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I have been called many names, by many people – although it will surely pique your curiosity as to why at the top of that list are names such as Agent For Change, Urban Dalai Lama, Warrior For Peace and Mind-Waker.

In the last 21 years on the road, I have worked with schools, police forces, military, and a host of communities and corporate organizations through his live training performances and across his active online networks – helping millions of people around the world to achieve personal peace and triumph in their lifetime.

Don't be alarmed!!! My LEGAL name is The Scary Guy – I changed my name twenty-one years ago – I have dedicated my life to teaching others how to achieve powerful, solution-based theories and concepts on human behaviour and communication; a code that I have personally developed, in what I have experienced as an absence of any clearly defined active solution from society.

It is a code that I have test driven for the last 21 years and still live by today.
"In his own words, with his face, hands, and neck fully tattooed, Scary says; Look at me! If what I teach did not work as a solution, I would not be here today. With the amount of negativity that I receive and would have reacted to, I would either be in prison or dead."

The structures and thought processes that I present, directly address the socially negative and damaging behaviors that we frequently experience within human communication, which I define as being based on the flow of words and actions as negative energy.

We are living in a time when suicide, self-harming, anger, frustration, and stress are reported at an ALL-TIME HIGH across the world’s media, and for many has become an uncomfortably common occurrence within our own communities.

Whilst suicide is one of the most extreme outcomes reported, it is not the only devastating risk of not educating people to acquire the skills to process the negative seen and heard from others. The impact of name-calling, harassment, intimidation, and bullying is residual. It is highly toxic and insidiously detrimental to educational achievement, emotional and physical health, success in family structure, and personal and work relationships – a negatively charged energy that festers at the heart of a person’s life.

There is a multitude of programmes and messages, which raise plenty of awareness of the problems but offer few real solutions for what to actually do in the moment … in the heat of the battle.

"The success of Scary’s work is based on providing a highly accurate, cognitive framework for all people to use in that very second that they are faced with trouble. Scary has defined the steps for exactly what to do with negative words and actions that a person has experienced from another human. He shows the individual how to become fully responsible on a cognitive level for all of his or her own words and actions. He teaches the cognitive skills that will underpin all that they do and all that they become in their life, fully able to process the negative that others may produce – yet not become it or live with it, as a victim of it, in any way."

The Scary Guy teaches people the steps for the creation of A Powerful Mind!

“The Scary Guy is first and foremost about showing your true colors and appreciating those of others.”
– Phoenix New Times

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VisionHeart Reviews

VisionHeart Reviews

Review of VisionHeart by Daz Hallett
5 Daz Hallett

I met Scary Guy at the weekend and what a nice guy he is

Review of VisionHeart by Clinton Smith
5 Clinton Smith

Scary dude rules. He really ain't that scary afterall. he's a super chill dude.

Review of VisionHeart by The Scary Guy
5 The Scary Guy

The Scary Guy really loves his wife Cathryn Woodhall.

Review of VisionHeart by Samantha Wallace
5 Samantha Wallace

He's an amazing guy.Does so much good for so many people. X

Review of VisionHeart by Delia Maria Tedeschi
5 Delia Maria Tedeschi

I love listening to AND watching him . He is very inspirational

Review of VisionHeart by Wolfgang Schiefer
5 Wolfgang Schiefer

The only known true Angel on Earth. Nothing more to say :-)

Review of VisionHeart by Renate Tsakmakidis
5 Renate Tsakmakidis

....thank you for making the world a better place! Greetings from germany...

Review of VisionHeart by Ralph Fischer
5 Ralph Fischer

He is wonderfull person.

Review of VisionHeart by Marie Harris
5 Marie Harris

I met scary at work. How truly inspirational. Very funny but he also managed to turn my way of thinking for sure. Not sure I'll pass the 7 day challenge though!

Review of VisionHeart by Nicola Volley
5 Nicola Volley

Transformational training!!!
Strong statement, but very much true.
It most definitely opened my eyes to ownership. Thank you. ����

Review of VisionHeart by Lauren Jade
5 Lauren Jade

Scary and Cathryn delivered training to myself and a cohort of other trainee teachers today and it's the first time I've left a professional training session feeling motivated and reconsidering everything I thought I knew. Truly an amazing experience and my seven days and seven nights challenge starts today - it's been a successful two hours! Thank you so much.

Review of VisionHeart by Mark Anderson
5 Mark Anderson

I met Scary years ago over a cigar and found him to be a smart articulate guy with a great sense of humor. I appreciate his mission in life for what he does for the disadvantaged people that get bullied or discriminated. You must follow this guy.

Review of VisionHeart by Josh Fleming New
5 Josh Fleming New

massive heart amazing speech just hear him out and move foward and look back a few years later ......
scary told you so.

Review of VisionHeart by Beverley Nolker
5 Beverley Nolker

Probably, no definitely, the best training course I have been on. Transformational, engaging and fun! Looking forward to completing the 7 day challenge and beyond! Thank you, Scary & Catherine �

Review of VisionHeart by Indira Stammes
5 Indira Stammes

Today I had the privilege of attending Scary and Cathryn’s training seminar. I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and that my eyes have been opened. I have started my 7 days 7 nights challenge and will contact Scary and Cathryn as soon as I have succeeded.

Thank you so much �


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VisionHeart Q&A

VisionHeart Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

Helping people heal and move from a reactionary mindset to a responsive mindset.
Here is just one person's response.
Hi, Scary,

You came to my school I think 2008/9/10 UK Bradford Buttershaw just wanna say it was a tough time for me at school I was bullied from primary school to high school in the result of that I was in the lowest grade classes all the time and I couldn’t get out of there I was so worried for my future.
When you came it made me feel a lot better but I remember you said positive and love. I had a few of your posters on my wall after I left school I looked at them and it was so much better when I left school. But I knew when I left school it was gonna be hard for me to get a job as I was always set back I couldn’t make any progress. But I tried so I started djing ... living life through music I did that for a couple of years after that I worked in retail... and now I got the job I’ve always wanted and I can make a difference in peoples lives to help them.
I work in a mental health hospital .. I never gave up and I never lost hope never lost love and I stayed positive and now I got my dream job.
Thank you for your motivational talks, you are a real guy with a real heart and I’m so glad that 10,000s of people look up to you today as I do.
Thank you,

What inspired you to start your own business?

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired, and living with a negative attitude acting like everything was OK.
Helping others, like Brooke.
I don’t know if you remember me but I’m Brian Bruders daughter, Brooke. My sister and I have so many great memories of you from our childhood and now have kids of our own that we teach the same morals and values you speak on. My 5-year-old, Ahriya, just started kindergarten this year and she has an assignment that requires her to learn about another part of the country or another country altogether.
I thought I’d reach out to you and see if it would be okay if I mailed her postcard and artwork to you. I feel that there are so many great things her class could learn from you. Ahriya has the biggest heart and is already trying to teach everyone around her how to be kind and love. Her teacher said she’s made a huge impact on other students because she helps everyone and has such great manners. I think it would mean a lot to her to be able to reach out to someone as inspirational as you are.
You made an impact that has forever changed my life and if nothing else comes of this message I want to thank you for all you’ve done!
📷 Brooke

Why should our clients choose you?

Key Personal Training™
~ a personal consultation with T S Guy.
Would you like to;
maximize your capacity for effective communication?
increase your personal focus and direction?
become fully self-confident in all of your words and actions?
Are you facing issues of;
name-calling, harassment, intimidation, and bullying?
negativity at your workplace from others around you?
negativity at home?
suffering from childhood bullying as an adult?
being a target of continual abuse and harassment at school?
a teen that has had trouble with self-harming?
conflict or stress?
feeling angry all the time?
feeling depressed all the time?
Whatever your personal situation or the context for issues that you are facing, a one to one consultation with Scary will provide you with a powerful structure for self-improvement and clarity. Whether it is to aid you in the workplace, school or home, Key Personal Training with Scary will set you on the right track with the right tools for you to achieve personal peace and success on a daily basis.
The Key Personal Training Session requires approximately 2-4 hours to deliver.
Please feel free to call to further discuss your situation so I can be clear on how to structure your help.
07496 605 866
T S Guy

Services provided by VisionHeart

VisionHeart Services

Key Personal Training

Whatever your personal situation or the context for issues that you are facing, a one to one consultation with Scary will provide you with a powerful structure for self-improvement and clarity. Whether it is to aid you in the workplace, school or home, Key Personal Training with Scary will set you on the right track with the right tools for you to achieve personal peace and success on a daily basis.

Work history from VisionHeart

Work History

Emotional Education and Training Worldwide

VisionHeart Limited

From May 1998 to present.

“Scary – How did you do it? How did you reach 99% of our 230 employees in just 2 hours? You touched a diverse group from Engineers to Sales to Production workers, and at all levels! Thank you for opening our eyes and challenging our thinking – I don’t know how else to put in words the reaction of what took place the day you came.” – Vanessa A. Human Resources Administrator VISIONHEART’S MISSION VisionHeart is dedicated to eliminating hate, violence, and prejudice in corporations and workplaces around the world. We provide the tools for organizations to create this as a reality in their workplace. We believe that each individual has the capacity to interact with all human behaviour with love, compassion, and understanding “even in the face of negative words or actions” without themselves becoming negative in the process. The learned behaviour prevalent in society today is based on reactionary energy and the belief that the solutions to conflict live outside of one’s self. Within the foundation of his training, Scary brings all participants to the same level of awareness, that every person is involved to some degree in the use of words as negative energy for communication, unaware of the cycle in which they participate. The Scary Guy specializes in teaching those who are repeatedly offending themselves and others, either as individuals, teams or corporate communities. He has 45 years of independent study on the varying behaviors caused by emotional stressors based on zero-emotional intelligence, which is played out at all levels within the multitude of everyday interactions and communications. VisionHeart delivers core systems and programs to empower the cognitive and emotional health and character of the company, through the empowerment of all individuals within it. Each person is taught to understand the flow of words and non-verbal communication as energy, enabling them to make choices with that knowledge. When you harness the power of each individual’s personal capacity to become responsible for all of their words and actions, you enable them to become a successful, healthy and active contributor, creating growth and development in the company as a whole.

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  • 25 minutes average response time

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