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Vipin Bhanot is expert in best wedding Photographer In Chandigarh. Our team are very expert in photography and we use high technology camera for photography. We'd love to catch the most beguiling shots of your wedding with our gifted and creative picture takers.



Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Cheshta Saluja
5 26/06/2018 Cheshta Saluja

Well words cannot describe their work for sure.. or even the effort and the hard work they put in.. or even their dedication towards their work to get that perfect shot... Their work has definitely surpassed our expectations.. the one thing u always worry about is that after all the functions I have to run behind my photographer and get the videos and and albums in time.. trust me they will run after u to give them the selection asap.. 😝
In the end I would sum up my review by saying that they never felt like me other photographers to us.. they were like family...
Cheerrssssss to Vipin Bhanot & team... May u keep doing Ur work like this and bring smile on hundreds and thousands of brides and grooms and their family...

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Sonam Walia
5 24/05/2018 Sonam Walia

I have Good experience with Vipin Bhanot wedding photographer in Chandigarh in my younger brother marriage. What a photography ! And good executed videos also. I really happy to watched all the function.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by shalini gupta
5 18/05/2018 shalini gupta

Absolutely amazing! Can't praise vVipin Bhanot and his team enough! They are friendly and understanding with amazing photography skills. I would highly recommend them for any type of photography/videography shoot.😊👌👍

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Reetika reet
5 06/04/2018 Reetika reet

One of the best decisions for my wedding is having them be part of it. We found them very approachable and friendly. They were quick in responding to our queries and displayed professionalism in their work. Excellent photographer and we are very happy with the results they delivered. They have done an amazing job in capturing special momemts during the ceromony. We would definitely recommend Vipin Bhanot.
Thank You Vipin Bhanot Team... you guys are truly amazing!!!!

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Jagdeep Singh
5 19/03/2018 Jagdeep Singh

Vipin Bhanot is the best wedding photographer in north region Chandigarh. Extremely creative services they provide to their customers. Good services and creative work.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Grp Estates
5 10/03/2018 Grp Estates

Vipin Bhanot is the best and top class wedding photographer in Chandigarh. I haven’t seen anyone as patient, professional and passionate as Vipin Bhanot. He adds a personal touch and will make the whole experience simply wonderful. I would rate Vipin Bhanot as a very professional photographer. He personally spends lot of time and is closely involved with his crew to ensure the best moments are captured. He truly ensures that all the important moments of the event are candidly captured. I would also highly rate his patience and attention to detail. Going over all the videos and photographs allows us to relive all those happy moments time and again. Thanks Vipin Bhanot. I recommended to all.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Samir Gupta
5 31/01/2018 Samir Gupta

Vipin and his team was the best investment of our wedding. I may be biased, but yes he is the best photographer we have seen yet so far. Me and my wife are so happy that we worked with him. Each member of the team surprised and delighted us with their professionalism, creativity, thoughtfulness, and knowledge. They made us so comfortable and were so friendly that it was so much fun shooting with them. He is so spontaneous with his vision and ideas which amazed us as he listens to your expectations and tells you what will be best for your personality. Vipin and his team is worth every penny. All the best to him and his team, keep the balls rolling guys.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Karan Sharma
5 15/11/2017 Karan Sharma

Vipin is one of the best photographer in the region , team is very kind and friendly, we got outputs from more than our expectations thank you so much

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Ravi Sharma
5 21/10/2017 Ravi Sharma

Best in the industry. So far satisfied with the service. The team is truly exceptional. Go for it guys. Highly appreciated.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Alenu It
5 27/09/2017 Alenu It

Excellent work of Vipin Bhanot photographer. We hired him last month for pre and wedding photography in chandigarh..

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Naina Jolly
5 21/09/2017 Naina Jolly

Vipin Bhanot is the best wedding and pre-wedding photographer. I went through your page and looked at your portfolio. I did not expect you to be this good. Your work is excellent!! I just wanted to let you know that i was really impressed with ur work! I think you have a great eye and a great understanding of lighting.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Santu Sharma
5 05/09/2017 Santu Sharma

We could not have been more pleased with our experience with VB! Every member of the team that worked with us were kind, professional and very accommodating. We were in especially great hands with our primary photographer , who felt like a dear friend of ours by the end of the experience . Any person that looks at our photos marvels at them and we are happy to tell them that VB is behind the amazing work! The only ‘problem’ you’ll ever have with their photos is selecting which one(s) you like the most! We are pleased beyond our greatest possible expectation with the work by the vipin bhanot team. Thank you Vipin for commemorating our events so perfectly!

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Ramandeep Kaur
5 05/09/2017 Ramandeep Kaur

Best Indian wedding photographer in Chandigarh and Mohali. High quality photography equipment. Recommended to all users.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by rajat narad
5 03/09/2017 rajat narad

The Photos of Vipin Bhanot speak for themselves..add elegance, discretion, originality, the articles with which he works, all qualities that make him a great photographer! I mean, if you want unique memories, it's the right person.
Best photographer in the world...

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Girish Gautam
5 30/08/2017 Girish Gautam

Vipin is the man for weddings!!! Creative brain, fun person, easy going! Your wedding pics are a memory that last forever! So please do not hesitate to invest in it!!! You will not regret it. We didn't

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by neeraj gupta
5 29/08/2017 neeraj gupta

Vipin Bhanot is really amazing and cost effective wedding photographer in Chandigarh. Must hire him for best quality service.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Maninder Singh Toor
5 18/08/2017 Maninder Singh Toor

Vipin Bhanot is the best wedding photographer in north region Chandigarh. Extremely creative services they provide to their customers. Good services and creative work.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Vipin Kumar
5 14/08/2017 Vipin Kumar

Vipin was one of the best investments of our wedding, A great eye for uniwe shots. He clearly is very good at his job

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by riffi kashyap
5 12/08/2017 riffi kashyap

really he is the best photographer ever .Thanks for the lovely photo-shoot today the photos are marvelous. You are the best photographer in Chandigarh #Vipin Bhanot

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Pankaj Bhardwaj
5 10/08/2017 Pankaj Bhardwaj

Awesome clicks.According to me best photo arena in the zone. Faculty at their best
In capturing. Bestest and the sweetest moments of life they have well equipped with latest techno.. gud lighting video quality just brilliant. VIPIN BHANOT the best pro photographer

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Vishal Sharma
5 09/08/2017 Vishal Sharma

When it comes to Great lighting, Brilliant Capture, Outstanding composition, Mind Boggling Contrast, Unbelievable Juxtaposition, Out of the crowd creativity and a elegant use of depth of field then Vipin Bhanot Photography is the only choice your left with. Thinking twice will ruin your dream of a perfect wedding story. Just go and get the dates if you can.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by preet kakkar
5 08/08/2017 preet kakkar

Absolutely best photographer amazing work dedicated team experts of wedding photography industry really love candid pictures

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Ikram Hussain
5 05/08/2017 Ikram Hussain

No words can describe how hard working and dedicated team... thank you so much Vipin bha ji for make my day more special

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Sandeep Singh
5 29/07/2017 Sandeep Singh

VIPIN BHANOT is a award winning pre wedding photographer with creative mind and excellent vision.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Sumit Rana
5 25/07/2017 Sumit Rana

Truly speaking VIPIN BHANOT is the best and professional wedding photographer in Chandigarh & Mohali.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Robin Narad
5 Robin Narad

One of the best work ever....
Execellent themes....
Execellent locations....

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Prem Sharma
5 Prem Sharma

Very talented n hardworking person, his creativity is at its best

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Sarbjeet Singh
5 Sarbjeet Singh

Value for money,
We got more than our expectations
Thank you Vipin

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Surinder Singh
5 Surinder Singh

Very beautiful pictures!! I like the pictures without colors,they have warm and
Romantic looks!

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Rahul Sharma
5 Rahul Sharma

Excellent professional without doubt. And above all and most importantly a great person

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Harsh Pandat Saluu
5 Harsh Pandat Saluu

Amazing Photography Best natural expressions great skills Thank You Bro Vipin for make my brother's wedding day more special

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Rishu Rajput
5 Rishu Rajput

VIPIN doing great job with his great tallent keep it up bro

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Mandeep Kumar
5 Mandeep Kumar

Best quality best team best pre wedding best work ever

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Deeksha Bhardwaj
5 Deeksha Bhardwaj

Awesm work ... You r tha inspiration for other that how much u r dedicated to ur work ... I saw u from staring ... U had started from tha ground nd now ur graph of success is increasing day by day ... Wish ur success touch tha limits beyond sky ... It's honour to see ur work .. Best wishes for ur future ... Gd luck

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Mandeep Singh
5 Mandeep Singh

Tottley professional and well educated team I really appreciate the nature of Mr. Vipin Bhanot
it's my dream team

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Manpreet Kaur
5 Manpreet Kaur

There are no words to describe the work he did for My Friend's wedding... everything perfect!!! Let's not talk about empathy, they knew right away what we wanted!!! Thank you very much!!!!

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Sidd Sharma
5 Sidd Sharma

Choose Mr Vipin Bhanot has been a total success. It's a great professional, picking up from the first moment the spirit of our link, besides being a great and fantastic person. Your Photos make us relive the magic of that special day.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Aksh-a Suri
5 Aksh-a Suri

From the very first moment, I likes Vipin's style of photography and editing. we saw amazing skills in Vipin Bhanot . And that is another nice and relaxed photographer. We are already very happy with the pictures

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Raghunath Patil
5 Raghunath Patil

Good Photography

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Aman Pandit
5 Aman Pandit

Vipin took the story of our wedding in 2015. Spectacular Photos. Very Professional, like it was a rainy day, days later spent an evening with us so we had some beautiful photos memory of that special day. Thank you

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by ਇੰਦਰ ਸ਼ੇਰਗਿੱਲ
5 ਇੰਦਰ ਸ਼ੇਰਗਿੱਲ

You don’t take a photograph, you make it.It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head. You are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Chetan Agnihotri
5 Chetan Agnihotri

Best quality best team best pre wedding best work ever

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Preet Kapoor
5 Preet Kapoor

I am so fortunate to have VB through Google, Vipin was extremely helpful and responsive, and gave us ample advice on what to expect on wedding day . On the day of photo shoot, Vipin and his team was proactive and efficient,. He made all of us feel comfortable and natural in front of the lens. Most importantly, his work was absolutely stunning and we received overwhelming compliments for the photos he had taken . Thank you bro for making my brother’s wedding a sweet and memorable one.

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Bhavna Sharma
5 Bhavna Sharma

Vipin Bhanot is an incredible and talented photographer. Recently I had photo session with him. He is very approachable, relaxe, funny and friendly
Strongly Recommend...

Review of VIPIN BHANOT  by Raman Mital
5 Raman Mital

Wonderful Photographic art Vipin you are used your camera sense as a painter. This is rare Salute to your talent..


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House No. 1020 Ground Floor Sector 20A Chandigarh, 20A, Sector 20, Chandigarh, 160020, India

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What’s the secret to taking a great photograph?

Vipinbhanot is one of the famous photographer in Chandigarh, that provide service of pre wedding photography and have a great experience regarding their profession.

What questions might you ask a client when starting a new project?

Searching Best Wedding Photographer Chandigarh? Vipinbhanot provides the professional Pre-Wedding and fashion Photography . We also offer best wedding photography services in Chandigarh,Mohali and Panchkula by professional wedding photographers

What do you love most about your job?

We deal with your new relationship and gathering sweet recollections can be made sense of through your wedding shoot.For more detail you can contact us

What inspired you to start your own business?

Vipinbhanot master group give a standout amongst the most convienent wedding photography benefit our work is extremely dependable and we shoot best photographs of our customers so they can recall their best recollections and can impart to other individuals.

Why should our clients choose you?

Our team has a great experience in photography and capture professional photos. We also provide service of pre-wedding photography in Mohali and have a great experience of photography.

Services provided by VIPIN BHANOT


Pre-Wedding Photographer Chandigarh

One of the best pre-wedding picture taker Vipinbhanot, give administration of pre-wedding photography in Chandigarh,Mohali ,Panchkula and have an awesome affair of photography.

Work history from VIPIN BHANOT

Work History

Wedding Photographer Chandigarh


From August 2014 to present.

Vipin Bhanot is the best picture taker and have a phenomenal difficulty of photography. We offer best wedding photography benefits in Chandigarh.


Wedding Photographer Chandigarh

Vipinbhanot is one of the famous wedding photographer in Chandigarh, that have a great wxperience regarding photography. Our master group give a standout amongst the most convienent wedding photography benefit


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