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Top UK web design company. Our services range from professional website design to online marketing & web hosting. We keep the prices low while focusing on good customer service and a high quality service overall.

WebCreationUK Reviews

WebCreationUK Reviews

Review of WebCreationUK by David S.
5 04/05/2018

Having read so many reviews for them, I was a bit apprehensive to using their services. Few months later I have a shiny new website, a fantastic logo and a great seo team working on my key terms for Google. Very satisfied so far!

David S.
Review of WebCreationUK by James Cooper
5 02/05/2018

It has taken a bit longer than anticipated but the website Webcreationuk have redesigned is so so so much better than the previous version.

James Cooper
Review of WebCreationUK by Jamie
1 27/08/2017

Let’s start at the very beginning from when I got an original quote.

I initially put myself in contact with WebcreationUK as I had spoken to the company previously and was happy with how my questions were answered and the reviews I had read up, always a good start.

I spoke to somebody in their sales team who gave me quote which we weighed up against a lot of competitors to see who could offer us the best price and service for our needs, their quote came up on top for price and service, we thought that’s great let go ahead.
Then suddenly, no reply, and Darren sends us an email as the current sales member we had been talking to is now off and our quote has doubled due to the “complexity” now OK, that’s fine, providing we get the job done we didn’t mind spending the extra 2 thousand pounds on top of the original quote, as I appreciate this wasn’t a normal website and I would rather pay a bit more to ensure it is done right.

This is when things started to go downhill…

The communication from the developer has been pretty horrendous since the first email, to start with we got an email requesting a load of info/photos and all the rest of it which was sent…no reply. We waited, no reply… I sent an email to check that my email had been received as it was quite lengthy and I wanted to ensure it had been read and if any doubt I could clarify, a response asking for something else no mention whatsoever of the original email.

Since then communication has still been terrible, the bespoke part of the website has had me a little nervous from the start, now every time I ever asked about this I get told “I need some time”, well, when that was the only question in my email. As I sent a variety of questions to the developer, around 4 or 5 questions and the one’s he didn’t want to answer he deleted and only replied to the ones he wished to.

Originally, I was quoted 7 weeks for the website to be completed, now, that seemed like a very short time frame to get what we are asking for done. However, I thought well, if it goes over slightly it isn’t the end of the world, I’m quite an understanding person. Yet here we are over twice the allotted time since we first started and what do we have… not a lot.

Now, things did start to look good when our bespoke element was actually mentioned, we might see the part we have been waiting for this whole time (wohoo!) oh wait, no. we were sent a website plugin which was to be put on our website at the grand cost of $24, so essentially it was looking like we were going to pay four thousand pounds more than a standard e-commerce website for a $24 plugin, well $120 if support was purchased.

I was later told that this wasn’t the case and they only sent that over to question if the functionally was what I wanted.
I requested 95% of the features plus a few extra, yet the application they built so far only has around 4 functions out of about 50.

Now I appreciate some custom coding would be needed to integrate it, but still seemed a little steep…However, it didn’t meet the main requirement we asked for so back to the drawing board, and told “I need some time” since then I have heard nothing.

However, I have already been told some features can’t be done on the bespoke application despite it being in the original document.

Also, whilst all this was going on, I was sent the content writer information, as I’m quite busy I thought that will save me a few hours. How wrong I was, not only am I another couple hundred quid worse off, it actually took me longer to re-write their content, I believe I sent the “content” which was basically the word “legendary” 50 times with a few spelling mistakes and a section on how we service people. As you can imagine. Still not happy.

But, as you do in business, we picked ourselves up brushed ourselves off re-wrote the content, quite basically as I thought I would re-write it in full when the website is handed over as it’s quite hard to make little changes when I only get a few replies then the developer disappears.

When I question any of this I’m told to refresh the page using Cntrl + F5, now I appreciate browser cache doesn’t always clear correctly, so I navigated over in an incognito window as this stores no cache, still the same. Used a PC that had never accessed the website, still the same.

Now a lot of the above was sent over to WebcreationUK, and they picked up on it and mentioned they’re looking into, enters Tim, a senior project manager from WebcreationUK, who after all this actually called me up and said “I’ve got some good news for you to make your Monday better, we are going to finish your website” Is that some kind of joke? They actually just called me and told me they’re going to do what I paid for… well yes… I didn’t really need that clarifying.

Now, Tim, the senior project manager, to give you an idea of this guy’s attention to detail, he has probably now sent me over 20 emails maybe even close to 50, with my name spelt wrong in every. Single. Email. Just to clarify my name, I suppose it is quite hard to spell, I mean it is 5 whole letters, Its, “Jamie”, Yep, that’s it, apparently that’s quite the name to spell, never knew how clever I was spelling it correct all these years.

Anyway, this guy refuses to believe events that happened, after I complained and this is when it gets really funny, this is the reply I got:

- If the tool cannot be completed as you require, (although this is not looking to be an issue as per the developers recent comments on the matter), then we would be happy to .zip up all site files and database work and send this over to you so it can be worked on elsewhere. In that instance, we would be happy to zero the remaining balance on the contract so there would be no final payment to make.

That’s right, they want to zero the balance on my account, how sweet, I’ve paid just under 3 thousand pounds and they want to give me a zip file in return, I honestly don’t know how the world could function if everyone had that level of generosity.

I replied and stated if this isn’t sorted I will be getting a lawyer involved, to which he called me and asked me “I don’t understand how things have come to this”, Well, Tim, let me give you a nice long list shall I.

No reply from emails.
No communication.
Presenting me with something utterly ridiculous.
And then the big one, 3 grand for a Zip file.

Now after all this, I suggested something incredibly clever, well if they charge a grand for an ecommerce website, and my first deposit of a grand is non-refundable wouldn’t common sense have offered me to finish the website and refund everything after the main deposit and build the website without the bespoke coding, to which they replied, “I suppose could do that” I do not however want to do that, I’ve already wasted 15 weeks dealing with this company I want what I have paid for finished.

I feel I have been nothing but reasonable and patient with the developer but fed up of chasing for updates and getting the same reply “I need some time” or no reply at all, all I want is some feedback an update on progression or if it is actually ever going to get done. Because if it isn’t I would like to save everyone some time and cancel the project, if what I have asked for cannot be done I don’t want to waste any more time chasing for something that isn’t ever going to been delivered.

Now at the time of writing this the website is still not finished, I have been in contact with Trading Standards, Business Support helpline, who kindly passed me on to a solicitor who specialize in this, we are currently in talks with these.

I appreciate the website is still being developed. However, weeks go by without a reply. Fed up of it.

I will. However, endeavour to remove this review if my website is ever finished with what I have asked for.

Review of WebCreationUK by Jamie
5 18/04/2017

it doesn't get better than the guys at Web Creations. so professional yet personal. nothing was to much trouble so patient and creative.
they have a fantastic attitude to ensuring you get the best out of them. Our project manager Tim Rees never failed to surprise us with his floor less work and professionalism.

your in safe hands with Web Creations

Review of WebCreationUK by Nikki
5 08/02/2017

Our SEO results in under a month have been quite simply amazing. Hugely supportive communication, personal interaction and attention. I couldn't recommend WebCreationUK more highly thanks for your help guys!

Review of WebCreationUK by Luco
5 07/02/2017

Very friendly and professional service! You know that you've invested wisely with webcreation.
Would absolutely recommend!
Thanks for your help guys!

Review of WebCreationUK by Isabella
5 21/12/2016

Thanks for your amazing help and continuous effort you put for our SEO to DElight Tantric Massage.Today i spoke with Diana Rusanda and i must admit i have never ever discussed with anyone so very well prepared, both professional and warm heart lady.Absolutely she is better than the best and your team is lucky to have her in it.The trust she inspires me is the main reason to have confidence in the work all of you do for my field of work.Keep up the high level of selecting your team and i believe that Diana Rusanda is setting up a very high standard there.MERRY CHRISTMAS every one!Enjoy it from the heart!

Review of WebCreationUK by Jason Grant
5 21/12/2016

Very satisfied with the SEO results in the first 3 months. Close to page 1 for very difficult terms and the technical team are extremely helpful with all questions I throw at them. Will update in the new year.

Jason Grant
Review of WebCreationUK by Liam McNeal
5 04/11/2016

My web project

Extremely happy with my new website and what I received for my money from WebCreation UK. Maria (my designer) was very patient and helpful with all my requests - highly recommend her and her team!


Liam McNeal
Review of WebCreationUK by Jacob S.
4 03/11/2016

Webcreatiouk built 4 websites for our business. Communication can be improved but overall impressed with what they delivered.

Would definitely recommend them.

Jacob S.


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