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Subash Baijnath

10 June 2019

I approached Vision Accounting in 2017 to audit and take over my bookkeeping, as my previous bookkeepers where taking advantage of my lack of knowledge in the accounting field Vision Accounting had offed me a personalised solution to get my books up to date and kept me informed at all time on her progress with the accounting.
My experience with Vision Accounting has been an excellent one as they have got my books in order and is always there to advise me on whats required. Vision Accounting has built up a trustworthy and long relationship with me.


Yolanda Jacobs

7 June 2019

I discovered Ms Lapage from Vision Accounting & Tax Services by searching on the Internet. My husband recently started his own business and we quickly realised that we need professional help re the bookkeeping. Ms Lapage came to our residence on a saturday morning to discuss our needs. She explained how she would handle our business and made valuable suggestions. She seems very capable and was very helpful. Thus far, I am satisfied and happy with her services and I feel comfortable with her assisting us. I would recommend this company with confidence. More...


Neil Muller

7 June 2019

Excellent service received by Hanlie - Always willing to go the extra mile.



7 June 2019

Loved the professionalism and the kindness from the owner.


Financial Statements
Business Income Tax
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VAT Registrations
Bookkeeping - Full Function
Payroll - Full Function
Human Resources Administrative Assistance
Debtors Invoicing - Invoicing Only - No Debt Collections!

Well kept Accounting records serves as a steering wheel for the Business Owner / Director. It aids in making important Business decisions. It reflects aspects such as business growth, mark-ups, expenditure, losses, taxes due, cash-flow etc. Without proper Bookkeeping and Accounting records it is impossible to make informed, effective Business decisions and form proper strategies for future growth.

Business Owners / Director's should focus on the Operational side of a Business and not be or burden themselves with Accounting and Tax matters nor the time intensive task of proper and thorough bookkeeping .

It requires skills, experience and qualification to deliver proper Accounting records. Accountant's acts in the interest of the clients Business needs as well as see to it that taxes are calculated correctly and accurately. All Business and its Owners will at some or other point pay taxes. It is merely one function only, of the Bookkeeper and Accountant to, ensure that not too much tax is paid, however, a correct amount taking into consideration all possibilities.

Without proper accounting records it is impossible to grow and manage a Business successfully and effectively!

I love to earn the respect of clients by delivering a service that speaks of value for services paid. I love to interact with clients on a one on one basis and truly listen and understand each individual Business which each comes with a unique set of requirements.

I have always had Entrepreneurial tendencies for as long as what I can remember. I grew up in an Entrepreneurial family. Both my parents encouraged us to be independent and self sufficient. Our family motto when I grew up was: Where there is a Will there is a Way!

I can't claim to be the best; nor am I a one, and only Senior Bookkeeper in the Accounting Industry. I do however have an excellent track record and over 20 years experience, coupled with long standing relationships with Accounting Officers and Auditors alike.

We keep a small client base, therefor are able to truly pay attention to detail and spend that little extra time to ensure a work standard of excellence and professionalism is achieved and maintained. I maintain excellent relationships with clients based on mutual trust, respect, professionalism, integrity and excellence in my work. I consider each client and Business as important and worthy of my absolute best.

VisioN Accounting & Tax Services is a Professional Practice with all the Industry requirements, practice numbers and legislation structures well in place.

Our fees are well competitive.

We strive to deliver the best value for services paid possible.