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I am also an experienced Web Designer and Developer with extensive knowledge of HTML5, CSS3 and Adobe Dreamweaver as well as experience with Adobe Illustrator, Edge Animate, Fireworks, InDesign and Photoshop. This training gives me the insights, knowledge and expertise needed to analyze your company's website, fix any issues and lead you to the top of Google's rankings for all searches;



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There are two goals that any business with a website wants, and needs, to achieve to be successful:

Goal Number 1 – when a potential customer voice searches for a business, such as “laser eye surgeon near me” you want your website to appear in the box, or “big three”, above all the other search results.

Goal Number 2 – when a potential customer asks a question, you want your website to appear in a Featured Snippet. A featured snippet is an answer to a user’s question that appears above the “big three” and the rest of the search results. This is called “Position Zero” and position zero is where every business wants to be.

What are their exact needs, wishes and desires and their initial starting budget and monthly budget going forward.

Getting businesses to page one in search results, getting them more followers on social media and working from home.

The explosion that is coming in Voice Search Optimization.

We have experts well-versed in every aspect of web-based services going back more than 15 years and dating to the start of Search Engine Optimization. From design to optimization to expanding your social media reach to the latest optimization need, Voice Search Optimization, we've got you covered and we'll get you seen.