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We specialize in creating a wedding just for you. You find a venue, we specialize in cultural hall events, and we will transform it into the wedding of your dreams. We have a custom built free standing ceiling canopy, custom backdrops and everything else you need to create the perfect night.



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I love to see the faces of the brides when they see what we have done. The get so excited because it is usually better then they expected.

I had two of my children get married a couple years ago. One in February, one in November of the same year. When the first wedding came I thought, "I got this, I am going to make this wedding the best wedding ever." It was the best wedding ever, but being the mother, I didn't enjoy it at all. My mind kept racing because I was worried about this not being right or that not getting done. I was awful, and then after a long hard day, I had to clean it all up and take it all down. It was the worst.
When my next child's wedding came, I hired out the work to someone else to do. It was the best day ever. I didn't worry about anything and I was able to enjoy the whole day. I remember everything that happened and everyone that came. It was a great day and so much more relaxing then the first one.
I decide after going through my own weddings that I wanted to help others. Most people are very capable to do everything I do, but from a mothers perspective, I was so glad that I had someone else take the stress and craziness out of one of my children's most important days.

I am such a perfectionist. Every wedding I do, I hold to the high expectations that I would want at my own wedding. The wedding is not setup until it is set up perfect.