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VITALITY PATH is a lifestyle coaching practice which uses optimized nutrition and mindfulness based practices to help individuals rediscover their vitality and passion in life.

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Carrie B.

23 August 2018

I adore Amanda, her perspective and approach, and the passion she brings to everything she works with. I just did a 21-day detox with her and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and everything Amanda brought to it. I felt supported throughout and emboldened to make next-level choices in all areas of my health. I also deeply appreciate Amanda's yoga teaching, and take her classes whenever I can. Being an advanced student of yoga, it takes a lot for me to be wowed, and Amanda is one of those gems who wows me every time. I recommend working with her in whatever capacity you can, she is an amazing motivator. More...


Robert Biccum

30 July 2018

Personally, I have yet to experience any of Amanda's healing talents, as she is rarely ever around where her 'Ol' Dad' lives! :-o ;-) But I understand WHO she is, a part pf ME, and I know me fairly well. I know what she is capable of, from reading the various glowing reviews of her other clients. Something tells me 'your in good hands' with Amanda. :-) More...


Nicola Licciardello

23 July 2018

Good blog on yoga therapies.
I know personally Amanda, her warmth and helpfulness.


Tina Cheatum Neal

23 July 2018

The 21 Day Detox is fabulous! If you want to reset your diet, Amanda gives you one on one attention. She is a wealth of knowledge on nutrition and health. Thank you so much for the experience. More...


Yasmin Santos

23 July 2018

A couple weeks ago I did a personal yoga session with Amanda in Nicaragua. Taking a one-on-one class with Amanda is the best thing I could have done for my practice. I've been practicing on and off for 6 years in the states – multiple studios, various styles, countless instructors...none compare. My form has been wrong all along and no one was corrected me in a way that engages the mind and retains muscle memory like Amanda. Now, everytime I practice whether in a class or on my own I will be practicing with Amanda's instruction in mind. I'm so impressed that I don't even know what else to say except: THANK YOU AMANDA BICCUM More...


Kim Worthington

23 July 2018

The massage I received from Amanda can truly be described as a divine offering. Amanda is thoughtful and intentional about all elements of the massage, allowing me to melt into the experience. Because she honors the mind-body-spirit connection within herself, she was able to intuit all the ways in which I needed touch and helped me to connect to an untapped source.

I am so grateful to have received Chi Nei Tsang massage from Amanda. This was a novel experience for me and Amanda helped me feel so comfortable. Because she took the time to understand me - my body, my history, my struggles, she moved into the massage with such a reverence. I was both surprised and intrigued by the intensity of the abdominal massage - certainly with regards to physical sensations, and even more so emotionally. The breathwork Amanda facilitated allowed me to remain present and engaged. Perhaps, most importantly, she encouraged me to take my experience and build on it to make some positive changes in my life.

The massage is truly a divine offering - Amanda, though, is just the best gift of a person!


Ross Strambu

23 July 2018

Amanda is a wonderful person. She connects with the mind, body, and soul during her massage.The experience is truly amazing. The way that she focuses on energy points allowed my body to feel the full effect of her touch. I had a significant amount of stress in my body and really felt calm and relaxed for several days after the massage. She is insightful and caring to say the least. I wish I would have spent more time learning from her. I highly recommend anyone to experience a massage from Amanda. It is a gift. More...


Soizic Loup

23 July 2018

Meeting Amanda was a blessing - she is the kindest, most grounded & committed healer! She was really proactive in entering a holistic healing process with me, working with me rather than taking charge. Her massages were an amazing opportunity to get in touch with stuck emotions in my body & to tap into hidden potential. Amanda is amazing at holding space for deep transformational processes, no matter how dark or hard. I can't recommend her enough; anyone who has the privilege to cross path with her is truly lucky! More...


Emily Joy

23 July 2018

Yesterday I received a Chi Nei Tsang Massage from Amanda. To be honest, it was the most intense and powerful massages I have ever received. Even just walking into Amanda's space before the massage began, I could feel a surge of energy rush through my body. Her intentionality and deep passion for healing are undeniable. The amount of release I felt from this healing session was one of the most profound experiences I have had. So many emotions surfaced and Amanda guided me in such a nurturing way through every step of the journey. I could feel that she was present in every moment and in every breath. I am so grateful for this experience and I highly recommend it.
Thank you Amanda


Thao K T O'Connor

23 July 2018

I have recently moved abroad and became a nomad. My first month has just passed and it has been so challenging. I have felt every mood under the sun. Excitement, happiness and wonder in the beginning. Confusion, hopelessness, sadness and despair came quickly after. I felt like a needed a therapist! I felt like I needed yoga! After meeting you I knew you were a person I was meant to meet. I knew you inspired me in so many ways and I was so excited to continue to get to know you. You recently just left Nicaragua and I realized that I really didn’t know much about you at all. I started to read your blogs and watch your video content and it really spoke to me. I have learned so much about intentions and mindfulness and am excited to practice it and learn more. I am aware that my first step on this journey abroad if to find myself. My true, raw and beautiful self. I feel like you are my therapist! And I’ve never wanted to do yoga more than I do right now. You are really helping me through this challenging time in my life with your content. I would LOVE to attend one of your retreats one day. One day our paths will cross again. But until then I’ll continue to take in your content. I am so happy that you are genuinely doing what you love and I love that doing that helps so many others. Thankyou Amanda for giving me hope. You are a light in my life. xxO More...


Chow Cee

23 July 2018

It wasn't that long ago that doctor's electrocuted patients in the name of healing, or drilled holes in people's heads to alleviate the symptom's of headaches...so I ask myself after having been through this remarkable experience why our relationship with food is still in the dark age? This 21 day program has healed me through 1. Education 2. Experimentation. 3. Self realization , and I couldn't explain to you what a rose smelled like if you've never smelled one before , all I can say is my body was running like a car that never had an oil change...This SERVICE was long overdue and I plan on running strong till 100k. Amanda has been a great guide. Her power is her ability to stay aligned with the source energies while patiently pointing her students in the right direction with loving care. What you will get here is genuine . More...


Food is literally they very thing that fuels us, without proper nutrition we are unable to feel awake, alive and vital. When you begin to understand the foods that serve YOUR body best, you are able to have increased energy, balanced hormones, ideal weight management and so much more.

Seeing people transform. The transformation my clients go through is absolutely life changing. I love watching my clients begin to understand their fullest potential.

I wanted to be flexible and available for my clients and model a life that is possible for everyone. Starting my own business was the only true way to BE the change that I know is possible in this world; a world where everyone has the ability to live the lives they love and desire.

I am committed to seeing my clients through total transformation. I care about my clients and their wellbeing, I will give them everything they need to succeed. As long as they are committed to doing the work, we will see the results.