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Wasp Nest Removal Leeds are a very experienced and highly regarded insect control company based in the heart of Leeds. Wasptec also supply Bradford and Wakefield with a low cost yet extremely effective guaranteed service seven days a week.


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Joanne Stokes

4 October 2018

Super quick, very helpful and friendly service. Highly recommend!!!



16 July 2018

I rang up wasp tec on a Sunday afternoon once I noted a nest under my decking. They came that day and sorted the problemfor us. Because of the decking it was a difficult job but we were advised that if the wasps were not gone by the Tuesday that they would return and try another method.Cannot fault the service, quick, friendly and affordable. More...



2 May 2018

Excellent Fast Knowledgeable Service , sorted my problem straight away , would use them again if i got another problem.



23 January 2018

Really pleasant service, knew exactly what they were doing and removed three nests for me very effectively.
I would recommend to anyone



24 August 2017

Great service, very friendly and professional, along with reasonable prices. Would recommend this company to anyone.



19 July 2017

Brilliant service, proffessional & friendly. Removed a wasp nest from my propertywould definately recommend this company. Thank you.



2 May 2017

Perfect service, polite, punctual and above all killed off two nests for me



16 September 2015

I have 2 homes, one in leeds and one in manchester, both pest control companies in each city did wonderful job, Pestek pest control and south manchester pest control http://www.southmanchesterpestcontrol.co.uk cheers More...



4 November 2013

Had a visit from Pestek today, they were the only company we could find who offered a full aftercare solution. The other companies just wanted to throw some poison down and leave. I would not hesitate to recomment Pestek to anyone who has a pest problem More...



2 November 2013

Pestek resolved a problem that had been on going for over a year, we had tried several other companies who were unable to get rid of the bugs. Dave from Pestek sorted the problem in 2 visits. Great service! More...


Wasp nest removal may not be everyones idea of the perfect job but someone has to do it. Bee, hornet and wasp colonies may contain many thousand individual insects capable of attacking in vast quantities. Protection and training is the key part to a proffession like this and protecting the public from attacks is all part of the service.

Being a keen wildlife enthusiast may seem strange for the occupation and yet as a company we are able to save many bee species that may otherwise be destroyed by less experienced pest control companies. Wasp control is essential to help maintain the level of activity but bees are a welcome visitor to our homes and gardens and should always be left alone wherever possible.

Identification and bee advice can be found on our website for wasp nest removal.

Wasp Nest Removal Costs appeared to be extremely high, some of the larger companies charge hundreds of pounds for a treatment. Wasptec wanted to offer a specialised type of pest control and not cover such a wide range of pests. Stinging insects became the choice and so we underwent extensive learning in regards to wasps, bees and hornets, their habitats and behavioural patterns.

By offering a more specific pest control option has allowed Wasptec to be true specialists in the field and the number 1 choice for domestic and commercial sectors to turn to. The service we offer comes with the advice we can give. Sharing our experience gives the most satisfaction along with helping reduce the wasp nest removal cost.

Wasp Nest Removal Leeds are the most experienced company in the UK who deal with just wasps, bees and hornets. Wasptec first started in London and have since become Leeds first port of call for expert advice and quick, safe and humane resolves.

Wasptec are an efficiently run company, we can provide proof of insurance, all personnel have been CRB checked, we are approved by many councils, have thousands of reviews and satisfied client and can offer invoicing after treatments are made for the commercial market.

Hundreds of local schools, estate agents, golf clubs, hospitality sector, care homes and garden centres have been using our service for many years.
The service we offer is 98% successful on just one visit and if for any reason activity persists then we will return free of charge and appy a further treatment at a time convenient to you.

These are the reasons I believe it is worth looking no further than Wasp Nest Removal Leeds.



Safe humane and effective wasp control throughout Leeds, Bradford and Wakefield seven days a week Domestic and Commercial service - 100% Guaranteed

Free expert advice can be given for all species of bee. Bee swarms can be coleected and placed into hives rather than destroying them. Bumblebees can be controlled in a safe and humane manner. Call today for advice on all varities of bee.

Hornet colonies are dangerous and contain over 1,000 insects within the nest. Do not attempt to disturb a hornets nest unless you are qualified or enjoy pain. Wasptec are trained to the highest standards and can safely remove Asian and European colonies in a safe and effective way.

Wasptec are insect control specialists and resolve all bee, hornet and wasp related issues in a safe, humane and very effective manner. A clear price guide can be found on our website in relation to all insect control carried out.

Wasp Nest Removal Leeds also specialise in bumblebees. Their are many species and some do need controlling especially the Asian Tree Bumblebee which has become widespread in a very short space of time. Wasptec can identify the species in qustion and give advice on the best course of action to take

Wasptec have resident beekeepers who can often re-home a swarm into local hives. If a swarm can't be relocated then safe and humane measures can be given. Wasp nest removal Leeds will never kill a swarm of bees unless absolutely necessary for health and safety reasons.

Wasps do need to be controlled to help avoid epidemic numbers. Nests can contain 50,000 or more multiple stinging insects which means controls need to be put into place. All of our procedures are safe, humane and effective.