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Vidalista 60 mg contains Tadalafil as its active ingredient. Know Vidalista 60 reviews, side effects, price, how long does it last and dosage. Tadalafil tablet is a drug that relaxes smooth muscles in blood vessel walls thus improving blood flow to specific body parts.


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Andrew Cervantes

4 June 2019

Simply wonderful. I took vidalista 60 for the first time and mine was rock hard in 1 hour. With two ejaculations and complete satisfaction.


Brian Williams

29 May 2019

These pills are working like anything. I am overall satisfied with its performance. I can now enjoy my married life.thank you alldaygeneric.


Jack Hutt

23 May 2019

I had no problem receiving my order and the product gave great results😀


David Moore

18 May 2019

very good treatment. lasts all weekend and made me feel like I never even had a problem at all.


James Cooper

13 May 2019

This medicine has worked very well. The website is easy to order from. Everyone is friendly and they always follow up with calls and emails.


Samuel Cheeks

9 May 2019

It was a very useful medicine for me. I had no side effects. I want to buy again this medicine on the alldaygeneric drug store.


Melvin McCoy

5 May 2019

Great medicine for Health. No any side effects. It is excellent effective in my life. Thank you alldaygeneric.


Nathan Murchison

1 May 2019

It's a great medicine to take for ed peoblem. It works better.


Jose Guthrie

27 April 2019

Hello, I take the vidalista for 15 years and am very satisfied. He is always Bin 61 years and my wife always enjoys it.


Ralph Fessenden

24 April 2019

I order from alldaygeneric. My recent order was processed to perfection. I was kept informed of its progress at every stage. I would never order from any other pharmacy. More...


Timothy Farley

20 April 2019

Good medicine !!! I am so happy with vidalista 60. Thank you Alldaygeneric.


Brandon Simmons

15 April 2019

I feel better while taking vidalista 60. I have no other side effects. It is the best medicine for mens health.💊


Eric Torres

12 April 2019

Great product, Original and very reasonable prices, I will try a higher dosage to see if that works better. Overall great service, recommended.


Raymond Blakney

8 April 2019

Vidalista 60 is a really effective medicine for mens health. Good service. I am so happy with my sensual life. Thank you alldaygeneric.


Jamous Regis

5 April 2019

This alldaygeneric online drug store is very using and fast shipping. It is a trustable drug store. vidalista 60 is very cheap medicine and good effective for mens health.


Ronald Wooley

1 April 2019

I can feel better after taking vidalista 60. I want to buy all mens health medicines from the alldaygeneric drug store.


Alex Farley

29 March 2019

AllDayGeneric are quick and charge less for products.Forth time of using them. Shall go there again.


Robert Schell

29 March 2019

Good Products with Cheapest Price for mens health.. I'll buying again at alldaygeneric.com and i'll suggest to buy other.


Richard Morgan

29 March 2019

Great products at high prices along with excellent service.


Kimberly Marx

23 January 2019

At first, I was hesitant about ordering from online pharmacies, but I ordered from here, and I can tell you that I had a good experience, my drugs were delivered. I was not scammed, and their medications are effective. More...


Jordano Quaglia

9 July 2018

I want to retract myself. This company ADG is reputable. My bank transfer was not working and on e bad apple in the company gave his own account and stole the money. Even though the company didn't get the culprit, yet. They sent me the product. I am working with them to see what we can do. I apologize for defaming them without knowing why. Both sides were uninformed, but ADG did the best first step. Thank you. More...


Eric Spain

31 May 2018

AllDayGeneric is a much more than simply a regular health store!!


Андрей Ковалев

2 May 2017

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