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Liverpool, iran

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Liverpool, iran



I live in Iran and have 15 years of experience in design and I can order your orders at half price.

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Tiffany Wallace

9 April 2019

wonderful people with great prices


Dan Williams

7 December 2018

great customer service and feed back good products always helpful


Elizabeth Keller

13 February 2018

So flexible and easy to work with! Create beautiful designs.


Ryan Edwards

12 December 2017

They are great to work with! We have created several large orders and they are always turn out great and the service is fast and friendly.


Steve Lookner

5 August 2017

They embroidered a couple of shirts for our company (with our logo) and they came out great. Friendly service and they got a rush order done for us with quick turnaround time.


Tracy Ann James

8 March 2015

Everyone is SUPER friendly and everything always turns out perfect!!


Lex Parker Design Consultants Ltd.

18 February 2014

At Lex Parker Design Consultants, we have been working with Victory Design for two decades. Victory Design has always provided creative solutions that far surpass the run of the mill graphics so prevalent in the digital age. Les Maund and his staff have been providing creative, artistic solutions ... More...


Amanda Willis Morgan

23 August 2013

GREAT products and service will definitely be back!


photoshop - Indesign - Illustrator - flash - corel draw - freehand ....

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I was unconsciously interested in this work, and the main impact was my tendency toward art...

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