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We Love Social Reviews

Review of We Love Social  by Cara McCarten
1 18/10/2017

I fell hard for what was sold to me. A chance to allow my creativity to flourish with like minded people, incentive schemes, bonuses, quarterly appraisals and the opportunity to rise through the ranks with attractive pay rises - what more could a girl want?! I was made to feel special and a very important part of the team. I was often highly praised and used as an example. I quickly became a favourite. I was often told things about other employees both current and former to manipulate me and keep me side. We became friends, I looked after his dogs every time he needed to go away (for free) and was always available to help whenever they needed. One day he called me to one side and said we was moving offices to Exeter - quite a trip from Bude and I don't drive. He offered me the role of Office manager as I was basically doing it anymore and the pay rise would make it worth my while.

Now at this point we had lost all our other creative writers which meant again my workload increase heavily. The pay rise never came. Drained, over worked and fed up, they decided to hire someone else to relieve my work load a little. She lasted a week. Purely because James's wife Danielle was jealous of her. The time had also come and gone for P60's. I had never been given a payslip in the entire time I was there and was now a little concerned. I asked for them for obvious reasons and was put off numerous times - each with a different excuse. Then one day James arrives and without a word he walks pasts me and points to the meeting room. He hit the roof. Began shouting and screaming at me accusing me of planning to leave and had until the first to hand everything over and leave. Then like a switch he said I don't believe you would do this to me. I was just letting you know what I had been told and not to worry... what the hell? Psycho! He tried to win me over with a coffee but there is no coming back from that. I was being played like a fiddle. Well no more. I handed in my notice the following day to which he was extremely nice to me. Going on about the friendship we have. He offered me a position working from home. I took it. Who wouldn't. I was pestered at all times. I still had not recieved my payslips and P60 they kept promising me so I decided to call HMRC. To my horror, they had no record of them and had received no tax payments from them at all. NONE! In 9 months!!! I couldn't believe it. Enough is enough. I handed in my notice, But then things got worse. I was pestered even more. Accused of things I hadn't done and was constantly trying to be caught out on something, anything! Even when my Nan died and I had to attend her funeral I made sure my work for the day was done the day before and they still had to message me. The next day I was met with aggression, accusations and abuse. So I terminated with them right away. . I handed everything over and was ensured I'd be paid as normal. Was I heck!

They Underpaid be by £100 and claimed it was because I took the day off for my Nan's funeral. Even though I don't make that kinda money a day and the work was done. They also refused me holiday pay. 3 months passed of trying to get it and I resorted to posting on social media, warning others and contacting a solicitor. I soon received threatening messages and emails but once they realised I had a solicitor involved they offered me £316 to stop posting on social media and to settle our dispute. He was also to provide my P45, pay slips and P60. Payment was made but no sign of anything else. Of course. He couldn't because he hadnt been paying the tax and had been underpaying me every month.

Moral of the story? They are abusive scam artists who only care for themselves and if it seems too good to be true it is.

They can sell condoms to a nun and still get the poor girl screwed over.


Cara McCarten
Review of We Love Social  by Maria Urrutia
1 16/10/2017

If you ever have the misfortune of being approached by We Love Social (social media marketing in Exeter) whether that be for a job opportunity or if they are trying to sell a package to you... AVOID like the plague! A shambles of a company hiding behind the smoke and mirrors of a 'cool' office and an edgy well presented Instagram. Frankly they are flogging something they just can't deliver, there are no phone lines or computers in the office and they hire junior staff (to be specific, college students!) for senior roles resulting in unsatisfied clients, however you won't find many bad reviews online as they have them deleted and make their staff write good ones. My partner had the misfortune of working for this company for around a month, his wages due on 1st October. So far there have been multiple excuses as to why they haven't paid him (breach of contract, disputing the amount etc) and have also accused him of various criminal offences with no proof and no relevant authorities involved. Feeling fed up with going round in circles and continuing to have his wages illegally withheld, he decided to write an honest review of the company on Google. He then received a text saying if he deleted the review they would pay him. Immediately afterwards he got a phone call accusing him of extortion! Fortunately he has now received his wages (although not the full amount and no payslip) as he agreed to delete the review, essentially they have paid him to delete his bad review and I have no doubt they wouldn't have paid if he hadn't of written online what they are like. I highly recommend avoiding any dealings with this unprofessional, immoral, incompetent and dishonest company.

Maria Urrutia
Review of We Love Social  by Luke Taylor
1 16/10/2017

This is hands down the worst place I've had the displeasure of working.


I was paid 3 days late after leaving, accused of lying, stealing (£30 in Skype credit of all things), libel (which is funny, because libel actually has to be untrue), extortion - for demanding my own wages (yes, extortion) breach of many parts of a contract, slander, harassment and a whole host of other erroneous and ill thought out misdemeanours in a desperate attempt to claw money back from me.

I finally got paid after posting a very truthful review regarding this business. They text me immediately after I posted it stating "if you remove that review we'll pay you". I have included the text for you to see.

Team this with no phone lines, junior apprentice staff running client campaigns without the clients knowledge with no support or training, abrasive and sometimes even threatening management and a blatant disregard for UK employment and tax law, this has to be the worst social media agency to ever be born, or at least the worst to blight our fine city of Exeter.

The only positive reviews are written by staff, that are forced to make false accounts and post 5-star posts and they either bully, or pay people to delete their comments - you'll notice their Facebook has comments disabled, this is after a stream of negative reviews. This company will be a danger to your business or career.


Luke Taylor

We Love Social

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