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Craig Sheanshang

1 November 2018

We have loved the service that Wasatch Payroll provides. Very honest and easy going payroll. Completely took payroll off of my shoulders and did a fantastic job. A+


ACES Operations

4 July 2018

We love the service and support we get from Wasatch Payroll! We have used other payroll services and Wasatch is second to none. They are knowledgeable, available, quick, efficient and accurate. Thank you for taking care of ACES Companies!! More...


Tony Dohn Capela

4 July 2018

Excellent full service payroll company with flexible options, responsive and knowledgeable staff that go beyond the call of duty, excellent features, and competitive pricing. Highly recommend.


Caleb Cardon

4 July 2018

Our employees always get paid on time and they are always available if I have a question. They never nickel and dime me on fees if I need to cut an additional check or need to take care of an employee.


Rod and Lisa Hakes

4 July 2018

We use Wasatch Payroll and have loved their services! They are honest and quick to respond when I have a question. I highly recommend them!


Netanya Taylor

4 July 2018

Easy to work with, quick responses, nothing but good things to say!


Bart Hendrickson

4 July 2018

Our move from Eide Bailly to WASATCH PAYROLL has proven to be very beneficial for Freedom Mailing Service. The staff has been very helpful, professional and patient with our payroll process. I would highly recommend them for their services. They are quick, meticulous and friendly.Bart HendricksonPresident & CEO More...