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Janet Ayala

17 July 2019

I've been buying meat from Yolo Land and Cattle for almost ten years.Always satisfied with the meat and the service. You will love Luanne.I was a vegetarian for 25 years and felt great for a few years but soon symptoms started through the years and I just got sicker and sicker.One day I started craving liver and thought to myself how strange that was. I started doing my own research as I was not getting any results from my doctors. I found information regarding traditional foods and also Keto.I've now been doing Keto and carnivore for 7 months and have never felt better. It's really a longer story but have condensed. I love the meat and feel good knowing I'm eating 100% grass fed and finished beef.Janet from Acampo eat-4real Instagram More...


Wilson Stone

24 February 2017

This company delivers instant service, and their product is very tasty.

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