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I’m a Nutrition and Health Coach and love my work! I specialise in working with people who are juggling life, pushing themselves hard, and have found themselves feeling exhausted, low, stressed and potentially overweight. They want to feel vibrant, healthy and enjoy life to the full, but are overwhelmed by the conflicting messages out there and don’t have the time to wade through it all.


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Joanne Lacey

I approached Deb for some advice for helping my baby boy's eczema. I was at breaking point, it was so upsetting to see his condition get progressively worse despite trying numerous creams and ointments. Trawling the internet left me with more questions than answers. Deb formulated a personal plan for Jack, taking time to fully explain the reasons behind her recommendations and the likely causes for his condition. I began to see improvements in Jack's condition almost immediately and I'm so happy to be able to say now that his eczema 99.99% gone. I can't thank Deb enough for everything she's done for us, I just wish I'd spoke to her sooner it would have saved me months of anguish. Thank you so much Deb xx More...


Becky Ellison

I studied with Deborah at the College of Naturopathic Medicine and she is very knowledgable in this subject. She has a wonderful way with clients, and is a lovely caring person. Anyone would be lucky to work with her on their health, she is incredibly supportive. More...


Genette Hobday

I am a 47 year old yoyo dieter who approached Deborah to help me lose weight. I thought I knew lots about healthy eating and nutrition and have always just assumed that my “failure” to stay at a lower weight was to do with sugar and “breaking” my diet. I decided to take this personal approach as my poor eating habits had extended to my husband and I was getting more concerned about ongoing niggly health concerns for both of us, skin rashes, constipation, bloating, hormone troubles etc. I have now been following Debbs advice for 8 months, and feel better than I can ever remember feeling. Her complete and in depth analysis alongside of her encouraging, kind nature has made the whole process a pleasure, yes I really mean that. It was only recently that I realised that losing weight is no longer important. My whole approach has shifted to eating better and feeling better and understanding just how much a poor diet can affect me and my lifestyle. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. More...


Sue McGill

I had a few little health issues which Debs agreed to help me with. The consultations were very thorough and Debs knowledge of nutrition gave me confidence in her abilities as a practitioner. I like many others felt I was fairly well informed about diet and nutrition but with so much conflicting advice in the media it is easy to get confused. With first class nutritional advice from Debs I have been able to make informed choices about my diet and lifestyle and the results have been very beneficial. I feel I am now empowered with the knowledge of how a balanced, nutritionally sound diet can help to achieve an optimum level of good health and a feeling of well-being. I can highly recommend Debs because of her professionalism, enthusiasm and her dedication and desire to help others achieve good health. More...


Susan Franks

I was recommended to use Deborah after having a total abdominal hysterectomy, catapulted into early menopause at the age of 47 I found managing my hormones and the way I was feeling very difficult. I am not a natural pill popper, and found the idea of taking HRT for the next 5 years very tough. I approached Deborah to see if there was any diet, healthy eating solutions that could help me through the transition. It took me a couple of months to take this personal approach and I am so glad I did. Not only did Deborah provide me with ongoing support, but the detail that she went into in understanding my personal requirements and providing personal food plans to suit my needs was first class. Not only have I started to feel normal again, I also feel healthier. Thanks Debs, would recommend your services to anyone! More...

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I think Hippocrates said it all with "Let Food by thy Medicine; and Medicine be thy Food"!

We all know that a healthy diet is key to our overall health and sense of wellbeing - that's not really in dispute these days. Although what many people are confused with is what actually constitutes a healthy diet - there's so much information out there and much of it is conflicting. Many of my clients are trying to do the right thing, but are simply confused about the right path to follow.

In reality, everyone's nutrition needs are different. Of course, there are certain basic foundations that can apply to almost everyone, but our health history, medical conditions, environment, daily living (and many more factors) can shape some unique differences in requirements.

I can help by providing some clear direction and an understanding as to why that direction is right for you - and I'm there to support you in making those changes.

Without a doubt, seeing the change in people as we work together - there's nothing more rewarding than a client feeling some real health improvements.

I know from personal experience just how impactful nutrition, lifestyle and environment can be on our overall health, wellbeing and happiness. I’m still on my own journey to optimal health, but my transformation has been significant over recent years as I have embraced numerous nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Hand in hand with my physical health improvements has been an increased enjoyment of life – that’s obviously not a coincidence.

I used to say I was interested in nutrition, but now realise that I was just interested in the latest diet and how it could potentially help me get into my favourite pair of jeans! In fact I’d go as far as saying that my endless dieting regimes contributed in some way to the ill-health I experienced.

Having reaped the benefits of taking control of my own health I decided it was time to help others to do the same.

I started my work in Nutritional Therapy following 20 years of senior leadership positions in Financial Services. I’ve learned so much in that time that helps me in my role as a Nutritional Therapist. I’ve enjoyed years of nurturing, developing and coaching people to achieve their potential – the aspect of my work I have most enjoyed.

I also know first-hand how challenging it can be to manage a demanding career and busy life whilst trying to make choices that support health.

I honestly consider myself to be in the most privileged position, having the opportunity to combine my two major passions – supporting people to feel their very best through the insight offered by Nutritional Therapy and Health Coaching.

There’s nothing that means more to me than clients experiencing great results from the changes they have made – it’s such a rewarding experience for us both.

Rather than me answer this, here are a couple of reviews from my clients. You can find more on my website.
“I cannot recommend Vitale Health highly enough. The expert advice received from originally setting my goals to achieving them in such a short space of time is a true credit to Deborah and her desire to improve the health and wellbeing of others. Time was taken throughout to help ensure that my personalised plan was realistic, achievable and tailored to my wants and needs. I have never looked back. Thank you!”

“Deborah’s highly professional yet personable approach really worked for me. Plus she has ‘been there, done it’ regards the high stress corporate role so understands the challenges of that on digestion and nutrition. Deb is great at explaining things in a way that makes for easy understanding and also really good at explaining why she is recommending a specific course of action.”

“I had a few little health issues which Debs helped me with. With first class nutritional advice I have been able to make informed choices about my diet and lifestyle and the results have been very beneficial. I can highly recommend Debs because of her professionalism, enthusiasm and her desire to help others achieve good health.”



Nutritional Therapy is a recognised complementary practice focused on the promotion of optimal health, vitality and wellbeing through changes in nutrition and lifestyle. It is underpinned by a scientific evidence base and research. Each individual is considered unique and benefits from a personalised approach, assessment and programme to support their health. We work together to understand your health objectives and the underlying drivers of any ill-health you are experiencing, so we can focus on the potential cause as well as your symptoms. By gradually making adjustments to your nutrition and lifestyle I will not only support you in improving your health, but provide you with the knowledge and tools to self-care for the long term. Health Coaching works perfectly in conjunction with Nutritional Therapy. Our nutrition and health habits have been formed over a lifetime and can be influenced by many factors on a day-to-day basis. In order to really adapt our dietary and lifestyle habits often requires a real shift to how we live everyday and the choices we make. Through nutritional therapy you’ll understand more about what changes will benefit you, and by combining this with health coaching you will be supported every step of the way in how to make those changes in a way that works for you. When working together you not only benefit from the technical support of Nutritional Therapy but also the emotional and practical support of Health Coaching.