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To work with Visual Instinct is to work with a creative photographer that goes beyond current trends. My experience as multidisciplinary creator and as a photo agency allows me to offer our clients an audacious array of services. I also like to take full advantage of the latest technology.


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Louise Dalpé

26 April 2019

Angel does very nice work and pays attention to every details. We looked relaxed and very natural in our photos and they were exactly what we wanted for our wedding invitations.


Lee Ehler

26 April 2019

Angel came to our apartment to take photos of us and our dogs for use in wedding invitations. He was very professional, well prepared, and provided very good suggestions on posing both together and with our dogs, (who like most animals are not always easy to shoot). We’re very happy with the results, and the retouches we requested were perfectly executed. Highly recommended! More...


Diane Girard

26 March 2019

I was very impressed with the final photos I got from Angel, his quality and experience to make you look good are exceptional. His easy going attitude makes you feel comfortable in front of the camera and that brings out your real personality to the fullest. Absolutely recommended! More...

Thanks Diane, It was very nice working with you, I'm happy to know that you enjoyed the shooting, I'm very happy with the results.


Carmen King

26 March 2019

Angel overdelivered in every way! The quality of his photos are outstanding and his easy and friendly disposition makes it easy to pose for him. I would recommend him for any of your photography needs, professional, event or otherwise. More...

Hi Carmen, Thank you for your generous words about my work, connect with my clients and make them feel comfortable in front of the camera is one of my main goals, that assure great pictures. Working with you was a real pleasure.



26 March 2019

We were very happy with Angel’s Pictures.
Do not hesitate to work with him!

Hi Anne-Pascale, It was a pleasure to cover the Aqua Hacking Event, you are a team of very inspiring people, I hope that spirit were captured in my pictures.


As a photographer you must have a keen eye, to find in the moment, the image that will capture an emotion and that will be kept in your memory because of their impact. The technique is important but never replace the sensitivity and the connection a photographer makes with his subject.

What the project is about, for how many hours they need my services, a detailed list of the different aspects to be photographed. The date and time of the event, how many pictures they need, how do they want to receive their pictures (digital or print), amount of pictures expected, retouched or not. And any particular request to be addressed clearly in their request.

I like the opportunity to spend time working with different clients, I know they invest time and money to get a nice picture and I do my best to make it enjoyable, not only for the final pictures, is important to make people feel comfortable in front of the camera to get great images.

Since I was a teen I started taking pictures, It's the way that I express myself better. Since a very young age I found my call and I started doing photography projects, first personal and later commercial, Is after my studies as a Commercial Photographer in Dawson College that I start my own business.

Because I'm a photographer that always gives more of what it's expected, I'm very passionate about my work and I'm very committed with every project I'm involved. I face small projects the same as big ones because at the end what I'm searching is to obtain great pictures and my client satisfaction. I have the sensibility to find beauty in life and people.