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Walk N Roll Doggie

San Diego, California, San Diego



Walk & Roll Doggie offeres the highest level of care for both dogs and cats. Weekday walks and visits for the pups as well as a family style boarding. Excellent care for our feline friends too. Safety is number one for us and we pride ourselves on consistency, flexibility and loving care for all pets and people.

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Rachelle M.

25 October 2017

Amazing! Love Roxy, Yvonne and the walk n roll doggie team. Been using the service 5 days a week for almost 8 years! They love our dogs, always on time for pick up and drop off. Love them!!


Donna M.

2 September 2016

Roxy and her crew are the best!  They are knowledgeable, reliable, and very caring.  They visit our condo daily to take care of our two cats when we travel, and we know our kitties get the best attention, brushing, and play time.  While we are away, they send us daily photos of our cats -- playing, rolling on their backs, drinking from the bathroom tap, etc.  We have been extremely happy with the services of Walk N Roll Doggie for the five years that we have lived in San Diego. More...


Barb H.

8 August 2013

I couldn't ask for better ladies!   Whether day walks or overnights, they treat my Sadie like she is family!  I never have to worry that she is being loved and well cared for!  Two paws up for Walk n Roll!


Sarah N.

14 May 2013

We needed someone to take care of our Kitty baby while we were out of town last week.  Walk N Roll came very highly recommended by a friend of ours who has relied on them for a while for dogwalking.  So we arranged for a meeting and went through all of the basics, and off we went.  The intake forms were very comprehensive, which helped ease my mind (I was thinking, how can I entrust my baby to anyone?! Will anyone take as good care of her as I need?!)We got a picture and note for every visit, and it was SO reassuring to see that my baby was doing ok.  I actually slept well knowing that she was in good hands.  I never relax when I'm out of town, because I worry about her so much, so this was huge.  Kitty was recovering from an illness, too, so this time I was extra worried, and they were great about keeping me informed of her eating, etc.I would absolutely recommend them for anyone who needs loving care for their pet while out of town, or just for extra visits during a long work day.  Five stars!  Six if I could give them. More...


Karen F.

14 April 2013

There aren't enough stars on this page to explain how amazing Roxy and Leslie are. My fiance, myself, and our furry kids, Cody and Emma, moved downtown in August of last year. We used to live a mile away from our offices in Carmel Valley and were able to go home on our lunch breaks to bring Cody and Emma to the park. When we moved downtown I knew we needed to find a dog walker and am so glad we found Walk N Roll Doggie. We couldn't be happier.Cody is a 12lb ball of fluff that thinks he is human so I knew Roxy and Leslie would have no problem with him. Emma is a different story. We adopted her when she was about four to five months old. We don't have alot of information on her history other than she was abused. She wanted nothing to do with us when we first got her and would cringe if we touched her. It took her a good few months before she would come anywhere near us. Though she has gotten a lot better she still has trust issues with humans. I explained all of this to Roxy in an email beforehand, nervous that it wouldn't work out, and unsure of what we would do if it didn't. Roxy assured me that they have dealt with shy dogs before and that she would come over to talk to us and meet the dogs beforehand free of charge. The minute Roxy walked in the door on the day of the "interview" I immediately felt at ease. I could tell in a moments notice that she did have tons of experience with shy dogs. She let Emma smell her without eye contact or approaching her in a way that would make her nervous. When Emma let out a growl Roxy immediately knew that it was because she was a little nervous. And she told me, BEFORE I COULD TELL HER, that she knew Emma would run away before ever being aggressive or harm anyone. That's 100% true but the fact that she told me before I told her was amazing. Just amazing. She brought Emma for a walk while we were there to see how it would work out and it went great. When she was putting the leash on Emma she said "she is going to sit in a minute" and Emma sat right then like magic! She brought her out on a walk while my fiance and I snuck peeks out the window. I'm pretty sure Emma walked better with Roxy than she does with us.I highly recommend Walk N Roll Doggie to anyone and everyone. They send you a picture while they are walking your dog and it's so great to see how happy they look. There have also been numerous times I have had to call at the last minute to schedule a walk and it has never been a problem. They are life savers. To know my dogs are taken care of when we have to work late relieves so much stress. Call them! You won't be disappointed! More...


Brittini B.

19 January 2013

Roxy, Leslie and Tymisha are awesome.  It is just the three of them; nice to know that our girl will see a familiar face each walk day.  We have been with them for the past few months, we needed help asap they were able to start right away.  A major bonus is for each walk a picture is snapped and texted to me.  This is so great because I get a cute picture of my pup while I work and it gives me a time stamp of when she was out so I don't have to worry/ wonder.   My schedule changes quite a bit and Roxy is always so flexible.  They have my credit card on file and just charge for the number of walk days that week so it's really nice not to have to worry about remembering to leave a check, ect.  I have been so pleased with Walk N Roll, I would definitely recommend them to any pet owner! More...


Lisa M.

14 April 2012

Walk n Roll Doggie has the best service! My husband found the company on the day we moved to Little Italy. I called the next day and Roxy came to our place to meet with our Cavalier, Wesley. We started having them walk Wesley 2 x per week and we quickly moved to 3 x after we saw how much fun Wesley was having. All of the walkers send text pictures and updates to you while they are on the walk. These updates have made me feel that Wesley is always well taken care of. I would not trust my dog with anyone else. More...


Nicole S.

5 April 2012

My best friend, Foxy Cleopatra and I were desperate....newly back to town, and working 15+ hour days, I needed someone to keep Cleo company!  From the in house meeting, I knew that Kristine and Roxy would take care of my baby!  Cleo loves her days with them, and glares at me a little less when I come home :-)  And I really do love the extra touch of the photo during their visit....makes me feel that much more comfortable!  I would absolutely recommend them! More...


Danni P.

4 April 2012

Ohhh my little Walk stars! These people are Freaking amaing! The only down side is i think my dog now likes them more than he likes me ;) Roxy, Christine, and Kelly are the BOMB.COM!!!! Always flexible with last minute walks. Pictures so i know he's doing while walking. Not to mention they feed and give him belly rubs! You girls rock! More...


Amanda G.

6 October 2011

When I adopted my Chuy I didnt fully think through what I planned to do with him while I was at work. I found Walk and Roll Doggie who was speedy in their response and very willing to help me get Chuy situated and comfortable. They have been taking excellent care of him for the last 6 months. He always comes home happy and usually exhausted from all the playing he did at daycare, on his field trips, or from his walks. They are so happy to help give him his dinner if I am working late and even clean up when he is being naughty. They are always friendly and happy to help me in whatever it is I need. They pick Chuy up and drop him off too!  This is a service that Chuy and I couldnt live without! Thanks WnR for making my lil baby a Walk Star. I wouldnt trust anyone else with him! More...


Amanda A.

1 July 2011

WalknRoll Doggie played a key role in our ability to keep our sanity and keep our rambunctious puppy, Mattie; literally.  They ROCK!   Mattie absolutely adores the play-time with other dogs and comes home completely tired and completely happy.  Making for 2 completely happy owners :-)  The array of dogs - all ages, sizes and shapes - makes for a wonderful day-play setting.  Thank you WalknRoll Doggie for such offering such a wonderful service - thank you, thank you!! More...


Jill J.

8 January 2010

If there were 6 stars, I would give Roxy and Kristyne a 6-star rating! We had a crazy month in December and were gone more than we had liked. Usually we feel horrible leaving our crazy Shiba Inu, Kirin, at home while we are away but not after finding Roxy and Kristyne and Walk N Roll Doggie. Now our vacations are like vacations to him! He absolutely adores them and has so much fun when they watch him. We can tell that he actually looks forward to us leaving so he can play with them. Not only are Kristyne and Roxy great with him (he can be difficult), but they are fantastic about keeping us posted on how Kirin is doing while we are gone. From the text messages to photo messages, we are aware of what he is up to at all times. It is really comforting to know that your pet is in good hands while you are far away. With all that said, I HIGHLY recommend Walk N Roll Doggie to anyone who needs a responsible and loving team to watch their dog while they are gone. You guys are awesome!!! We are all (Kirin included) excited for the next time we can use your services! More...

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I love walking in to a house to be greeted by a dog or a cat that’s just happy to see me. They see me as an open door to fun and treats and I think that’s pretty great. I also never have the same day. Lots of variety.

I love animals and wanted to create a job that would allow me to spend more time with family. I have a 13 year old daughter that has walked dogs with me since the beginning and I believe it’s been a great thing for her to be raised around all the animals year after year.

I’ve been in business going on 10 years. I’m a native San Diegan and I’m very careful and reliable. I know how much trust is necessary for this type of work and I never take that for granted. I have a high work ethic that I’ve passed on to my workers and we sincerly love the animals we’ve been trusted to care for.


Family style, no kennels and small volume. The ideal place for older and smaller dogs although all are screened for temperament. A home away from home.

We service Little Italy, Downtown, East Village and Hillcrest areas. We will come at a time convenient for you and get your pup out for a walk in your ones neighborhood. A text with a pic will be sent from each walk to brighten up the middle of your workday.

Kitty visits are once a day to feed, clean up litter boxes and spend time petting or brushing, making sure he or she feels safe and comfortable.