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Wedding Dance Workshops

Wedding Dance Workshops  locationLondon, Greater London

Wedding Dance Workshops has over 20 years of experience teaching wedding couples for their wedding first dance from choosing the first dance song to building a dance routine. Whether Ballroom, Latin dancing, Viennese Waltz or Salsa, with wedding dance lessons every couple will shine on the floor on the big day.

First dance lessons take place in the studio or in the privacy of a wedding couple's own home. They can choose wedding dance packages that suit their budget, time ahead of their wedding and, above all, what they want to do with their wedding first dance.

The main venue is Kensington, W8, with others in Central London, W1; North London, NW6. Home lessons are available in and around London, even at last minute bookings.

The best thing to do for any wedding couple who want to learn for their first dance is to have one wedding dance lessons first. In this way they can make an informed decision as to what works best, and for the teacher to advise them.

We have taught 1417 couples up to date (as of 2016) and will continue to provide the best dance lesson service to every wedding couple who will come to us.We operate seven days a week and can accommodate first dance lessons as a last minute booking. We guarantee sole use of the floor space and of the music as a crucial factor to getting the maximum of the lessons.

One dance teacher will take the couple from the start to the end of the wedding dance and will make sure the song, the dance and the choreography suit the couple's particular wedding. In other words, every first dance is approached as unique because every wedding is unique.

If you want to know more about Wedding Dance Workshops, please feel free to contact us via telephone, email or the website's Call Back messaging service. We can help you choose the first song from a list of more than 250 wedding songs couples have selected as their first dance song since 1998.

Wedding Dance Workshops  Reviews

Wedding Dance Workshops Reviews

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Wedding Dance Workshops

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Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Solveig Borries
2 weeks ago

Paul taught us our wedding dance. To begin with he asked us lots of questions about the kind of music we would want, the kind of people we are, etc., which helped us figure out the dance we wanted to choose. Paul is very good at what he does and understands people very well to provide them feedback, help etc in a great way. We have loved our lessons with Paul and the best thing for us was to actually have that time to ourselves and do the dance whilst potentially having been a little stressed during the wedding planning. It just gets you away from it all for a little bit of time and Paul has been able to create the perfect environment for us and make it very enjoyable. We would certainly recommend Paul!!!

Solveig Borries
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Ainur Nalibayeva
1 month ago

Paul is a fantastic, patient and dedicated teacher! As we weren’t sure what type of dance we should do, Paul helped us explore the various choices and decide on the perfect option for our chosen song. We really enjoyed the classes and were able to fine-tune our first dance within weeks, making progress with every session – which gave us confidence to perform it well on the big day! Paul had plenty of great and useful advice for us, which helped a lot. We would highly recommend Paul for any couple, regardless of their level of experience.

Ainur Nalibayeva
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Meire Fortunato
1 month ago

Excellent experience, highly recommended! I booked two last minute lessons with Paul to put together a wedding first dance. Paul is extremely professional, friendly and talented. I was very impressed how much my partner and I improved in such a short amount of time. We learned new moves, put it together in a nice way to go with our chosen song and also improved a lot our dancing posture/form. In feel so confident and excited about my first dance, can't wait for the big day!

Meire Fortunato
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by MrandMrs Nelson
1 month ago

Paul is absolutely wonderful from the moment we met him we knew we were in safe hands. Every lesson was really enjoyable and loved seeing our dance come together over a few weeks with him! I would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for lessons for their wedding. Thanks again for all your help!

MrandMrs Nelson
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Marion Trinel
2 months ago

We decided to book dance lessons with Paul only two weeks before our wedding. In only two lessons, Paul was able to design a perfectly executable waltz program for us. We especially appreciated the efficiency of Paul's teaching techniques focusing on directly applicable moves. Two weeks later our first dance at our wedding got lots of praises thanks to Paul. He is an amazing teacher!

Marion Trinel
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Huberta and Ghislain
3 months ago

Paul was an amazing teacher. We did expect to reach such a level in only a few lessons. The lessons were very fun and relaxing. Actually we did not think we would be able to deliver our first dance with such confidence. We can only recommend Paul to any other couples!

Huberta and Ghislain
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Kim M
3 months ago

So so so glad we chose Paul to help us create our first dance! He is a true gem! In our first lesson we talked through the song we wanted, the type of dance we wanted and that instantly made us feel at ease. It continued throughout all the lessons we had and it was such a nice escape from the stress of wedding planning! Our wedding was characterised by our first dance and I'm so glad that we took these lessons. Highly highly recommended!

Kim M
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Samantha Barley
3 months ago

Paul was great fun, dedicated and patient. We thoroughly enjoy each and every lesson with him and I can't believe how far we were able to go in just a few short weeks. Would be happy to recommend Paul to everyone looking for a wedding dance instructor!

Samantha Barley
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Faidon Christakopoulos
4 months ago

Highly recommended. Paul is an absolute gentleman and a great dancing instructor. He managed to make a great choreography for us for our wedding first dance. He made the class very enjoyable and fun, while walking us through the dance itself. We would happily go back for other classes.

Faidon Christakopoulos
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Juliana Aneli Azenha Da Silva
4 months ago

Paul is the best dance teacher! We had a great time during the lessons and on the day of the wedding we felt confident dancing in front of our friends & family and more importantly we enjoyed dancing. Thank you very much Paul.

Juliana Aneli Azenha Da Silva
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Elena Moure
5 months ago

Paul is a very inspiring dance teacher and helped make our first wedding dance very special. We weren't confident when we started as we were complete beginners. In just a few lessons we started feeling comfortable moving around the dance floor and enjoyed each moment of it. Our guests were amazed!! Thanks Elena and Mike

Elena Moure
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Ekaterina Andreeva
8 months ago

Paul is a fantastic dance teacher and just a great individual - made the lessons fun and enjoyable despite the time pressure we faced (we had only 4 weeks before our wedding day when we finally got to the dance studio) and the nerves! My husband and I did not do any form of dancing together previously - occasional moves on a crowded club dance floor aside - Paul took two beginners and made us look like semi-pros by the 4th lesson (at least that's how it looked to us on the video recording of our final practice!). We came to him not know what dance we wanted or even what music we wanted, yet he managed to quickly guide us through to our eventual choice. He was really helpful with many tips from his experience with other couples and instilled enough confidence in us to do our Waltz on the day and actually enjoy it! We would highly recommend Paul to anyone looking for a dance teacher for their first dance!

To Paul - with many thanks and best wishes.

Ekaterina Andreeva
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Paul Thomas
8 months ago

Paul was absolutely great. I have never done any dance before, and my wife very little. We now have a lovely routine which we put together in just three lessons and it's just perfect, so much more than we thought we'd be able to achieve, and still thoroughly enjoyed learning! He knows when to be fun, when to be patient, when to push you, etc. and tailors all of that to what you want. If you want to be ambitious with your dance, he'll push you hard and make sure you get the absolute maximum improvement from your lessons. If you are stressed enough as it is and just want to learn some basics so that you don't trample each other, he will probably push you just a little more than you want at the time, but you will look back and be glad that he did, he really does know his stuff and his customers!

Paul Thomas
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Paramdeep Sembi
9 months ago

Paul was incredible from start to finish. In the space of four lessons, he taught us technique in a comfortable but efficient manner whilst keeping the whole experience so fun. Wedding planning can be a stressful time but Paul made sure that our first dance allowed us to enjoy the process and look forward to our special day! Aside from being such a talented dancer and teacher, Paul puts in a lot of effort and passion to help you achieve your dream dance and vision. Nothing but praise for this experience and would recommend highly for all, even if you have left it last minute like we did!

Paramdeep Sembi
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Lakshmi Santhosh
5 months ago

Paul choreographed a lovely rumba for the first dance at our wedding. He was able to work with our song of choice and helped us break the dance into segments so we could learn it easily. Would definitely recommend him!

Lakshmi Santhosh
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Christian James
5 months ago

Paul is a wonderful teacher and a lovely man - we couldn't recommend his classes highly enough. A few lessons with him transformed our dreaded wedding dance into one of the high points. Thank you Paul.

Christian James
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Javi Maestro
5 months ago

Fantastic experience, Paul is very professional, polite and efficient. He explains very well and he is a nice person. I went there forced by my girlfriend and I realised that I really needed them. I do not usually score 5 starts but this time I definitely have to do it. Thank you Paul.

Javi Maestro
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Kirsty Saunders
9 months ago

Paul is an absolute gem - we started with him about three months before our wedding and we were so thrilled with the final result. Paul is so lovely and clearly very passionate about he does. We cannot recommend him enough. For anyone considering dance lessons to take the dread out of the first dance, do it. It is such fun and Paul is a great teacher.

Kirsty Saunders
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Liana Miliotis
1 year ago

We decided a few weeks before our wedding that we wanted to do a Viennese waltz for our first dance as my husband is Austrian. I had never waltzed before so was a little scared about what we had agreed to do. We picked a song and then had no idea where to start!

We contacted Paul having read great reviews. Paul was really wonderful right from the beginning. He was extremely flexible and made time for us on very short notice. He clearly understood that we wanted to learn the basic steps and have a little routine so that we didn’t make complete fools of ourselves. Paul was an amazing teacher who put together a lovely routine for us that was not overly choreographed. We really loved our first dance and our friends and family went wild! We highly recommend Paul.

Liana Miliotis
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Natasha Sperotto
10 months ago

We have had such a special experience learning how to dance our first dance with Paul, the whole process from first phone call to last dance lesson has been totally personalized to us. We would highly recommend Paul to anyone and only wish we could pack him in our bag to take him with to our wedding. Thank you Paul!

Natasha Sperotto
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Glamy Cales
11 months ago

For anyone looking to have fun with their partner and learn to dance in a comfortable environment, Paul is your perfect teacher. You don't realise how much you're learning and you never feel unable to do anything he asks. We couldn't recommend Paul enough!

Glamy Cales
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Victoria Wilson
8 months ago

Paul was a brilliant teacher and we really enjoyed our classes with him! Nick (now my husband) wasn't at all keen to do a first dance - he likes to play rugby / sport and was not keen to learn how to dance but Paul was so patient and has given him so much confidence, he's even keen to keep up dancing! Thank you Paul!! I would 100% recommend dance lessons with Paul - you don't need to look any further for the best dance teacher!!!

Victoria Wilson
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Amr Abulaban
1 year ago

We went from "let's just get it over with" to "we're looking forward to our first dance". We have to thank Paul for this transformation; you're a great person and fantastic teacher. We love every little detail about our dance lessons with Paul. Very much recommending Paul!

Amr Abulaban
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Anna Lefebvre
1 year ago

Thank you so much Paul for teaching us our first dance for our wedding. You made me feel like I could actually dance!! We are truly grateful for your professionalism, your talent, and your ability to make us feel confident on the dance floor. The moves were simple yet very elegant and no doubt will wow the crowd! Thank you so much again Anna & Alexis xx

Anna Lefebvre
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by bobby t
1 year ago

I can't recommend Paul highly enough he is a terrific teacher and really listened to what we wanted so we could make our first dance incredibly special.

bobby t
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Thibery DARRIBERE
1 year ago

Thanks to Paul, we now feel very comfortable with Waltz for our 1st dance. Even though we are totally beginners the result is stunning in 3 lessons, it is simple but will impress. Most of all, we really enjoyed the lessons and highly recommend Paul who did make it happen.

Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Valentina Recla
1 year ago

We had a fantastic experience with Paul. He is an excellent teacher, professional and friendly and obviously passionate about his work. His help was invaluable in giving us the skills and the confidence to go into our first dance. He tailored the teaching to our level so we could handle the steps, but managed to make the whole thing look fantastic even if the steps were simple. He is also very forthcoming and flexible with schedule, which helps a lot if your schedule is hectic.

Valentina Recla
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Timera Dunne
1 year ago

Paul is an excellent teacher! He makes the steps easy to learn and is very encouraging. He takes the time to listen to the couple and personalizes the class. He is flexible with scheduling which really helped! Highly recommend!

Timera Dunne
Review of Wedding Dance Workshops  by Steve Horn
1 year ago

Just finished our four lessons with Paul and we're getting married in three days! Paul's personal attention and dedication to our special day helped us to learn and love our dance and we could never have done it without him. Can't wait to show off all of our new moves to family and friends. Thanks Paul!!!

Steve Horn
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Wedding Dance Workshops Location

97 Earls Ct Rd, Kensington, London W8 6QH, UK

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Wedding Dance Workshops  Q&A

Wedding Dance Workshops Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

Being able to help couples shine on the big day with their wedding first dance.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Wanted to learn to dance and in the process I decided I could make a difference if I showed other people they can dance.

Why should our clients choose you?

I deliver excellent results, great value in half the requirement time.
Each couple will end up with a unique wedding dance they can treasure forever.

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