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This has been an evolution over 30 year. I have been working for several realtors in NY handling distressed properties providing photo documentation. I have over 35 years in the business world in Engineering and spent last 30 years learning the craft of Photography.


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9 August 2018

Great person with a love for photography.

9 August 2018

Kevin is great to work with, does very high quality work!

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Well..in a word that is what it takes. So many great images are not happened upon or manually created. Often and especially where nature is involved patience is probably the best secret to great images.

What are your goals you wish to achieve, when do you want this completed.

Each project is unique offering different challenges.

I like what I do and I need more gear.
Just the simple truth. Not one to fill people with smoke and mirror stories.

Experience and simple approach to achieve your goals. I prefer simple and easy as do most of my clients.