 March 2018

Third time the charm & jose from wc yacht club is at the bar -so glad to see the servers are much more experienced - will be back shortly.  They have their groove which is great as the food is good! What a concept! Hire good staff to bring out the good food.Tried this again -have to say that his food in Oakland and walnut creek was good -and I think it's important to support local businesses but really You still can't hire competent help? Here goes -we ordered an appetizer -fineThen we ordered a first course each -fineThen main course each -that's when it went downhill fast I get my oysters Rockefeller and 10 min later I call busboy over  to ask waiter what happened to my husbands dinner?  Another 5 min and waiter Nick shows -"oops -I put your order in as another appetizer" - gone another five and then my husbands fish arrives and he removes my oysters for a reheat! Another ten minutes and my cheese is glued and clumpy -clearly inedible Nick is gone never to check out ill-timed meals until we ask for checkNow that arrives indicating that my husband had 4glasses of wine -okay we are Irish but this is a joke -only two were ordered Why would his errors be ours? Please -5 ladies walked out irritated with their messed up bill -either hire right or train them -but hope you buy lotto tix to pay off lease hold improvement as it was half empty and something needs to change Two stars for your flavorful food! More...


Enoch A.

28 March 2018

Our party of three showed up a half hour for our dinner reservation.  No problem. Right to a nice table.  Water and bread came right away and our server, Rayne came right over to get our drink orders and answer any questions we had about the menu.  We had none and ordered right away.  Nice sourdough bread kept us busy until the Mac and Cheese with lobster and salad came.  The Mac was loaded with lobster.  Creamy, nicely crusted and delicious.  The Seafood Grill was lovely but the sauce was a little too picante.  The Seafood Fehttuchini was also good but had too much sauce.  The filet mignon was tender and cooked perfectly to order!! However the accompanying scalloped potatoes' cheese was too sharp.   So, great food with excellent presentation but a little too heavy on the cheesy sauces. More...


Kevin R.

24 March 2018

Wine is a great selection reasonable pricesFood is made from top quality ingredients lots of  flavor and tasteDessert was wonderfulWe had a nice visit with our friendsNegative just a little noisy


Jessica G.

23 March 2018

Such a great Happy hour. Amazing cocktails and draft beer selection. Would recommend the fried ravioli. Dark and quiet atmosphere. Service was quick and friendly. We will absolutely be back. More...


Forever A.

21 March 2018

This is the best restaurant in Co Co. I wish I could build a penthouse atop of the kitchen and eat here for BLD and late night binging.


Bill S.

14 March 2018

This has become our go to restaurant when it comes to wanting a classy meal, with great ambiance and service! Since I wrote my last review, we have been to Wences at least 4 more times and they have never disappointed. The entree specials are imaginative and so tasty! The service is always very attentive, but not overbearing. We have brought several friends with us so they too can discover Wences and each time, our friends are very pleasntly surprised and wonder why they hadn't tried it before. If you have a special occasion coming up, make Wences your destination and I promise you will be happy you did! More...


joey p.

11 March 2018

Excellent food and attentive service Nothing else needs to be said


Kristina M.

9 March 2018

Absolutely love their happy hour. They have some of the nicest servers, as well. Parking is easy, prices are exceptional during HH. $5 on average for prices. Truffle fries are a must here, as well as their artichoke soup! We need more places like Wences throughly the Bay Area :) More...


Sailing D.

4 March 2018

My husband and I had an excellent dinner. The only reason I give Wences a 4 star rating is due to the very high noise level. This was the first time we came to dinner, but have been to lunch before. Both lunch and dinner food is 5 star. For dinner my husband had pork chop which was very tender, seasoned perfectly and I had mussels which were seasoned a little too spicy this time but when I had them for lunch the seasoning was perfect. For appetizers we had artichoke & crab fondue and deep fried squid. Both were very tasty. We found Wences through YELP the first time we were in this area, and we enjoyed our lunch so much that we came back for dinner even though it is 30 to 40 minuets from where we live. We will definitely be back again. More...


Carla H.

4 March 2018

The food was amazing. The quality of the food is really good and the menu has plenty of options. The wait was really long. We had reservations but the bringing the drinks, taking our order and the food coming out was a long process. The price is completely fair. All in all I will back just knowing that I will not be in hurry to order or receive my dish. Kid friendly  Yeah they get crayons but I'd save this place for a kid free experience. More...


Keagan M.

27 February 2018

Great service.  The fish was fresh!  Such a hidden gym.  The tuna salad sandwich was amazing, it was huge but I felt I had to finish it because I didn't want to waste one bite.  I will definitely be back again.


Margot M.

25 February 2018

So so good for dinner (or brunch). Absolutely delicious. I ordered the Seafood Grill- fresh and relatively large quantity/portion. Great service too. A great spot for date night, night out with friends or in-laws, etc. will be back! More...


Alisha C.

21 February 2018

I will start by saying that I am only not giving this place a 5 because of parking ANND I want to come back and try more things before I am sold. The family and I stepped out for a birthday dinner so we had a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate that was nice. The ambiance was nice and cozy. To be honest this was in December and I only took picture of my food smh. But the family was very happy with what they selected. My dad got the lobster spinach fettuccine, my sister got one of the specials, birthday girl I can't remember...all I know is my pork chop was deeelicious! It was huge and flavorful. I can't wait to go back and try new things but I may have to get the pork chop again! Our server was adorable and pleasant. Speaking of pleasant I had never been to Pleasant Hill but it definitely made me want to explore the city. Any way I just wrote this so you could stare at my pork chop. Enjoy! More...


Paolo G.

20 February 2018

Service: fantastic. Our server was attentive and courteous.Food: between ok and good. Not spectacular. The seafood pasta was too rich for my taste but acceptable. The seafood mix plate was ok but for the price was a bit on the cheap side. Flavour was good though.The restaurant is quite nice inside, not too noisy and not too dead. More...


David A.

16 February 2018

Fresh (yes, really) seafood, with their twist of course. Cioppino is a spicier variety, sea bass is served over a cream broth complete with mussels, prawns, and a sliced sausage. Franks Family Chardonnay is offered, compared to the boring house Chard.A great atmosphere, good for get togethers, first dates, complete with softer lighting, fire features if outside, a pleasant bar if thats your thing, and often a more jazzy tune lightening the mood, not a stuffy place full of wine snobs or primadonnas but instead a more mature crowd seeking to take their wives on date night More...


Andre s.

4 February 2018

This place is fantastic!They have a great bar and nice outside seating area with heat lamps. The waitstaff is very courteous especially Courtney who takes care of us every time my wife and I come.Recommend for brunch and dinner. Also, great place to grab a drink and watch a game! More...


Rosie C.

3 February 2018

Went here to celebrate a friend's birthday. Really neat place and enjoyed the atmosphere. The food was good.


Sierra V.

23 January 2018

Always come here Sundays and mondays for dollar oysters. Their lobster bisque is also delicious. They actually have a good amount of chunks of lobster in it. Besides lobster chowder in Seattle I haven't found a place in the bay that serves a good bowl of lobster soup like wences lol More...


Erinn S.

19 January 2018

So, the prime rib at Wences was the best I have ever had; the food was fabulous! The accompanying veggies and mashed potatoes were flavorful and perfect. I also thought the ambiance was great. We had great service, cocktails and food--I can't wait to go back! More...


Dan C.

17 January 2018

We actually had planned to have dinner at their neighbor Kobe Japan but they were too busy. Being hungry drove us to try Wences and we are glad we did. Nice atmosphere, quick seating (Wednesday night) and service started us off right. Nice variety of seafood, pastas or meat dishes on the menu. The wife had the ribeye which was crazy good. I had the Lobster Chowder and some oysters on the half shell. The Lobster Chowder was so good I had a second bowl. I kid you not, crazy good. Oysters were a tad small but very tasty. Kids menu was good and priced right. The kids had the mac n cheese. Both liked it. Positives all the way around. We will be back. More...


Michael F.

16 January 2018

It's a place that the food is always spot on. The drinks are very nice also. It a large menu with a bit of something for all.No super star stand out item but all are fine More...


Melissa B.

8 January 2018

I love this place. I wish I could afford to eat here every Sunday. The food is always delicious and the presentation is always perfecto!! If you like appetizers then you must try the garlic cheese bread. It's to die for. The oysters are sooo fresh I could eat a dozen all to myself and I think I did last night. . I try and order something different but on each occasion. Last night I had the lobster fettuccine with sun dried tomatoes and artichokes. AMAZING!!! My son had the crab stack. The crab stack is a stack of fresh cracked crab. I d say the amount is pretty much an entire crab if not more. In the layers of the stack are fresh slices of avocado it is then surrounded my fresh cucumbers. Mmmmm( also yummy & fresh). My hubby had the fish and chips. Crunchy and fresh with no drynessServed the fresh slaw and shoestring fries. Can't wait to try the lobster tacos. More...


Athena C.

3 January 2018

I have been to Wences twice so far and both times we had great food. My personal favorites are Lobster Egg Benedict and Crab Omelet! If you love seafood, these two brunch dishes are amazing. It also comes with a small dipping sauce size apple crumble, which is a nice touch.They also have a small kids menu to make it easy on the parents. The usual suspects are mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches and chicken tenders. They also have a kids brunch menu with egg, sausage or bacon. We just ordered a side pancake and sausage and it was more than enough for my 4-year-old son. Overall, it was a restaurant with solid food in terms of flavors and portion. The only downside of Wences is the service is slow. Both times we waited quite a while to take orders, food arrival and checks. Will be back though to enjoy their food! More...


Trina Mae R.

1 January 2018

Seriously the best oysters!! The food and service was fabulous!!  Yum! Going back this week!


Jan R.

31 December 2017

Ive lived in Martinez, CA which is a Pleasant Hill neighbor and have not until this past week heard about this place. A day before Christmas Eve we had call for a table of 15+ people and was amazed that they were able to accommodate us. It may have helped that on yelp it said that they were closed that day yet the restaurant was open and all. In terms of service and food, this place is excellent. I myself had the crab Louie and it was divine. I also ordered shoe string fries that were absolutely perfection. I witnessed their breakfast plates to be generous in portion and everyone in my group enjoyed their meal. Strongly recommended! More...


Vixen C.

29 December 2017

It was my girlfriend's birthday and she wanted to eat American cuisine.  I heard great things about Wences and suggested this restaurant.  The wait time was about 15 minutes so that wasn't bad at all.  It's a homey cozy restaurant that was pretty busy for a Wednesday evening. Although she had been here once before, there was so much more to choose on the menu.  We both opted for the fish and chips.  But the star of the show was the truffle Mac and cheese with bacon!  That turned our food from good to great!  I suggested this place to my husband for his birthday next month.  Can't wait! More...


Angela A.

28 December 2017

Truffle oil fries - yummy! Beer battered fish also yummy.Maybe adding one more fish? Just two big lumps of battered fish didn't look like a decent portion? It's a great hidden gem in pleasant Hill.Great for big groups and kids. More...


Sarah L.

28 December 2017

My friends decided to have brunch and choose this spot. I was not disappointed at all.This is located in a small shopping center, so parking is shared. Hubby loves how big the parking spaces are! When you get inside, it feels very warm and inviting. Low light setting and has a modern feel to it.The servers and the host were very accommodating to our group which included 5 little ones! They provided us high chairs and booster seats.(The only down side to this are the restrooms-they do not have changing stations for babies which makes it so much harder)So we ordered cocktails and food, and BOTH were pretty good! Drink: Peach Bellini: yums! Definitely would order again. Food: Crab Omelette: it was good, but could have used a sauce. Definitely come back if we're in the area More...


Gena M.

28 December 2017

Family owned and operated.... need I say more? I've been coming here for 3 1/2 years now, bringing most of my friends and family. Paulina, Sandra, Alex are amazing! The food here is great and also affordable. Also, their happy hour is a must. More...


Cyndi H.

10 December 2017

Our family has gone to Wences many times the food is wonderful and the service is great!


Rick B.

9 December 2017

I had the Citrus Habanero Scallops, wedge salad, and the Seafood Grill. Everything was perfect!!! Shared each plate and it was plenty of food. The staff was friendly and had excellent recommendations. The scallops may be the best I ever had. Ordered a cocktail before dinner and it was really strong! Which was a good thing. Most places water down their drinks. Loved this place and I will be back again and again. More...


Brenda H.

20 November 2017

First off this was the first time my husband and I went to this restaurant I had the huevos rancheros off the brunch menu and the flavor was yummy although my only complaint was that is was just barely warm. I asked for the eggs to be more on the hard side and they were a bit runny for my liking. The roasted potatoes had great flavor too however some were crisper than others. The fruit compote they served along side was a great compliment to the spiciness of the huevos rancheros.  I didn't complain about the temperature of my huevos rancheros but my husband mentioned it to the waitress.  They offered me a discount on my food, which in turn they ended up taking off our drinks.  It would have been nicer if they gave me a discount on my meal, which was $12 but I'm not docking a star for that. My husband got the white and truffle Mac n'cheese and he added bacon for $2.00, which is a little pricey in my book so in total it cost $13. He liked the taste of the Mac n'cheese, it was really rich in flavor. Overall I think for the quality of the food and the price they deserve 4 stars. I may come back to try other things if I am in the area. More...


Brooke P.

18 November 2017

Great food! Amazing server and such a great location seat section they put me and my boyfriend. It was a secluded booth that was perfect for us. She recommended the nightly special and we ordered it, was not disappointed. Breana was a great server she even told us about specials and we definitely will return for happy hour and oyster specials. She said oyster specials on Sunday and Monday!! Our first time but not our last! Amazing food and service!! More...


Jim C.

11 November 2017

I work in Walnut Creek and Wences is our go-to place for special occasions. I've probably been there a dozen times in the last 3 years. I always love independent restaurants and this one is terrific. The burgers are great (bacon and jalapeño!) as are the street tacos. The chicken Marsala is sublime. My friends swear by the gnocchi and the jambalaya. We always start with some Mac n' Cheese and let me telll you...it's good enough that I've ordered it for my entree too. The ambiance is nice...surprisingly so, considering it's located in a strip mall. The service is always excellent. Oh, and I know this is kind of weird, but they have the best iced-tea!! I'm not really an iced-tea guy, but I always look forward to having some there. More...


Jennifer L.

5 November 2017

Made a party of 7 reservation for a Saturday night dinner at 6:30pm. Booking was a breeze. When only part of our party arrived (parking was a bit of a struggle w a MAJORLY packed lot), the front hostess was still gracious and seated us immediately. No questions asked. Let's start w drinks first. The waiter was super attentive and informative. Gave us drink recos, and we ended up w some hot toddies for the chilly night, along w a Zin that was at half price for the night (#winning). We jumped straight into apps w orders of: truffle mac n cheese (SO CHEESY. SO GOOD.), fried calamari (perfectly crispy), and steamed mussels (fairly large meat pieces and a good amt!). For mains, I shared the seafood fettuccine and seafood grill. Guys, the food here is legit. The creamy pesto was a smidge TOO creamy for my liking (I know, first world problem), but otherwise, delish. For desserts, we ordered beignets and the apple crisp. Personally, I love a good apple pie sort of situation, and boy did this not disappoint. Food and drinks were top notch!Okay, so why four stars instead of five? The food took FOREVER to come out. Was it bc we had a larger party? Or bc the Kitchen was backed up? Or who knows. We never got an explanation. But the waiter came by to check in pretty often. That was only during the main entrees tho. The desserts took FOREVER and a day. Also, there were three other bdays happening. And I notated on my reservation that we were celebrating my dads bday. No acknowledgment of that happened. I had to tell the waiter. In front of my dad. It was awkward. But despite those things, the whole fam was in agreement about the food. And most of the service. Pretty top notch. Wish we didn't have to wait so long, but the fam still had a good time. Would come back again, if in the area! More...


Mamma C.

30 October 2017

Went to brunch with my girlfriend here after hearing about the lobster mac and cheese. Very good, and will be a great place to come back to for date night.


Sadaf J.

29 October 2017

Amazing food, amazing presentation, great ambiance- the owner came out to greet our table and make sure we were happy. My aunt (who is VERY picky) said she hadn't had such delicious seafood since her trip to Paris! The next night we went to The Dead Fish, and my mom kept saying how much better the food was here. Love supporting this family business. Can't wait to go back! More...


Eric S.

24 October 2017

This place is fantastic!  Great staff and wonderful food and drinks.  My wife and I are here almost every weekend these days for brunch and I highly recommend the Chorizo Hash or any of the benedicts.Only thing I would recommend is they find a way to get some bike racks out front so when we ride our bikes down, we have somewhere to park them while we eat. More...


Elizabeth G.

19 October 2017

Came here to celebrate my birthday with husband and son. Had the crab cakes, lobster mac & cheese with bacon as appetizers. But son had milk, French fries and cheese burger. My husband had the poke chop. I had the lobster tacos (loved these), comes with sweet potato fries!!! Yum. Was not disappointed at all. As far as service goes, it seemed that our waitress had quite a few tables to attend to. But she did her best and I am not going to complain about that. We were there at 5 pm and it was happy hour so I got a few good deals on drinks and appetizers. I also mentioned to the waitress that it was my birthday and she brought vanilla ice cream with sliced strawberries! My son and I enjoyed . More...


S B.

16 October 2017

Wonderful little neighborhood restaurant.  Went for my birthday on a Thursday night and it didn't disappoint!  My guy and I shared the house salad, truffle mac & cheese and the mixed seafood.  Everything was delicious, the seafood was cooked perfectly and it was plenty of food to share!  I was so excited to hear that there is a Wence's in Brentwood (not a chain - just two different brothers) and can't wait to try it. More...


Serena K.

12 October 2017

I've only been here once with some friends and everything on the menu looked good so we ordered a bunch of dishes to share. Caesar salad, lobster Mac n cheese, and some other dishes I can't remember but all tasted really good! More...


Saddle U.

30 September 2017

The seafood platter, seafood linguini, the tuna tower & salmon were all very good. The oysters were ok (little fishy), pork chop was average (sweet n a little dry). The virgin mojitos were outstanding. Service above average. Overall good food & a good time. More...


Tom H.

28 September 2017

A must try place. It is in a strip mall but dont let that stop you from going. Food is great and plenty. The mac n cheese with lobster is great. I had the surf and turf. You can pick between Lobster meat, crab or scallops. I had scallops and they were prepared perfectly. Give them a try!!!! More...


Daniel C.

24 September 2017

We came to Wence's for a late lunch after a morning of hiking.  The restaurant is huge - lots of patio seating, a large bar area, and enough space to host a large party.  It took us a while to get service after being seated in the bar area.  I wound up asking the bartender to order our food.  Things were almost headed toward 3-star territory until our food eventually came and service and check-ins improved.  The food we ordered, however was very impressive in quantity and quality.  4 stars, despite the early service hiccups.  We definitely would like to cone back in the future!The Mediterranean mussels appetizer came with four large pieces of toasted, cheesy bread.  All but one of the mussels were open, and were plump and juicy.  The broth had nice tomatoey flavors, and was great for dipping the bread. (4 stars)The crab stack was closer to a tower!  Alternating layers of fresh Dungeness crab meat and avocado topped with fried green onions.  Lots of sliced cucumbers with nice citrus vinaigrette.  This dish reminded us of the seafood tower at Carmel's Flying Fish Grill.  Wence's version is better! (5 stars)The Western Burger was my dish, and was excellent.  Loaded with fried jalapeños, applewood smoked bacon, aged sharp cheddar, and a juicy patty of Angus beef.  I liked the toasted ciabatta bun which added some crispiness and managed to hold everything together.  The side of sweet potato fries with chipotle mayo are also good. (5 stars) More...


Jay D.

18 September 2017

This is the second time I have ordered takeout from Wence's and it was delicious both times. The first time around we had turkey club and cheesecake both were amazing, tender and juicy and of course they're delicious bacon. We had a burger and a turkey club again this weekend and the food was delicious, the burger was huge and the cheese was divine. I ate half the turkey club last night super late it's never too late for a good turkey club. The bartenders are super friendly the staff is accommodating. They have outdoor seating and a nice bar. They had the football game playing when I was there but the audio was off. More...


Stef D.

17 September 2017

The food was extremely delicious, and our bartender was even better! Thank you Colette for the best pour of beer I've ever had and, the best drink. We will definitely return.


Telzey G.

8 September 2017

Still loving this neighborhood gem!!!! One of my favs. They are recently expanded with a beautiful new bar and more outside seating. Menu items never disappoint, may this location live long and prosper. More...


Debra S.

5 September 2017

Service and food were much better this time around.  From the time we walked in, we were taken care of from the professional staff.  The salmon was the best I've ever had, honestly, it just melted in my mouth, and was topped with very tasty broccolini and a side of mashed potatoes.  Our waiter catered to our needs and was very attentive.  You really couldnt ask for anything more.Highly recommended, and if you like salmon, you are going to love Wences! More...


Ellie L.

4 September 2017

Gin martini. 3.5/5Sunday $1 Oysters: very fresh, clean, sweet, and not at all fishy. 5/5Crab cakes with cucumber slaw: a bit mushy, meh. SKIP. 2.5/5Calamari: overly fried, but still good. 3/5Crab stack: SUPER fresh, light, and not overly seasoned. 5/5Sunday Prime Rib: perfectly seasoned, comes with a loaded baked potato, carrots, and broccolini. 5/5I think I found my new go to place!! More...


Michael P.

29 August 2017

My wife and really enjoyed ourselves at Wences. The server was professional and prompt. I had the Diver Scallops. They were cooked perfectly and delicious. My wife had the Sea Bass and she loved it. We will be back. More...


Sara G.

15 August 2017

My family and I really like this restaurant. It has great selection, bar area and main dining room- This place is a hidden gem in Pleasant Hill. Wences is an American food restaurant and bar located in the Oak Park Shopping Center of Pleasant Hill. They specialize in seafood, brunch, and American food classics. Happy hour menu (3-6 Monday through Thursday)  is to die for!! Can't wait for our next happy hour! lol More...


Vee G.

13 August 2017

Excellent food.  The French toast and bacon were cooked just right.  My daughter enjoyed her pancakes and my other daughter had the crab benedict.  Very tasty!  I enjoyed my Irish coffee and she enjoyed her peach Bellini.  This place is nestled in a community of Pleasant Hill, CA.  Very nice place to enjoy food and drinks More...


Noelle W.

10 August 2017

This place is a hidden gem in Pleasant Hill and conveniently located within walking distance from my employer - great for Friday happy hours - SCORE!I've been here multiple times, predominately with co-workers, and always have had a wonderful experience. At the beginning of summer, the bar renovation had been completed and they added sliding doors with additional high top tables, which was perfect for drinks and appetizers. On the other side is more of a formal dinning room, which is perfect for full meals and groups. I highly recommend their lobster chowder - it is SO good and I am obsessed. We've also ordered solely off of the happy hour menu (small plates to share) and it was perfect - great calamari, tacos, sliders, etc., great variety for all different food preferences.Overall, nice ambiance, solid food and not overly priced. Can't wait for our next happy hour! More...


Deardra M.

7 August 2017

This place is amazing!  I ordered the crab Louie salad.  It was  expertly prepared.  The presentation was exquisite.  The menu here is varied with many seafood favorites--oysters on the half shell,  fish and chips,  crab stack and fish tacos.  The service was excellent and the decorum was tasteful but not stuffy.  Leo, the bartender, is wonderful.  He knows his wines and he's helpful but not pushy.  I love that.  Get to this place early enough to sit at the bar so Leo can service you.  You will not be disappointed.  He is wonderful!  This little neighborhood gem is worth a try. More...


Lucy R.

3 August 2017

Decided to try something in the opposite direction of our usual haunts. What a pleasant surprise Wence was! We ordered the seafood grill and seafood linguini. The seafood grill knocked our socks off . The seafood linguini was good but not the best I've ever had., the noodles could have been more al dente, and a little too heavy on the garlic for my taste, but still good .. not to mention a generous portion of seafood. The artichoke salad was delicious and big enough for two. Afogatto was not on the menu but they whipped one up for us anyway. I can't leave out the exceptional service.. our server Leo was an absolute sweetheart!! We will definitely be back. More...


Monica Keyes K.

2 August 2017

Wenches is outstanding. Lovely Outdoor and indoor seating. Great large T.V. Screens. Beautifully decorated with a  beautiful color scheme and dim lighting. The food is superb and the cocktails are fabulous. The hostess are great. They are Very knowledgeable about the menu and good about offering suggestions. Especially love the garlic bread  and artichoke and crab soup. There is one server name Leo that is very pleasant and charming. He made my cousin and my first time visit memorable. We will definitely be back and highly recommend Wenches restaurant for the place to go and dine.   IMG_1329.JPG.jpeg More...


J C.

31 July 2017

Fast and friendly service.The waitress are very attentive. Great food, great drinks.  Everything was very fresh. I haven't been to a place where I have cleaned my plate in one sitting in a while. Just need more AC lol


Nicole L.

29 July 2017

I can't even begin to tell you how great their food is.  It is insanely good!!They take classic favorites and elevate them to a whole new level.   There is nothing ordinary about their food.  Their special touches just make everything on their menu exquisite and they could give lessons on the art of presentation.I've been a few times for dinner but the noise level is just so high, I can barely stand it, so I usually stick to lunch time but Jeez Louise, the place is so dark and gloomy, it's off-putting and depressing.  The bar side is better but I never get seated there.  Dark and intimate is nice for dinner but during the day it's just bleak and morose.I was there today with a party of six and everyone commented on the somber ambiance and I was wishing I'd chosen somewhere else with a more cheerful atmosphere even at the expense of the food being inferior.  I don't know what the solution is but it really could use some livening up. More...


Tom M.

27 July 2017

the only reason I'm not giving a 5 star is that the outside dining is almost in the (busy) parking section.The wait staff is very knowledgeable, and very professional. Even the house wines are above average.The food, sort of a mixture of Italian and French, is truly excellent: delicious, not over/under cooked, and beautifully displayed. More...


Lee H.

25 July 2017

The new bar and updated menu are fantastic!! As always, their food is fantastic. Leo, the bartender and server is amazing! Have yet to have a bad meal!


Danielle G.

23 July 2017

My husband and I love this place. They have a large menu and everything we've eaten there has been great. We've also always had great service, most recently from the bartender Leo. He had great energy which made our dinner experience even better. We definitely recommend this place especially during happy hour. More...


Samantha B.

22 July 2017

Came here for brunch and it exceeded my expectations. Not only were they playing classic Bob Marley tunes, but quick service and delicious food. The portions were perfect. Great healthy options as well with not too much salt. We will definitely be back. More...


Andrea I.

22 July 2017

Always love coming here with mom to brunch on a daily! Thank you Leo for amazing prosecco blushes and the amazing lunch!


A M.

22 July 2017

Love this place for a lot of reasons.. good quality food, ambiance, and we had the sweetest bartender ever! Thank you Michele for the great service :-)


Lauren P.

17 July 2017

Man what a gem. Incredible food, great cocktail and Michelle, the bartender, was on point. Great service and great conversation. Highly recommend the pork chop with Brie and vegetables and Michelle's whiskey smash was one of the best I've had. Can't wait to come back, their happy hour looks great. More...


Sophia R.

29 June 2017

Wonderful ambiance. Our waiter was amazing! He was super accommodating and he New the menu.  Kid friendly is always a plus. I highly recommend.


Georgina M.

29 June 2017

We discovered Wences about 3 years ago and we've never looked back! We've been here several of times and not once have we left disappointed. They have one of the best steaks we've ever had! I highly recommend Wences to anyone! More...


Wendy H.

23 June 2017

Very good. Came here on the reviews from open table. Very happy. Service was excellent. They told me in advance that entrees took longer because everything was made fresh and from scratch. Not disappointed. Will most definitely be back! More...


Michael M.

23 June 2017

This is a great restaurant. Although it's busy, the staff are very friendly and professional. They're extremely accommodating, especially Paulina :), and the food is great. It's an awesome evening. Great selection of food. I recommend reservations for weekend evenings, because it is so popular. More...


Kellianne R.

13 June 2017

I came here on a Thursday for happy hour, which is from 3-6 Monday through Thursday!  I got a lot of the appetizers on the happy hour menu.  There are all sorts of different tacos, sliders fries, and I got oysters too!  All of it was great with the exception of the beef slider- too dry. And the coconut prawns, there were only 4, and they were "eh."  Fish tacos, street tacos, oysters, chicken sliders, fries-all good.  I got a $5 margarita-short glass.  Jason got a few beers that were $3 I think.  Great happy hour! More...


Kira J.

10 June 2017

The food was fantastic. I had the Seared Chilean Sea Bass, my partner had Wences Seafood Grill. Both were delicious. The sauce that was part of the sea bass was INCREDIBLE! And the lobster bisque had big chunks of lobster. Go here. More...


Jasmine O.

1 June 2017

The fish and chips are awesome, the burgers are delicious! Love the brunch there on the weekend. I asked for an extra spicy Bloody Mary and they delivered, the restaurant is really nice and so far the staff has been great. Two reason's I didn't give a 5 star is because I've ordered their Benedict's 3 different times, and every time the eggs were over boiled and the yolk was not gooey . Another thing, we have a family and there are NO diaper changing tables in the bathroom. They have a table in there but it's definitely not meant or safe for my baby. More...


chris s.

27 May 2017

We ate there the other night and were impressed with the food and the great service. We had the artichoke appetizer that was yummy. Pork chops and salmon were great. The cheesecake dessert topped off the evening. Leo was a very attentive server and made it a memorable evening. More...


Lindy R.

24 May 2017

My boyfriend and I came here for date night and are glad we did! Usually one of us always leaves disappointed, but not here. The only downfall is it's not a cheap meal, but it was worth it. And the menu is actually too good! We wanted to order everything!I ordered a cocktail I normally wouldn't but wanted to be adventurous. The waitress was very nice and kept asking if I liked it and offered to swap it out for something else. (But I did enjoy it, forget what it was thou) I ordered the lobster Mac n cheese which was huge and FULL of lobster. My boyfriend ordered steak and enjoyed it too. We splurged and got 2 desserts, ice cream and beignets. We left full and happy. Can't wait to come back and order more things off the menu. More...


Karen G.

21 May 2017

The best! My sister and niece took me for the first time for my birthday! So damn good!


Kevin A.

21 May 2017

We have been coming here for years. Moved out of the area and came back to our old favorite. Glad to see that nothing has changed. Both the service and food are are still great! More...


Karina V.

20 May 2017

One of my favorite spots to eat in the Bay. Great customer service and I've never been disappointed by the food


Wenwen M.

7 May 2017

The potatoes are probably the best, as well as the Eggs Benedict. Everything arrived relatively quickly, and there is no line outside. The prices are also pretty good. Overall, great restaurant More...


Ryan Y.

7 May 2017

This is hands down, one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten from. The staff was extremely nice and helpful. The food, overall, was bomb. The proportions were generous and HUGE, and was tasty and delicious! All in all, I would give this restaurant a 11/10! More...


Maria I.

5 May 2017

We were taking our son for his youth ministry retreat in Lafayette last Friday. I yelped for some restaurants to have dinner en route. Wences came up and when I saw the truffle oil mac and cheese on the menu, I knew I had to try it!We made reservations for 5 but due to outrageous traffic on 24, we called to push our reservations back to 5:30 only to have to call again to push it back further to 5:45. They were very accommodating both times. The restaurant is in a nondescript plaza tucked along with a Japanese restaurant, pizza place, etc. The ambience is trendy/modern with outside seating. We were seated right away with our settings and glasses of water. We ordered calamari and the scallop appetizer special. My husband had the seafood entree special, I had the truffle oil mac and cheese, and my son had the mac and cheese without truffle oil but with bacon. I also ordered their specialty moscow mule. I forget what it's called but it's a must!The food didn't take long to arrive and did not disappoint. Unfortunately, we filled up on bread (soft and warm!) and butter as well as the appetizers. We did not finish our mac and cheese dishes though we enjoyed them. Lucky for me we had left-overs so I had them for lunch the next day!If you ever find yourself in Pleasant Hill, try this place out. More...


Osmark R.

26 April 2017

Wence's has great food and great service! Everything is fresh and delicious! The restaurant is fancy and prices are ok! My favorite place around the bay! Will be back soon! Cookie melt is my favorite More...


Chira E.

25 April 2017

My omelette  was egg-cellent!  Giggles, corny I know. I had the egg white crab omelette, and it came with toast, breakfast potatoes, and the fruit crisp was a nice extra touch.  The staff was welcoming, friendly, and eager to answer any questions about the menu.  The lemoncello with prosecco on the menu was a perfect compliment to the brunch.  They also offer brunch faves like, mimosas, bellinis, and bloody mary's.Don't let the strip mall location fool you, they offer food at an elevated taste and wonderful service at great prices.  I can't wait to get back and try the happy hour, or early dinner menu. More...


Jenni G.

22 April 2017

Drinks were strong and delicious! Order the crab and artichoke fondue for sure. The Blush and cucumber basil cocktails were amazing.


Claire O.

21 April 2017

Our brunch fell on the Easter Sunday. They still accommodated us after their overbooking that day. They communicated with me and solved the overbooking issue. When people solve problems, there is real service and value in my opinion. We went there for dinner before and this was our second time. Their service and food was just fine. We all had a pleasant time. I like the atomisphere and ease of parking there. Their portion is large. We will go back there agin for happy hour or dinner. Thanks! More...


Jana A.

16 April 2017

Great menu. I really like this restaurant. It has great selection, bar area and main dining room. I stumbled on this restaurant by accident because my hair dresser moved next door. I heard good things about it from my friends so I wanted to try it. The only thing I didn't like was the pricing. It seemed high for the amount of food I got. I ordered mixed seafood with veggies and it came with nice presentation but very little food. I liked the service and staff. They do have happy hour but the discounts are very little. $1 off from a dish on happy hour menu. The water tasted good and was most likely filtered. I did like that. More...


Carlos P.

5 April 2017

Great food. Probably the best food in Pleasant Hill. In my opinion the only issue was the slowness of the server. He could not be slower.


Lita L.

31 March 2017

This place is so good, nice dim lighting and a lot of good menu items to choose from. I had the lobster Mac n cheese and Rockerfella Oysters and it was so delicious!


Michael E.

26 March 2017

A real contrast to a place in Lafayette we ate at yesterday.  The waitress was on top of things.  She knew how to ask the right questions to make sure we got what we wanted.  The coffee was quick and good.  The fruit side was fresh and well-prepared.  The plating was great, and the meal was wonderful. More...


Shayla B.

22 March 2017

Another home run on the happy hour field! Wences just pumps out all of the goodies with class and elegance! I usually wait a little while to leave reviews, but this one just couldn't wait. If it weren't for the slow service, they would have easily earned all 5 of my stars. I'm always on the hunt for a good happy hour, and Wences definitely did not disappoint! Wences is an American food restaurant and bar located in the Oak Park Shopping Center of Pleasant Hill. They specialize in seafood, brunch, and American food classics. I first tried Wences a few years back when they first opened up in the area. Back then, they were still new and at the time, I wasn't really impressed with what they had to offer. Fast forward to now and boy have they upgraded! I arrived around 5:30, just in time to catch the last of their happy hour. Upon entry, I was totally sucked into the beauty of the bar! It's a total lux with its' glowing marble bar top and elegant décor. I was greeted by the hostess and told her that I would be sitting at the bar. I took a seat and there was no bartender in sight. I figured that they were probably in the restroom or attending to a table. Five minutes passed and still no sign of a bartender. I was getting a bit hesitant because happy hour was ending soon, I wanted to make sure that I oh myorder in. Finally, I spotted the bartender. She was busy making a few drinks and I waited until she was able to greet me. While I waited, I grabbed a happy hour menu from one of the tables and looked to see what they had.This place has a nice spread of options for happy hour! Seafood, light snacks, house wines, beers, and cocktails were all listed. When Cecelia (my bartender) finally greeted me, I decided to put my drink and food order in all at once. I went with the happy hour Margarita, pan seared scallops, French onion soup, and wedge salad to start off. Cecelia makes an awesome Margarita! It tasted wonderful and she loaded up on the Tequila for me. The wedge salad was the first to arrive. This was recommended by Cecelia. She asked me if I wanted cracked black pepper and I agreed. Unfortunately, she forgot to come back with it, so I had to flag her down and ask her before I could take a bite of it. The pan seared scallops and French onion soup arrived in the meantime. And oh my gaaaaawd! Them pan seared scallops were on HIT baby! They were cooked perfectly! Nice and tender, wonderfully seasoned and accompanied with a mildly spicy sauce that was delectable! The French onion soup was yummy as well! Oozing with melted cheese and served piping hot, this soup warmed me right up! The wedge salad was pretty good but could have used a little more bacon. The cracked black pepper definitely added a nice flavor to it. Happy hour was on the cusp of ending, so I decided to order the last of my happy hour items even though I hadn't finished what was in front of me. I put an order in for the grilled artichokes and after sampling the Cabernet Sauvignon, decided to order a glass of that too. Cecelia noticed that I hadn't finished my Margarita yet and offered to pour my glass of Cab once I was done and still only charged me for the happy hour price! I thought that was so awesome! So, let's talk about this Cabernet. Anyone who knows me, knows that I do NOT care for Cabernet Sauvignon. I was literally shocked after sampling it because I actually liked it! This was probably one of the smoothest Cabs I have ever tasted! I liked it so much that I took a picture of the bottle. This Cabernet was smooth and lighter bodied than most other Cabs that I had tried, and at $3.50 a glass for happy hour, it was well worth it! My grilled artichokes arrived and they tasted absolutely phenomenal! They had a nice char to them that really accentuated its' natural flavor. It came with two different sauces which both tasted great. After scarfing down all of those appetizers, I decided to go ahead and add to my fatness by ordering dessert. I ordered the Vanilla gelato and it was the perfect ending to my night! Topped with whipped cream and served with fresh strawberries, this gelato was rich and super sweet. By the end of the night, I was super stuffed! I noticed that the bar emptied out after happy hour ended. I guess I came during the last minute rush! After people had left, Cecelia became a lot more accommodating. She mentioned that I should come from their weekend brunch next time. My only fret about this place are the portion sizes and the slow service. The food is outstanding but I wish they gave you a little bit more. Overall, this was a wonderful happy hour! I will be coming back again and I can't wait to try them out for brunch in the future! I highly recommend their happy hour! They have great specials here. More...


Nicko M.

11 March 2017

The best around for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. I've never had a bad meal and have probably ordered 15 different items


Carol T.

10 March 2017

Our dinner was very good. We shared calamari appetizer followed with Brussels sprouts, mac and cheese creamy and relish, but the sea bass with mussels, clam and shrimp was over the top great!!


Pinky L.

3 March 2017

I have been to this restaurant for Brunch, lunch and for happy hour and every time I go I order something different and everything is always delicious! I especially love their truffle mac and cheese with bacon. Their lemon drops are amazing. More...


Josefa H.

18 February 2017

Great local steak and seafood restaurant. Rival to Scotts. Ordered the cioppinno, salmon, surf & turf, lobster chowder and Ceasar with lump crab. All amazing. Also kid friendly if you're looking for a nicer family dinner out. We'll be back for sure. More...


Stephanie H.

17 February 2017

Had a delicious lunch today with 5 other ladies. Very friendly staff and we all had different entrees and all enjoyed what we chose. Lovely presentation and delicious taste! I had the artichoke salad with prawns. More...


Beth B.

13 February 2017

This was a great date night restaurant- good ambiance, all tables filled in our room...Food was delicious!!!


Sophia W.

12 February 2017

I love this restaurant!!! I come here about every month on a Sunday for brunch with my friends. It's a hidden gem. The staff is nice and friendly and the place is super clean. My absolute favorite dish is the arrabiatta. It's unique and a lot of their dishes are creative. Not a dull menu. I definitely recommend!! More...


Joel M.

6 February 2017

Saw this place on Yelp and decided to try it. Glad we did. Ordered a bowl of crab and clam chowder first; absolutely delicious. For dinner my honey ordered the ribeye dinner; served with garlic mashed and asparagus; she loved it. I ordered the fish and chips, because the fish was halibut; it was served with string fries; i'm not a fan of string fries but theirs were excellent. Environment was warm, (obviously a locals place), relaxing and comfortable. OH! THE BREAD! Excellent sourdough bread. My only suggestion is to warm the bread before serving. Our waiter was excellent, very attentive. Good portions, very reasonable pricing including wine. An excellent experience and will def go back. Thank you Wence's. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED More...


Sue S.

6 February 2017

Wence's has a comfortable and chic feel upon entry. The sourdough bread could not have been better executed, the artichoke and crab soup was astounding, and the house Cabernet had good flavor and body. The chicken Marsala with mashed potatoes had good flavor however I found the sauce heavy and the chicken cutlets oddly shaped. Overall, a great experience with friendly staff!! I'll be back :) More...


Dana A.

5 February 2017

This place is great. Very good food for affordable prices. Definitely one of the nicest restaurants in Pleasant Hill. Everything I've tried has been awesome and others in my parties have always liked their food. I've normally gone with large parties and they're very accommodating. The wait staff is always professional and courteous. More...


George M.

4 February 2017

This is a solid neighborhood place. Good atmosphere as well as a diverse menu with a focus on seafood and fish. Everything on the menu wasnt just cooked it was crafted and well thought out. Great choice if you don't want to go into downtown walnut creek but you still want a great meal. Just 1 critique. ...the presentation on the onions soup was not good. They need to rethink the bowl it is placed in. More...


Trevor R.

1 February 2017

I found this place by word of Facebook from a friend who takes pictures of everything and figured I'd try it out. This place is great; the staff is friendly and attentive. The food: I've never had one thing come out of the kitchen that wasn't great. The cheesy garlic bread is a great appetizer as well as their daily and regulars soups. Also for a seafood place normally prices are outrages for something can make at home, but here everything is priced fairly and made wonderfully. You're doing yourself a disservice by not checking out Wence's. More...


C R.

30 January 2017

Wences continues to have great food, but unfortunately, the service still suffers on occasion.  I was there three times in the past week and a half and 2 out of 3 times the service was great, but the last time--not so much.  We were a group of six and it took us 2 1/2 hours to get through our meal.  We had 20 minute periods in between our salad and main course, and main course and dessert, where we didn't see our server at all.  The noise level was really loud, so after shouting at one another and waiting 20 minutes for our dessert to come, we decided we would just cancel it and go.  As soon as we told a busboy to tell our waiter to cancel the dessert, it came out.  Unfortunately, our coffee never came.  Wences continues to be a local gem that has really good food, great portions and a nice vibe.  I wish they could find a way to do something about the noise level and tighten up the service.  It's fine if you are a table of two or even four, but anything more than that and you will only be able to talk (scream) to the person right next to you. More...


Samar R.

29 January 2017

I may be slightly obsessed with wences. They have the most amazing food. My only gripe are the cocktails. They need to up their game, in order to match the cocktails to the quality of the food. Their breakfast is also amazing on the weekends. We go here quite often. It's a great gem! More...


Marlyn G.

29 January 2017

Really delicious food and good service when we tried Wence's for dinner with friends last night. Be sure to make a reservation since the restaurant is very popular, with customers waiting in clusters inside and outside the door. Very busy and on the noisy side. Interesting menu options and everything we ordered was amazingly tasty. Lots of $5 beer choices but expensive for a glass of wine, bottles of wine are super pricey. Soups are so delicious, among us we had tomato, lobster bisque, and chicken enchilada, we debated which was best! My husband ordered a Caesar salad which was lightly dressed and big enough for four to share. He was not disappointed with his big Ribeye steak and could barely eat it all. My friend and I had lobster tacos, which really had big chunks of lobster and cups of guacamole, spicy salsa, and a smoky tasting sauce, accompanied by a metal dish of sweet potato fries, very salty. Huge whole chile decorated the plate but was too hot to eat. Tacos were so filled that they were a bit messy to hold and eat, lots of shredded cabbage falling out, but so tasty we didn't care. Other friend had the pork chop and he loved that. All plates are presented beautifully. Nice dessert menu but we passed because we were stuffed! Our bill for the four dinners was about $200 including 20% tip which was figured and printed as an option on the bottom of the bill. This policy is annoying, as if we wouldn't tip properly if we weren't told by the restaurant. Definitely I will go back to try other interesting menu items, but will pay more attention to the prices. Lots of noisy bar business in the entry room, so if you want a more peaceful meal, request to be seated in the second room. More...


Dana S.

28 January 2017

Very good food and reasonable prices. Our service was excellent and although the place was very busy they didn't rush us.Quite a neighborhood gem.


Deborah H.

23 January 2017

New bar area is so lovely! We had another fabulous meal tonight but ate at the bar. Cecilia is a wonderfully friendly and efficient bartender. Love the new club chairs at tables in the bar. Scallops Romanesca but I asked for polenta instead of risotto. No problem. Hubby loves the beignettes. Please purchase cocktail napkins with your lovely logo on it for the bar. More...


Jaimie R.

21 January 2017

Great service and food! Been wanting to check out this spot for awhile after hearing good things from friends. Happy we did! Service was great (thank you max!), attentive yet not too pushy, very nice. Food was awesome! Started with the crab cakes, which were sooo good! My husband is not a big seafood guy, and even he enjoyed these. Then we shared the artichoke salad, also good. Light, but still had lots of flavor.For entrees I had the lobster tacos... yum! They came with a side of sweet potato fries too, no way I could finish it all! Hubby got the pork chop, which he loved! We ended the night with the cookie Sunday baked in a little cast iron skillet. Also delish. We will be back More...


Angie L.

16 January 2017

Came here for dinner on Thursday night with a friend. The place was quite packed but we still managed a table for two right away. Our waitress was quite attentive and had great food and drink recommendations. I always like to ask what their favorites are and usually go with something they recommend. We started with the roasted brussels sprouts which were delicious. I ordered the seared Chilean white sea bass while my friend ordered the Ahi Tuna Tower. Both were amazing! I forget the name of the cocktail I ordered but I recall it had vodka, champagne and elderflower liqueur in it. It was so good! We ended the evening by sharing their cookie melt which is like a mini Pizookie. As their website states their food is freshly and artfully served California cuisine. Will definitely come back here! More...


Delilah G.

1 January 2017

Best Italian food in the area!This is our go-to spot pretty much every weekend! As a vegetarian, I usually order the pappardelle pasta and it is amazing every time! This weekend, I tried the gnocchi with marinara sauce, and it was the best gnocchi I've ever had! The texture was perfect, and they just melted in your mouth. The marinara was filled with ripe tomatoes, and was a gorgeous red color. My husband loves the seafood pasta and pretty much everything on the menu. We just came back from Italy, and although we had some amazing and authentic cuisine, there were a few meals where we were actually comparing and longing for Wence's! Ambiance and service is always on point as well, so enjoy!PS: I uploaded many pictures of the same dish to show the outstanding consistency and quality of the food! Also, shout-out to Sandra and her husband for running this amazing, family-owned restaurant! More...


Jennifer M.

31 December 2016

New Years Eve with friends- great ambiance and service. Started with crab cakes appetizer and great cocktail pours. Split the seafood grille- an excellent broiled seafood combo and enjoyed a tasty house salad w a great dressing!    Yum!   Finished with the seasonal cheesecake ( lemon w/ strawberries) and a glass of Prosecco.   Great evening-   Thank you. - We'll be back! More...


Steven G.

28 December 2016

This was the setting for a birthday lunch my boyfriend's family was throwing for several members on his mom's side and it just so happened to be my official meeting with some of his extended family on that side as well! We were seated Al Fresco as it was intended which also happened to be on the sidewalk outside of the restaurant proper, a bit awkward but I thought it should work for our purposes. As the family began to arrive and I met them in the same fashion, we were given menus and then left to our devices perusing an impressive menu of inventive items boasting fresh, locally sourced ingredients.Being health conscious now, I eyed a very interesting salad called the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. It was teeming with juicy fuji apples, warm chicken cutlets, butter lettuce, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, red onions, avocado, caramelized onions and all tossed in a tangy basalmic vinaigrette. This salad was the bees knees and was even artfully presented (see photo) that I almost felt guilty digging into it! Everyone at my table even marveled at my choice and it even opened up conversation into my healthy lifestyle.A great time was had here, great setting, great service but most importantly great company. Oh and I was a hit too in case you were wondering or at least that's how I imagined it ;-) More...


Stacey C.

27 December 2016

Wences is a gem hidden in a strip mall in Pleasant Hill.  The restaurant is actually a pretty decent size and very comfortable and clean.  The service can be a little slow but the food is incredible and worth the wait.  I've been several times and really enjoy the scallops with risotto and the pork chop is to die for.  The pork chop has melted brie and apples on top with arugula, broccolini, carrots, and mashed potatoes.  The dishes come out beautifully plated and made with care. More...


Rachel J.

18 December 2016

Wences has been one of our go to restaurants for a few years now. We went in yesterday to find their beautiful new bar and drink menu! The bartender Leo helped me choose a drink I loved at first sip. They also offer their brunch menu Saturday and Sunday with several Eggs Benedict choices (my favorite). The food has always been great and the new bar/drink menu is such a wonderful addition! More...


Jeff R.

3 December 2016

This is one of our go-to neighborhood spots and it's just a fantastic place. It's a total, no-frills, easy going place to have dinner with excellent dishes that are tasty but you also order healthfully which is a huge bonus. We probably eat here once or twice a month and it's always fantastic! More...


Sarah S.

27 November 2016

Was staying out here and decided to stop here because of Yelp. I was expressed with the options and the prices. Worth the money. The oysters were $1 and piece so ordered 4. The sauces were ok, but good raw oysters and can't beat that price. The lobster chowder had huge pieces of lobster too. Mac and cheese was good and bigger then I thought it would be. Had the salmon and it was grilled nicely. Only gave it 4 stars because the calamari was a bit oily and didn't ever get that omg feeling. More...


Neal G.

18 November 2016

Very good restaurant.    food was fabulous, we had crab cakes, grilled pork chop and chicken pasta, and a great bottle of wine, good prices, great service, not too noisy,  nice décor.  Overall a very pleasant evening with some superior food and ambiance.  Thanks folks. More...


Richard P.

12 November 2016

After walking out of Wise Girl we ended up at Wences on Thursday night. It was a delayed birthday celebration for myself and another friend. The five of us well taken care of and the food was excellent. My shrimp Louie was awesome. Also the pumpkin cheesecake was great. More like a mouse than the usual cheesecake. Service was great and so are the drinks. Will be back. More...


N C.

10 November 2016

My husband and I so love Wence! They have the best Happy Hour and early bird specials I have ever seen. The food is delicious and the service is great!! Cheers to you Wence staff!!!!


Tiffanie G.

7 November 2016

Yesterday, I took my parents out for dinner and we decided on seafood.  Google listed this place as the closest to my house so we decided to check it out.  First off, it is beautiful inside.  The colors are warm and very inviting.  The menu listed a delicious mix of shell fish and fresh fish.  My dad got the Seafood Platter which had Scallops, Salmon, Shrimp, and Sea Bass.  Everything was cooked absolutely perfectly.  My mom got the fish and chips which had 2 giant pieces of Fish and a bunch of shoe string french fries.  I got the Seafood Linguine with Gluten Free Penne pasta instead.  It had a plethora of Calamari, clams and mussels in a delicious Pesto Cream sauce.  The French Onion soup was delicious and not too salty.  The sweet potato fries were sweet and came out hot.  The service was amazing and even though it was a tad pricey for us, it was well worth it.  We had to get dessert and I went for my favorite Creme Brulee and my mom went for the huckleberry crisp a la mode.  Whooooo..Perfect end to a fabulous evening! Altogether, appetizers, dinner, dessert for 3 people plus a 20 percent tip= $127  Not bad at all.  We will definitely be back.  Oh, and if you can ask for Katie, you should do so.  She was amazing and very attentive! More...


Carrie W.

3 November 2016

I've eaten here several times. The food is always delicious and service friendly. My favorite is the vanilla crème brûlée, truffle mac and cheese and the seafood combo. The only down side is how noisy the restaurant is, best to sit outside looking at the parking lot. More...


Buck N.

29 October 2016

Had the oysters on the half shell special, and fish and chips for our group.  Excellent.


Diane A.

25 October 2016

Today is our 10 year anniversary. We thought about a lot of places to go to like Walnut Creek or Lafayette.  I remember seeing this place a few times while driving by and decided we should try this place. I was looking for something low-key and serving early. We had the most awesome meal here. We actually got here early enough to order off the early bird menu.  The early bird menu offers you a drink, a soup or a salad and and entrée.  We ordered garlic toast to start. That was so amazing with all the garlic spread and cheese.  I had ordered chicken picante' with lemon sauce and capers it was so amazing.  My hubby ordered tiger prawns and shrimp with  mashed potatoes and he was just as thrilled over his meal as I was over mine. This place has awesome ambience and the waitstaff was truly attentive.  We were already talking about coming back after our salad. This place can stand against any place in Walnut Creek, Danville, Lafayette and even San Francisco. thank you again to this beautiful restaurant and we look forward to coming back very soon!!!! More...


Magdalena K.

25 October 2016

I absolutely adore the food here, I was a little hesitant to write this review as I do not want to be forced to wait for a table. The seafood is hands down the best in the area!! More...


John M.

20 October 2016

Food is great hereService is also greatLunch time little bit slow but worth the Waite.


Denny M.

16 October 2016

So,we are back at the hole in the wall that we love. Today I am having the lobster tacos. Very tasty, they are adorned with slaw and a very nice sauce. I have never been disappointed with the fish dish es here. More...


J M.

14 October 2016

Under construction when we visited. Limited bar offering. Staff were friendly and welcoming. They seemed less experienced with food and bar choices. Food was pretty good, ribeye was cooked just right. Disappointing asparagus, it was woody and tough slipped by QC. Food presentation was very good. The rest of my group enjoyed their food from steak to pork chop.  I would try again on future visit. More...


Fernando S.

25 September 2016

If you like delicious food, good service, mellow atmosphere then Wences is for you. I have done brunch, lunch, and dinner. Everything we have eaten has been amazing. Huevos Rancheros, San Francisco Burger, crab cakes, and black mussels. Steaks, seafood and poultry it never disappoints! More...


Lesley H.

24 September 2016

What a wonderful surprise. I was taken to Wence's for my Birthday, I had the soup de jour which was a lobster chowder, followed by the house favorite the crab stack. Outstanding dish, so much crab I could barely finish it. More...


John C.

19 September 2016

Can be loud when full. Great appetizers and full bar. Perfect for romantic night out or groups


Nicole G.

10 September 2016

I absolutely love this restaurant. It's perfectly hidden in pleasant hill and has a great atmosphere. The service is always quick and pleasant. I really like the lobster bisque and the crab stack. More...


Rick C.

15 August 2016

My favorite restaurant in Pleasant Hill.  Quality of the food and service is always good.  I like the Chicken sandwich for lunch and the Jambalaya for dinner.


Debra W.

10 August 2016

I drive all the way into Walnut Creek just to eat here. It is as usual, always fabulous Chilean sea bass is masterfully prepared. And absolutely delicious. Had a small house salad and the dressing is spectacular. What a very lovely family-owned. More...


Cheryl G.

2 August 2016

Enjoyed dinner for the first time at Wences this evening.  Great service and food.  Enjoyed the scallop appetizer with Habanero sauce.  Just the right amount of heat and cooked to perfection. My husband enjoyed his fish and chips. My daughter tried the Mac and cheese with truffle oil. It was a bit too much for her and, without us saying a word, the waitress knew she did not enjoy it and had it removed from the bill.  This is a really good neighborhood restaurant.  I would recommend it and we will definitely be back. More...


Jim C.

25 July 2016

We finally tried Wence's. After reading the reviews, and hearing good things from friends, we ventured outside our normal list of restaurants. The staff is extremely friendly and they sincerely look like they like their jobs. We started off at the small bar with a before dinner cocktail, which was prepared perfectly and then moved to our dinner table. We both ordered salads (1- Cesar and 1- Artichoke) they were fantastic but HUGE, we should have split a salad. I had the wild salmon for dinner and my wife had the sea scallops. Both the presentation and flavors were excellent. This chef has TALENT and does a good job combining many flavors that really work together. We finished up with a skillet cookie with Gelato and ended up rolling out of the restaurant. Too much good stuff! The restaurant is not fancy, but instead more of a neighborhood gem, that's casual, friendly, tasty with great service. I highly recommend y