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WellWolfe Coaching

Rose Hill


WellWolfe Coaching

Rose Hill


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Lindsay Dahl

4 September 2019

It was such a joy to be coached by Jennie! She brought light and laughter to our conversations, while also helping me delve deep into some of the underlying blockers to my success. She provided lots of helpful context and feedback in our sessions, and also shared her own personal experiences, when relevant, which really helped me to understand the impact of potential actions and growth areas. I highly recommend Jennie, especially for people like me who are new to coaching. More...


MerriLyn Gibbs

29 August 2019

Just started working with Jennie and every time I get tips and implement them I feel better. She empowers, is an energy giver and her positivity illuminates from her! So happy to be creating synergy with her! More...


Jenna Manders

18 August 2019

Jennie is a light. She always opened up a safe space for me to feel like I could confide in her my hopes and dreams. Not only that, but she also helped me to create a plan to achieve them! In just two short months working with WellWolfe Coaching, I look around at my life COMPLETELY different. I have upgraded my living situation, my work situation, even my relationship (to self and romantic!). More...


Kate Murphy

3 July 2019

Jennie is a dedicated, compassionate, caring human being who isn't afraid to push you to be your best to help you succeed and reach your own goals. She helps you develop specific action steps to start small, yet steady and deliberate, in making big dreams a reality - and she will hold you accountable to those actions! I recommend personal coaching with Jennie if you are dissatisfied with any part of your life and want to see improvement and contentment happen fast, whether it's your education, work, relationships with others, or relationship with yourself. Jennie will find a way to make meeting your goals in these areas attainable by approaching them in a way that makes sense for you, instead of the way you've been approaching them for years that has never worked you and never actually stuck! More...