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We are London based professionals that can determine which security system will be best for each individual need, these could be in the form of CCTV surveillance, burgundy alarms, access control panels or door entry intercom.
We work to a very high standard, insuring that each of our customers are 100% happy with the service provided.


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Hayley Gomes

10 May 2019

Ahmed came round to my house to assess the number of cameras needed, he explained the details to us, the type of cameras he would install as well as the spec. He installed the camera's with a lot of care. the job was very neat , and meticulous , didn't rush the job . We love it , we can monitor our house from any place. Brilliant job, Thank you Ahmed.

Following the installation at our house almost 5 months later , Ahmed has now installed cctv cameras at my mother-in laws house and she is very happy with the work.

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Being in business can give you super high highs but also pretty low lows. I actually like both. Oh, trust me when I’m having a low I’m not liking it right at that time but looking back I can often see that I needed that low to learn a lesson. The highs are absolutely amazing. They give you a confidence boost.

I had been employed for few years till one day I realized that the only thing I was doing was actually building others' dreams. I had a steady fixed income each month, that's great when you start a career, but I'm a dreamer and a visionary myself and I always knew I was destined for something great. I halted for a second to understand how the world works and it was time for reversing the equation. In the Real World you either be an entrepreneur, or you work for one. On that day I decided to wear multiple of hats till I let the world build my own dream.

My secrete recipe of success: All what I need is discipline, keep daydreaming, thinking outside the box and reading between the lines. I'm not smarter than the rest of the world, but I put much effort everyday to become a better version of myself yesterday. But for every success there is a price, you need to sacrifice something. I did.

We have many years of experience and the right tools to work to an extremely high standard, ensuring that our customers are 100% satisfied. We work efficiently insuring we are complying to health and safety standards.
Expect the best.