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I am based in the picturesque village of Ticehurst, away from the noise and hubbub of modern life.
Central London is a 50 minute train ride to Wadhurst Station from Charing Cross station on the London/Hastings line. A 20 minute drive from Tunbridge Wells.



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Reiki is an extremely effective non-invasive Japanese healing technique which works with energy and is a wonderful tool for fixing stress, which affects everyone in our modern busy lifestyles. Emotional stress has a very negative and direct effect on our physical bodies. If we are carrying poor quality energies within ourselves, it is easy for us to become “depressed” and “negative”. This in turn leads to a downward spiral of poor health. This will ultimately manifest in our physical and mental bodies. Reiki has become as well known as other mainstream complementary therapies such as reflexology, aromatherapy and acupuncture. Reiki is the perfect therapy for stress management. However, Reiki is not a quick fix, but rather a long-term route to good health and better quality of life. Thus regular treatments are encouraged. After the initial treatment, it is recommended to receive a course of a least four treatments. These should ideally be spaced 3-4 days apart for maximum benefit. Thereafter, depending on the severity of the condition being treated, either a twice monthly or monthly “maintenance programme” is suggested. Conditions treated: Stress, Depression, Post Operative Healing, Anxiety, Arthritic Pain, Lethargy & Fatigue, Side effects of traditional cancer treatments, Sleeping disorders, Incontinence. A Reiki treatment essentially brings back the balance which modern lifestyles takes out.

Based in TICEHURST - 12 minutes by car from Wadhurst Station on the London/Hastings line. Servicing the TUNBRIDGE WELLS, in the KENT and EAST SUSSEX area. Indepth courses and ongoing support for all students. Your Hands Can Heal School of Reiki teaches Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Courses. Our courses are aimed at beginners through to advanced as well as the Master/Teacher Level. I also offer healing treatments. The human body has its own disease fighting mechanism – it is called the immune system. Reiki enhances the immune system’s ability to fight off dis-ease. Reiki assists the body to purify itself, resulting in improved functionality of all the organs. Our thoughts and emotions carry energy.Specialities: Teaching Reiki Level 1 (incl. Hands-on Healing) Level 2 (practitioner level) and Level 3 the Master/Teacher

Verified practitioner with the complementary and Natural Healthcare Council in the United Kingdom.

The Tera-Mai healing system provides a standardised initiation procedure to connect students to the Elemental Earth Healing Rays and the Golden Cosmic Energy. Tera-Mai masters are required under the terms of the trademark not to perform attunements from any other Reiki or Seichem system, as combining systems like this has been found to disrupt the flow of energies in the master. The Tera-Mai trademark was set up to protect and maintain the integrity of all initiations. Tera-Mai TM is an extremely powerful healing style and has the ability to get to the source of the DIS-EASE. These initiations are still being upgraded by Spirit from time to time, in line with the increasing Light energies coming in to the planet.