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Ruth C.

21 July 2019

A bit ago we went on a search for gluten-free bakery items. From place to place. Looked high and low. Back then we were so disappointed. So you can imagine our delight when we found this place. We tried their GF sourdough bread. Delicious! We just picked up a seed bread loaf and I can't wait to try it out. They also have really nice strawberry preserves and this time picked up a triple berry preserves. They have cakes, pies, cookies, brownies, cupcakes, mini-cakes, tiffany bars, ... even gluten free pasta bags to take home to cook. This is one of the great finds for us that brings us lots of smiles :). More...


Tamara M.

16 June 2019

I heard about this place from yelp suggestions. I had the summer quiche which was delicious. It has a dense consistency. I also had a chocolate chip donut which was amazing! The service is friendly too. They also accommodate those with dairy allergies. We'll be back! More...


Jen S.

15 June 2019

They have keto friendly options as well. The cheese cake is pretty good. The fat bombs are delicious!


Steph P.

14 June 2019

Not good at all. Tried the bread and a pastry.  Tasted old. I took one bite and could not eat it.  Plenty of great gluten free bakeries around town. I will go elsewhere.


Diane P.

4 June 2019

Excellent tasty treats at this bakery. Alyson has outdone herself! Gluten-free has never tasted so good!!!


Meghan M.

29 May 2019

I come here pretty much every week. The gluten-free treats are all delicious, and even my husband who's not gluten intolerant enjoys their cakes. My favorites are the maple pecan scones and various donuts. Good dairy free options, too. The owner is very sweet, too. Love this place! More...


Valarie M.

12 May 2019

Sorry to say but NOT one of the best GF bakeries. I've been to a few locally and the items I bought today were very grainy. I've had much better. Won't be going back. More...


Drew H.

27 April 2019

Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. Not only one of the best gluten-free bakeries I've been to, but one of the BEST bakeries I've been to. Period. The Mexican chocolate donuts are my favorite, along with breakfast burritos that will shame other places. More...


Mary D.

25 April 2019

Love this Bakery. The owner makes the best gluten-free bread that I have found here. My husband who has a super sweet tooth loves her iced sugar cookies and chocolate cupcakes.  Truthfully we love all of her yummy treats! More...


Liz F.

7 April 2019

My husband and I both stay away from gluten and dairy. This place has been such a nice find for quick, affordable breakfast options. Our two year old loves their pumpkin or banana bread. We also purchased a coffee cake for our Christmas morning and the other family members had no idea it was gluten free. Definitely worth a trip if you are looking for delicious gluten free baked goods! More...


Maria P.

6 April 2019

Excited to find grain free stevia sweetened options for keto/paleo lifestyle!  Thank you!!


Amanda F.

22 February 2019

It was my sister's birthday, and being that we're a state apart, and she's a sugar junky, cupcakes seemed to be the answer. Here's the catch, my sister is gluten intolerant. I found this place on Yelp, called, and talked to Ashley. She sold me 3 cupcakes and even wrote happy birthday on them. My sister said they were divine. My brother in law is hooked and I look forward to giving them a try.  The customer service, fun attitude and amazing (according to the pickiest water in the world) cupcakes, two big thumbs up! More...


Shaun W.

20 February 2019

My wife is gluten free and essentially did without tasty baked goods for years because the taste and texture in the items she could find in stores were offputting.  This is no longer a problem as Wave the Grain does a remarkable job at creating delicious offerings that happen to be gluten, and often egg and dairy, free.  This place is a godsend. More...


Erin B.

18 February 2019

This place is lovely! Probably some of the best gluten free treats I've ever tried. As a family with many dietary needs, not only is everything gluten free, she has labels for all the other big allergies. We ordered a cake for my son's birthday, and everyone was able to enjoy it! Even those who are gluten friendly thought it was delicious, and we are so grateful to now have a go to place when we need a treat. More...


Samantha Z.

9 February 2019

Should have saved myself a trip and just picked up a box of gluten free blueberry muffins at the grocery store. I got 1 blueberry muffin, one non-dairy cinnamon roll, and a cinnamon strudel muffin. Total was $10 and all were dry and super dense. I'm new to the gluten-free game but all the stuff I've made at home has tasted a whole lot better. Wish I could say I loved it. More...


Chris G.

6 February 2019

My first time. For a small set up, awesome selection. One of the better breakfast burritos I had had in a while (get the hot sauce). AND they support other local producers. Killing it!! Keep it going:). Thank u! More...


Bill W.

14 January 2019

I had some pumpkin bread that was very good and not overly sweet. I paid 4.95 for a cinnamon roll that was inedible. The muffins rate 3.5 stars.While I appreciate that nothing here is made with gluten, like most gluten free offerings, there is way too much sugar. It's as if, because it's gluten free it needs a lot of sugar. The owner and her son are really lovely, but for what I spent, it wasn't worth the price. This was my first (and probably only) visit, as I eat a low carb diet. So I bake breads, muffins and desserts at home with low carb nut flours, and use sugar alcohols, monk fruit and stevia for sweeteners. Since I have celiac disease and am also hypoglycemic, sugar is a big issue for me, not for others. More...


Sam W.

31 December 2018

This place has amazing food! Definitely one of my favorites so far. My son was diagnosed with celiac disease recently and this has been our go to for baked treats. So glad that we found this place. The staff is always so friendly as well. More...


Adrienne A.

18 December 2018

First visit experience:The Banana Chocolate Pumpkin Bread was delicious 5***** Chocolate Pumpkin Bread 5*****Vanilla Buttercream Chocolate Cupcake was very, very dry/not fresh  2**


Kristy H.

2 November 2018

Wow! Stopped by after a fellow GF friend told be about this place. I was greeted by the owner who was friendly and helpful. I was really surprised by the variety of options. It has been years since I felt like I could walk into a bakery and probably love anything in the case. This is that place. My family devoured everything I brought home: cinnamon muffin, doughnut, and dinner rolls. We will be back and I can't wait to try other things! More...


Kevin M.

22 October 2018

One great bakery.  The triple chocolate cake is a huge winner.  Beautiful and tasty cupcakes.And the owner, Allison, is a sweetheart.  You want to go there.  They know their stuff. More...


Ed E.

3 October 2018

I have no dietary need for gluten free, but I like to try new things, and heard this place was great. So I had their pumpkin bread and it was really great. If you have to have this diet or just like new things give it a shot you will be surprised. More...


Patricia T.

9 September 2018

Best gluten free bakery!! I tried the white rolls, best i have had gluten free!! Cookies were amazing too!!


Joanne H.

5 September 2018

Gluten Free and delicious!! I found this place while staying in Englewood and was not disappointed.  The bacon burrito was fresh and you could not tell the tortilla was gluten free.  I also tried the heath bar vanilla cupcake that was spongy with a great amount of buttercream.  The cinnamon roll was soft and not dense with a nice layer of cream cheese frosting. More...


Melody W C.

31 August 2018

Love this place! Great little bakery! 100% gluten free. Such fun and yummy treats! I was so excited to have a cinnamon roll. Definitely worth a visit!


J S.

22 August 2018

Hooray!!!!   A dedicated gluten free bakery that is affordable AND (most importantly) delicious!!  Many, many vegan items as well.  Wonderful customer service, full coffee bar options and savory items to choose from (vegan chix ramen noodles!!)They open early enough to pop in before the workday and get a proper coffee and a breakfast burrito.   Located perpendicular on the west side of  the King Soopers shopping plaza. More...


Jese S.

8 August 2018

There's a new Gluten Free bakery in town and WOW are they amazing!Cookies, macaroons, cupcakes pies and even cakes to order!  Your gluten free dreams have all come true in one location!  They were sold out of cinnamon rolls by the time I got there and I heard rumor they will be doing breakfast burritos soon.  Nestled in a shopping center at County Line & Holly it offers sweet treats for those who either can't or don't want to eat gluten.  A few tables to sit and enjoy your selections.  It will be fun to see this place really come to life.  Right now the selections are selling out quickly while they ramp up.  I also have it on good authority they will soon also offer Keto friendly options. More...