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I have been a Home Organisation and Decluttering Specialist for two years and have a background in Building Surveying and Estate Agency.

I have helped clients to declutter and organise just about every aspect of the home, from whole houses to wardrobes, offices and stables.



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I am a firm believer that decluttering and organising your home can transform your life. I see the transformation on a daily basis and it's what makes my job incredibly rewarding. Nobody wants to be living amongst chaos or stressed by the amount of 'stuff' that they have and when calm has been restored, it's like a weight has been lifted.

I used to work in estate agency and saw the enormous benefit that a decluttered and well-organised home had on the selling potential of the house. I wanted to help people to create the home of their dreams and create spaces that are both practical and beautiful.

I have been working as a home organisation and decluttering specialist for over two years, working across the UK. I can assure you that the service I offer is totally non-judgemental, discrete and friendly. My job is not to force you to part with your possessions but help you to evaluate what is most important to you.


Cluttered, disorganised wardrobes are common and it’s easy to accumulate clothes that we no longer wear or like. So often, we reach for the same few items and actually forget about the other pieces we own or buy duplicates because we can’t remember what we have. Don’t forget- organise first, shop second! I can help you to create an ordered, curated wardrobe that not only inspires you but streamlines the process of getting dressed in the morning, saving you both time and stress! I often find that clients rediscover their style and interest in their clothes after our sessions and feel good wearing them.

Downsizing can be incredibly tough and I have great sympathy for people who find it difficult to let go of things. Most of us have strong emotional ties to our family home and it’s these associated memories that can make it a particularly difficult move. Whilst some people choose to move to a smaller home, but for many, it’s not a choice, whether its due to a change in the relationship, bereavement, finances, health or the house simply being too big once children leave home. Often the prospect of dealing with accumulated possessions is incredibly daunting too and can put people off taking the first steps to downsize or even result in the move being postponed. My mission is to make the process less daunting, less stressful and hopefully more enjoyable! I generally suggest that we make the process more approachable by starting with items that are less sentimental and therefore easier to make decisions about, be it clothing, kitchen cupboards or the contents of your utility room! My promise to you is that our sessions will never be pressurised, nor will I dictate what you should and shouldn’t keep. My purpose is to help you make the best decisions in a totally non-judgemental, friendly way.

Moving home can be a particularly stressful process for most people and inevitably it always takes more time and effort than you think! The best piece of advice that I can give to you is to start well in advance of your moving date. BEFORE THE MOVE It’s the perfect opportunity to really assess and declutter your possessions and in doing so, surround yourself only with the items that you really love and value. We can help you to make these all important decisions, saving you money by ensuring that you aren’t paying to move things that you no longer like or need. We can help to pack up items (provided that they aren’t of high value) in a methodical way that makes the unpacking process in your new home straightforward and hassle-free. Read my blog on why important- Show them their dream, not your clutter. AFTER THE MOVE It’s so easy to just unpack the essentials when you move, leaving the rest for “another day”. I can help you to unpack and organize quickly and efficiently in your new home, making the whole process more streamlined and less disruptive for you and your family.

Perhaps you need some advice and help to implement practical systems that allow you to maintain a tidy and clutter-free home? Do you find that spaces that you have previously decluttered have reverted back to their original state? We can help. We are happy to organize any space, be it the whole house, an office, kitchen or even just your wardrobe and if there are any additional services that you may require, please just ask! There’s a bit of a myth about de-clutterers that we just sweep in and dictate what stays and what goes, but I can assure you this will never be the case. This is a two way process where I help you to make decisions about your possessions and what you need for your lifestyle and happiness. If you aren’t quite sure what you need but know that you would like your home to be organised and clutter-free then fill out our online form or give me a call.