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We have been in business since 2012. We offer a variety of financial services based on company requirements. From Accounting, Payroll, Tax and Company Secretarial services to full financial department functions and more in depth financial management requirements.


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Accounting - Management Accounts, Reporting, Budgeting, Debtors and Creditors
Tax - Business Income Tax, Provisional Tax, Value Added Tax, Individual Income Tax
Payroll - IRP5s, PAYE, UIF, SDL Submissions, Leave, Payslips
Company Secretarial - Business Registrations/Deregistrations, Annual Return Submissions, Amendments of Statutory details

Entrepreneurs or Business Owners need to work ON their business and not IN their business. By doing everything themselves they to not allow themselves to free up their time to grow their business. This is a common mistake with many SME's. A good accountant's role cannot be fulfilled by anyone. Anyone can do basic accounting, yes, but good accountants know the methodologies to ensure businesses are taking full advantage of the financial position to ensure that the least amount of tax is paid and the business remains compliant and able to trade. Accountants can also prepare, report, analyse and advise on the management of the business which is crucial to any business and is often overlooked by many business owners.

Being about to help people reach their dreams and watching businesses grow and succeed whilst being apart of it.
I also enjoy working with the numbers and seeing what they can do when compiled correctly.

In discussion with a friend one Saturday afternoon, he was complaining that he was paying a lot of money to his accountant and he didn't even know what the accountant did on a monthly basis. Upon hearing what my friend expected from his accountant but not getting and after hearing what he pays. I thought that the industry was overcharging and under providing. I have been striving ever since to provide a better service at a reasonable cost.

We treat our client's business as our own. We become invested in the business and the business owners. Our goal is to work hand in hand with the Owners to ensure they are making the best financial decisions for their business.


Monthly bookkeeping Management Preparation Preparation & Submission Financial Statements Cash Flow Projections Budgets

Record leave, sick and holidays Track staff loans and payments Reimbursement of staff for out of pocket business expenses (with supporting documents) Structuring salaries, bonuses and fringe payments Employee Taxes and compliance as well as data prepared for the EMP201 & EMP501 Preparation of employee payslips Preparation of IRP5’s

Income tax returns Provisional tax returns Value added tax Company Tax

Submission of annual returns at CIPC Assistance to clients to comply with the requirements of the companies Act Statutory registrations for VAT, PAYE, SDL, UIF and income tax The formation and registration of companies with CIPC.