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San Jose, CA 95131, Santa Clara

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Visionary Home Remodeling

San Jose, CA 95131, Santa Clara



Serving Silicon Valley since 2004, Visionary Home Remodeling is a residential design/build firm that specializes in remodeling and converting of aging homes to bring them up to date . With our experience in working with aging homes, we help our clients to control the project costs and maximize value by anticipating, uncovering and solving potential issues before they occur.


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Andrea H.

9 September 2019

The guys in VHR are all professional and well rounded in the art of remodeling. It was a pleasure hiring them for my kitchen remodeling and now in October for my bathroom remodeling.


Andrew Watanabe

28 June 2019

We hired VHR through Houzz for a total of 3 projects, including reroofing, replacement windows, bathroom and kitchen remodels. Basically, we needed a lot of updates on an older home that had not seen any major renovation in at least 25-30 years. We love the results, and have really enjoyed working with Ellie and his teams. Ellie has been an outstanding project manager for these projects, and above all else, he has been a great partner who we could trust to get the results we wanted. I think we are very demanding in details and expect a high level of quality in both design and workmanship, and Ellie was always responsive and truly cared about our feedback.

I'd also like to name Barry as another excellent project manager who assisted. Barry also demonstrated great care about details and had great design ideas. More shout outs to Yoalmo, Victor, and Fernando. All excellent craftspeople and all very nice to work with.


Andrea Ordonez

21 March 2019

Wow where to begin. After Finishing this project and finally having a moment to sit down, my partner and I agreed we would share our story and our experience.

We had a few errors in regards to our plans being approved by the city which took 3 months to get. The whole time Tom and another foreman Named Guy constantly were in communication with the city and us. We never had to worry about having to call or fill out any forms which with our busy schedule flying in and out of the Bay Area would have been a headache.

We had the whole house remodeled and had a addition to the back porch which resulted in another 3 months approval.

Once again not Visionary's fault.

Whilst waiting for approval we had half the house available to us. (Kitchen,bathroom,bedroom) Given we did take up Toms offer in renting an airb n b not far from the house since the completion was still not done.

My partner and I just thought it was so sweet that Tom was so attentive to every detail in regards to our timeline. He constantly was in contact.

We finished our project (due to approvals of the city) in 9/10 months.

One thing I realized when we sat down for our first appointment was that construction is stressful and much of the time there will be hiccups. When accepting that your house will be covered in dust and most probably will have detours in regards to plumbing or electricity what truly matters is that you are in good hands.

I would express nothing but good things about Tom, his crew and his company.

But my experience with this company was and will continue to be great. We have referred my mother to Visionary and we will be making a ADA approved walk way.

Keep your head up Tom!


Mike S.

28 February 2019

I called and to answered. We set up a consultation at their office and they care of us like we were vip. They gave us a lot of options and we're very impressed with the deal they gave us. Our construction begins in 1 week. Thanks Tom. More...


Luke Hooker

22 February 2019

Visionary Home Remodeling recently remodeled our basement. We sent a quotes to 4 contractors and decided to go with this company and we are so glad about it because they did an excellent job. Tal was our project manager and he was perfect, he listened to us all the time, all our requests or questions. His crew was also great, they are hard and responsible workers. The project was finished within promised time, the price was OK and we are satisfied with our new basement. Great contractor, my cousin will also hire Visionary Home Remodeling, he just saw my basement More...


Linda Stewart

20 February 2019

We had to remodel our garage and after an overwhelming search for a contractor we found Visionary Home Remodeling through our friend recommendation and got a free consultation. We liked what they suggested and we hired them. Guy and his crew were great. They took care of all the work in a professional manner and they followed through with their timeline. They were also extremely professional in getting items and permits for us. The result was top notch, we are very satisfied. Highly recommend!!! More...


Emma Scott

19 February 2019

I hired Visionary Home Remodeling for my kitchen remodel. The kitchen was pretty old and I wanted a modern and functional kitchen. I heard for this company from my friend and after he shoved me their work I decided to go with them. They also gave me very reasonable price and agreed with all my requests. The whole project went great, the workers were professional and helpful and I was completely satisfied with them. The house was clean all the time and the result was brilliant, beautiful kitchen. I will also have some other work on my house and will call this company!!! More...


Bob Smith

18 February 2019

Visionary Home Remodeling just finished remodeling our old bathroom and we are very pleased with the results. The working crew was great. They maintained communication with me throughout the entire project to give me a progress report, and to make sure things were heading in the right direction. They took my budget very, very seriously, and explained the reasons behind every cost, and made sure I understood exactly what I was paying for. In summary, I think you generally get what you pay for in life. If you're looking for honest, experienced, efficient and knowledgeable contractors, Visionary Home Remodeling is the way to go. And my bathroom looks amazing!!! More...


Bob Saterfield

12 February 2019

We recently hired Visionary Home Remodeling to remodel our old kitchen. We didn't do anything with kitchen over a 10 years so now we decided to completely remodeled it and we wanted something special. We already seen work from this company on our friends house and he recommended this contractor. The price was fair, the whole crew was very professional and efficient. They finished work on time and with no extra costs. Our kitchen looks exactly as we requested, beautiful work, highly recommend Visionary Home Remodeling More...


L Y.

16 January 2019

Mendy and his team did a tremendous job taking our apartment renovation plans to reality. They were up front and honest about all costs and any additional work that might have needed to be done. There were no surprises at the end. I found the experience from proposal, schedule of values and contract all the way through demolition, flooring, cabinetry, electric work, painting and final touch up, to be very professional, prompt and of good value. Super happy with the communication and workmanship. I look forward to working with Mendy on future projects. More...


Kriti S.

22 August 2018

I was looking into remodeling my moms living room and was referred to visionary home by my boss since he had an amazing experience with their services while remodeling his home. Mind you he is picky and coming from him I thought to myself wow I can certainly give this a shot. I went ahead and called them, the front desk was very polite and professional, already a good impression on me. My moms budget was tight so we gave them our quote and they happily worked around it which was amazing!  the detailing is quite amazing I must say and my mom is very happy with her new living room. I also love the fact that they are family owned and is a small company just makes it so much easier to get good communication across. I'm grateful for their services ! More...


Jiafang J.

21 August 2018

We hired visionary home remodeling to remove our fireplaces before we move in. We had very tight schedule and limited budget. We compared quotes from multiple remodeling companies. They offered the best price, and can start our project right away.I had a very good experience working with Ellie. Communication was smooth. He also helped us to scope our project according to our budget.His team was quick and professional. The team took out our two fireplaces within a day. They also fixed our ceiling and patched our walls. Couldn't be happier with the quality of the service!!! More...


Xiaoyu C.

21 August 2018

When Ellie arrived at our house, we have already talked to three remodeling firms about demolishing 2 of our 3 fireplaces, but none can meet our timeline and budget requirement. Ellie pulled us out of our desperation and promised to finish the work in a couple of days, with a reasonable quote. We thought it was too good to be real, but accepted anyway. It turns out that Ellie's team only needs one day. When I got off work and went to the house, the fireplaces are just, gone, like they've never existed. Ellie's team even patched the wall and ceiling, and did some basic painting. Would definitely recommend Ellie to our friends who need interior construction works. More...


Terrance M.

20 August 2018

I heard about this company through a friend online. She was excitedly sharing how they had finally connected with the right people at a company they could trust, so I connected with the company through word of mouth.  They were easy to see eye to eye with, understanding the goals my family and I had envisioned for our space. Communication was absolutely the number one priority with this company and I can see they apply that to all of their projects.  They explained the price until we understood exactly what we were getting and how we were going to accomplish our goals.  We received our contract in writing detailing a time line, frame and scoop of the project, including total costs, payment arrangements, my contractors license and a description that was broken down in detail regarding the phases the project would be going through over the course of completion. More...


Devin L.

18 August 2018

I was helping my parents look for a really good company to help with their remodel and stumbled across Visionary Home Remodelers. I had seen all the great reviews they had so decided to give them a try and pick up the phone to call them. The customer service over the phone was great, they were really friendly and answered all my questions. I then scheduled a appointment for quote.When it came down to the remodeling they were great. Everything they did was of great quality ad they were able to stick to my parents budget. Overall the time they took to do everything was pretty quick and I was amazed after taking a look when it was completed. You can tell they take pride in their work because everything came out so great.Every small detail was done perfectly,  I definitely recommend you give them a call and set up an appointment because you will not be disappointed. More...


Daisy C.

15 August 2018

Me and my partner have recently been in the lookout for some remodeling for two of the bathrooms in our home. They are outdated in comparison to our home and can definitely use some sprucing up and much needed tender love and care.We have looked into many different remodeling companies within the area to find the best deal on the bathrooms. Also, a good company that we believe can bring our vision into reality. When we first called visionary we had a really good experience!first off, Visionary was very quick to respond to our calls. Then the employee was very out spoken and knew what he was talking about. Very polite in assisting us. Another thing I really enjoyed was the great amount of detail we received when calling. Overall, we had a pleasant experience with the call and we were able to get a nice outline of the possible remodeling and more detailing in the  information regarding the quote, which in my opinion was a good deal in comparison to other companies we looked into. More...


Somalii C.

10 August 2018

Me and my husband finally purchased another house in the Bay Area! House on the outside? Looked so beautiful of course. Inside? Ehhhh.... let's not bring that up lol but the master bathroom needed lots of help! Of course me being a "cheap" person I called around and around and got many quotes. Last week I called and Tom answered. He was really nice. I asked millions of questions and he had answer to every one. He was really understanding about my budget because I literally just purchased this house, I don't want to go on a spree and spend lots on one bathroom. Next day a man came (sorry I forgot your name if you're reading this) but he took a look and explained what he can do to make it look way better! I was offered MANY varieties of designs. Me and my husband finally decided on a cute pattern that we both liked. They're still in the process of fixing everything up but I'll definitely post pictures after the bathroom is all cleaned up More...


Ilan M.

9 August 2018

Couple of my partners are flippers up north the bay area. Had one customer using 'Visionary Home Remodeling' services and ever since he recommended them, I keep referring customers for remodeling ideas and improvements. They seem very happy and I get updated with every step quickly and efficiently! Not sure why some people arent happy... But they have been pretty straight forward with me and my customers; we talk about the budget and about variety of options and solutions. They seem very knowledgable and get the work done. Im up to date with any requested details and I know the work will be done within the time frame given. What else can I ask for? You get what you pay for, and quality and time efficiency is a big deal for me. So go ahead and give them a try, will be worth your time, and keep an open mind. More...


Raza A.

8 August 2018

It has been 2 months after our updated bathroom. My family loves the new bathroom sliding door. The  sink and cabinet are placed perfectly in the room. Way better than what it was before! Tom and Guy were extremely helpful in the process. Thank you for setting it up for me! More...


Aman N.

6 August 2018

After calling in to request a quote, I was able to talk to a professional who was finally able to assist me with my cabinets, and kitchen sink. I was able to work things out with my limited budget. He will be working with me with appropriate adjustments. More...


Hilda P.

3 August 2018

This the best company by far! I first knew about visionary home remodeling through a friend. They had done my friend's kitchen and their prices were not bad. When I called, they gave me a reasonable estimate and started working on my home almost immediately. They were very attentive and polite. If there was any concerns or any issues, questions I had, they were quick to calm my nerves and inform me what was going on. Every question I had they answered it. Not once did I have an issue with the staff. They also gave me an estimate about when the job would be done and they were also finished around that time. Honestly I recommend visionary home remodeling to everyone; if there were more stars to give I would give them all. More...


Jennifer T.

1 August 2018

Visionary Home Remodeling are very good! They revamped our master bathroom and helped us with a wonderful walk in shower. We had some issues with the grout and Tom was very helpful and had someone come out the following week to repair it.  They did a great job at cleaning up each day. We love the work, and appreciate their patience with all of our questions. More...


Liliana C.

1 August 2018

I've had work done for my kitchen once before when it was my parents house. Visionary Home Remodeling is way better than my first experience. I had my kitchen done with an island. The dimensions worked perfect for the space I needed. There were some placement issues and there were great with last minute adjustments to fit my needs. I recommend hard working individuals who listen really well. More...


Lisa N.

29 July 2018

Visionary Home did 3 jobs for my home. He is very fast and reasonable. Gave me great advice on my locking system. My kitchen is now looking outstanding. I really appreciate good opinions. I am recommending him to my family and friends. More...


Bradley D.

25 July 2018

So far, I had called them about an estimate for a bathroom remodel. I believe I spoke with Tom. I appreciate him asking me my budget, style, and focus. I called a few others and was being sold things I didn't care for. My wife and I haven't done a remodel, but with the estimate discussed, and answering my questions in to detail with Tom, he made me feel comfortable with his expertise. He sound like he knew what he was talking about. I recommend at least requesting a quote. Give small businesses a shot. Some are decent people. More...



23 February 2018

The work was completed on schedule with minimal disruption to my life. Paver work has received complements from neighbors. Mendy the project manager was very responsive to my needs and worked diligently. More...


Gerald Hanabusa

28 December 2017

There were communication issues but the work was well done at the end. Tom Muller (owner) came and straighten out all of our concerns and we are totally satisfied with the experience. We will be calling them when we decide to do the upstairs bedrooms.



Elinor Benhamo

16 February 2017

After about 6 months of searching for a home improvement company we found Visionary Home Remodeling on Houzz and I wanted to get a quote on a room addition in our 2 bedroom house. We started our initial meeting in early February last year, Jake came out to my home and was very thorough in his evaluation of the house/project as well as explaining how everything is to be done and breaking down everything for us to fully understand the project and cost. They drew up the full design for us so we knew exactly what the finished project would look like (which was great to have!). We finished earlier than expected; the whole thing was done by August 2016!
Overall I am very pleased with Visionary Remodeling and with Jake as well. He was very friendly and knowledgeable- would certainly recommend to anyone I know looking to work on their home!