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We create highly passionate videos for community-based, creative-minded businesses and individuals. Our mission is to amplify the brave, creative voices of business, art, and social justice through film and video.


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I love a lot of parts of this job. I'll keep it short that I love speaking with people who are experts and know so much about their area. It is a chance to learn something but also a moment where I get a reminder that there is so much to learn from people.

I have been making films in some form or someplace for 15 years. Ever since I took a class in high school and started editing a video that we made as a group project. I can vividly remember saying to my 16yr old self, "this is what I want to for the rest of my life"

Powerful storytelling and confidence in how to deliver results. I don't know everything but I know alot of about creating connections through video.