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Austin R.

12 September 2019

Tomiko and her team are incredible!! They are professional and caring. Tomiko went above and beyond  when she was watching our kittens. She sent photos daily and made sure everything in the house was ok while we were away. We felt very comfortable knowing our babies were in great hands. She even watered our plants and herb garden! More...


East-West S.

31 August 2019

Very satisfied with our pet sitting service. We got a text with photo when we were gone and sweet messages about our cat. Quick response back through texting, which is very much appreciated. We will be using this service again in the future for sure. More...


Julie P.

12 August 2019

We used Vet Tech for the first time while we were on vacation for about a week.  Our cat who is 18 needs IV fluids every other day and my vet recommended that we use this service.  I was so nervous at first because my cat can be cranky with strangers, but Donna was really amazing with her!  They did a meet and greet a few weeks prior to our trip and we filled out forms for the tech to reference.  My cat was also having litter box issues and Donna was so wonderful dealing with that as well. She texted us after every visit and sent pictures, she really put my mind at ease.  Price was very reasonable in my opinion and I will definitely use them again if we go on an extended vacay.  I highly recommend this service! More...


P M.

13 June 2019

Tomiko and Pattie did an absolutely wonderful job sitting for an elderly cat.  The cat had been living with an elder who had to move to a retirement community.  Pattie watched her while we looked for a new home.  Over the period of several weeks she helped draw her out of her shell, administered meds after a dental surgery and all around cared for her as if it was her own cat.  Her love of animals means your pet will get the best care possible.  The communication was great, with texts, photos and even an occasional video.  I would trust them 100% with any family pet. Pattie does animal rescue on her own and volunteered to help re-home the cat.  She went way above and beyond to help make that happen putting in her own time to work with a potential adopter. More...


T D.

15 May 2019

We used  Vet Tech services last summer and Tomiko watched our cat. Our cat loved her! (She doesn't like everybody...). Tomiko came every day and played with her and made sure she wasn't lonely, we were away for two weeks.  We were so relieved to see our cat in a good mood when we were back as if we never left. It was t like that with the previous cat sitter whom she did not like and was 'angry' with us for a while. I highly recommend Tomiko and Vet Tech she's very nice, reliable, responsible and very responsive! More...


Jennifer K.

24 April 2019

Tomiko is awesome, we were having a hard time finding a sitter for our four cats - one of whom is diabetic and has pancreas insufficiency so he needs a pill and insulin twice a day. Plus with four cats litter and food can't get skipped or we come home to a smelly house and pee on the floor, ugh! So so so glad we found Tomiko! The cats like her (even the shy one) and we come home to a clean house and happy kitties. She sends us photos and updates so we know all the cats are cared and accounted for. And all for a very reasonable price too! I was in a panic about taking a trip for my birthday, then we found Tomiko and I was able to go and have a great time knowing the kitties were well cared for. And the photos are so nice to see when you're away, in addition to providing a kitty count - which we do every time we leave the house, so having a sitter do it too is one less worry! Definitely a professional and reliable service! More...


Katie G.

25 March 2019

We've used Vet Tech Pet Care once before, and we liked the service so much that we decided to book them again for our spring break vacation! Tomiko sent us little updates and pictures of our kitties while we were away, which really set our minds at ease! A great, professional business - I'd thoroughly recommend! More...


Monica A.

13 January 2019

We worked with Vet Tech in the past for our American Bulldog and had a good experience. We adopted 2 girls, litter mates, 2 years old Bully/Border Collie. They're sweet girls but definitely a handful - still learning their manners. Vet Tech has watched them overnight, walks them weekly and the experience has been awesome! We treat our girls like family and they care for them the same. Thank you Andrew, Tomiko and Jovan. We highly recommend this team to care for your fur babies. More...


Denise L.

12 January 2019

I am very involved in dog rescue and have two of my own. Tomiko was recommended to me by a fellow-rescuer. I was thoroughly impressed with her professionalism and organization when she arrived for the consultation. She has clearly thought through every aspect of need and care for her charges. She demonstrated an ease of interaction with my dogs that gave me the assurance I needed that I'd chosen the the best care for my beloved pups. More...


K V.

29 December 2018

I love Tomiko. She is a true professional. The documentation, the communication, the attention she gives is all first-rate. My partner and I utilize Vet Tech Pet Care around the holidays when we need to be out of town. One of our cats has a number of health issues including CKD and Tomiko has always been able to see that he gets the care he needs. We know our pets are in good hands because Tomiko and the Vet Tech Pet Care team always keep us in the know and therefore at ease. More...


Heidi B.

16 December 2018

We hired Vet Tech to provide dog walking services for our dog. Pattie was kind and did a great job helping our pup through a challenging transition. We would definitely recommend them to others looking for pet services. More...


Lindsey B.

2 December 2018

Tomiko has taken great care of my senior cat, Rocky, in the past, and we will continue to use Vet Tech Pet Care when we are away during the holidays. Rocky requires medication, and I feel safe entrusting Tomiko with that responsibility. Additionally, she sends wonderful pictures and status updates! More...


Sidney K.

20 October 2018

There is no price for one's peace of mind. We traveled internationally for a week and had Tomiko check on the cats throughout the week. She was punctual, professional, and very responsive. Needless to say, we had the peace of mind with Tomiko checking in the cats and sending us their pictures during each visit. More...


Heather S.

4 September 2018

Excellent care for our senior dog! Tomiko and her team are professional, timely, and organized. Tomiko responds promptly to any questions or scheduling change requests (which they are usually able to accommodate!). We have had several different Vet Tech caregivers for mid-day visits and walks. The team is aware of and capable of dealing with our pet's geriatric limitations and takes appropriate precautions to support his health. So glad to have found this great service for our furbaby!!! More...


Tre Murillo

25 July 2018

Thank you so much, Tomiko, for taking care of my babies while I was away! I'm so thankful this service exists!


Francesca V.

18 March 2018

I would give them 5 stars!! Tomiko and her dog handlers are excellent.  Pattie has been handling my 2 dogs Stella and Pieper for a while. She is kind and pays attention to their needs as well as notifies me with any concerns. They are punctual and always accommodate my schedule. I would highly recommend them! More...


Kim Clark Cole

6 March 2018

Love Vet Tech! We have been using them for several years to take care of our pets. I appreciate getting texts to know everything is ok. Easy to schedule and always prompt. Highly recommend. More...


Rama M.

27 February 2018

We've been using Vet Tech Pet Care since 2016 for our pet sitting needs when we go on vacations. Tomiko and Julie are a pleasure to work with.  Julie take great care of our three cats while we are gone.  She is great at giving us daily text updates with pictures and videos and letting us know if there are any problems.  It is definitely hard being away from them but easy to relax knowing our cats are safe at home and being taken care of until we get back.If you are not using Vet Tech Pet Care for pet sitting, you're probably using the wrong company and need to switch now. More...


Marisol P.

21 February 2018

I have been using their services for my 7 month old puppy a couple of months now. Thus far I am very pleased with:  How  PROFESSIONAL  and PROMPT they respond to any of my questions, AVAILABILITY to walk my dog on short need if something has come up, RELIABLE. I get a text when my dog is walked. She also makes certain he has water and feeds him, My dog wags his tail when we have met up with our dog walker. This tells us he is very happy with her, CONSISTENCY. We have the same dog walker for our puppy. These are the highlights only. Overall great service and experience. Highly recommend you try them out! More...


Tom D.

5 February 2018

We have been using Vet Tech for over 8 years.  Tomika, Christian and the team are excellent.  Our dog Luke loves them all.  We highly recommend all of there services and the professional quality of the team.  Keep doing a great job everyone!!!! More...


Tj H.

3 February 2018

I've been using Vet Tech for 2 years, and they get it. They are prompt, responsive, and always take great care of my kitty. When I'm away, they send regular updates (and often photos!) so I know my pet is doing well.I know it's scary letting strangers into your house, and letting them care for the furry members of your family, but this company has never let me down! More...


Julie G.

9 January 2018

I have been using Vet Tech for over 4 years now and can't imagine how I could live my busy life without them! My puppies are my whole world and are used to me being home with them every day when I am not traveling and the thought of me having to leave them with someone is tough! I never thought I could truly find someone I trust. Well along comes Julie Lollar!! She is the most loving, trusting, caring, professional dog sitter I have ever met, My doggies LOVE her and make so much fuss when she arrives that sometimes I think they love her more. LOL! This makes me happy and allows me to travel with ease and know that my puppies are well taken care of. Tomiko, the owner is amazing too and they are all so professional and work with my schedule to be as flexible as possible. THANK YOU VET TECH for taking such great care of my puppies and for being so appreciative of your clients. xoxoxo More...


Y B.

21 November 2017

Vet Tech Pet Care is always my Cat sitter since I asked the first day.  Tomiko helps me and my kitty when we needed and she responded right away always.  I highly recommended :)


Heather M.

13 November 2017

Tomiko has given me peace of mind when I travel. She takes such good care of my furry children. She sends texts and pictures every day to update me. She's wonderful, and I'm so grateful I found her. This is company that you want to hire to take care of your pets!  She is a "cat whisperer," and my animals are happy when she takes care of them. More...


Shannon Goralka

8 November 2017

Tomiko and her team have been walking my babies daily, since they were wee little pups at 8 weeks. Five years later, we are more like family. My pups absolutely love them and are happy campers when I arrive home from a long day at the office. The service is reliable and they have gone out of their way on many occasions to cover last minute changes in my schedule, sicks days and holidays. I always receive cute text updates and pics of the time my pups have spent with them. Hands down the best Pet Care in the Bay. More...


Joyce S.

9 October 2017

Tomiko has been doing a fantastic job! She has been taking care of our cat really well when we go on trips.  She gives us updates with photos every day so we know our fur baby is doing great. Our cat is shy but as we can tell he likes Tomiko a lot:-) She also collects mails and waters plants for us which is super helpful when we are out.  We're incredibly satisfied with her service. More...


jcycle s.

31 August 2017

I just used Vet Tech Pet Care and I am pleased with their services.  This is the first time that I've used a professional service to care for my cat while on extended travel.  My cat is not friendly with strangers and she is happier left home alone.  Since my cat had pancreatitis and she is 11 years old, I felt it was time for some professional care during my absence.Julie and Tomiko are a good team.  I requested email updates, as opposed to text messages or photos, during the pet care.  My mail was collected, thus I didn't have to contact the post office about holding my mail.  I highly recommend Tomiko and Julie.  And If I need pet services again, I will definitely contact Vet Tech Pet Care. More...


Tracy Fletcher

30 July 2017

The service is AMAZING! The only place I trust to care for my fur babies. They too love animals and will treat yours as if their own. They also reply so quickly when you need to book a visit/trip. I HIGHLY recommend them and I'm very picky! ��� More...


Greta H.

28 July 2017

Between ourselves, my husband and I call Tomiko "The Pet Whisperer".  This is a woman who has the complete trust of animals.  She is simply AMAZING.  If I could give her 10 stars out of 5, I would.  I needed to get my cat to the vet.  This outdoor kitty had taken me over a year to tame, and fought me and my husband when we tried to get him in a carrier.  Tomiko looked him the eyes, talked to him in a calm voice, picked him up and placed him in the carrier, and Sox never struggled and settled right down in the carrier. Tomiko has a magical way with animals.  She is one in a million.  Exceptional.  HIGHLY recommend. More...


Jess D.

14 May 2017

Tomiko with Vet Tech Pet Care continues to provide my furkids with top notch care! Throughout her time with us, we've had a senior dog with high medical needs, a dog making progress with behavior/ training and a fat cat. She manages it all - daily (mid day walks / visits) as well as provides overnight care in our home. I'm completely confident in the care Tomiko provides. They get the right amount of exercise (varies due to arthritis) and she's flagged medical changes due to her knowledge/ experience and attention to detail. The human client portion is excellent as well - prompt conformation of requests for service, text message updates, etc. I continue to recommend Tomiko and Vet Tech Pet Care as she cares for the furkids like her own. Oski Dog seconds the recommendation! He's a tail wagging, dinosaur noise making, kissing fool when he sees she comes to the house. More...


Patricia Hill

30 November 2016

Vet Tech has been so helpful with Duchess, the little corgi! She's a handful most of the time!


Katherine A. Vanderveen

30 November 2016

Vet tech services are always excellent. They always keep me posted on the status of my cat when I am away. He is healthy and happy when I return.


Linda M King

30 November 2016

Really appreciate Kelli & Tomiko taking care of my Frankie cat even when he's a grump and doesn't want to come out for his subQ fluids! They are kind and patient and he's always happy and well when I get home! More...


Gail Ferriera

30 November 2016

A great place with great people. Love not having to take Bailey in the car for his nail trim and other stuff. Highly recommend any services you need.


Chris Popp

30 November 2016

Have been using Vet Tech Pet Care for a couple of years for all my cats - 2 outside and 4 inside - and never had any worries that they were in good hands. And they always text me after to let me know everything was good. Very happy with their services. More...


Dayna Vanderveen

30 November 2016

Love Vet Tech, Kelli, Kelcea, Tomoko, etc. Vet Tech came into my life at a difficult time. Was really scared to leave Shadow & Whiskey again with anyone but Vet Tech kept me informed every night along with the occasional picture. Shadow & Whiskey are in heaven now but my new baby girl Callie loves Kelli. Callie is always happy, relaxed & healthy when I arrive home from a trip. More...


Lucy Childs

30 November 2016

Vet Tech Pet Care is excellent! On numerous occasions, both long and short, they have taken care of our very shy cat. He now greets them when they visit with lots of purrs and affection. Vet Tech sent updates on how our cat was doing, complete with photos, which enhanced our trips. First rate care. and a first rate business. More...


Annie H.

4 May 2016

Tomiko came to my house last week to provide care while I was out of town for 36 hours. She was so kind to my energetic dog, and sent me photos of her every time she went to see her which gave me peace of mind while I was out of town. I would definitely use them again, thank you Tomiko! More...


Dmitry K.

5 January 2016

Very happy with the service. Our dogs really liked Julie. She was always in time. Spent extra time with dogs and even took them to open field (trail) while we were away.Will use their service again.


Anne C.

16 July 2015

I am so grateful that my dear friend Holly passed on the information for Vet Tech Pet Care. It didn't hurt that a veterinarian surgeon friend of hers gave her the information for Vet Tech. It is such a relief to know that reliable pet care is only a text or e-mail away now. It is so hard to leave our two kitties when we go away but it has become a little easier since finding Kelly to care for them when we are gone. The last time we went out of town, one of our kitties had just been diagnosed with FLUTD so we asked the service to check and feed the cats twice a day and it wasn't a problem. They also brought in the mail and the newspaper, watered some plants and put out the trash cans for us. We didn't even ask for the trash cans to be put out but sure appreciated them doing so. It was also appreciated that Kelly was able to palpitate Mario's bladder to be sure his bladder was empty and he wasn't having urinating issues. I am grateful for the texts from Kelly that all is well too. Thanks again for the fantastic service! More...


Erin Piña

3 April 2014

I love VTPC. I feel totally confident that they will take care of my special needs dogs while i'm out of town and my dogs love them!!


Erin R.

11 March 2014

We had Kelli at Vet Tech come in and take care of our kitty, Lexie,  the last nine days. We had never left her for this long before and because she is epileptic, I was worried about leaving her. Kelli was great! She emailed me daily about how Lexie was doing which allowed us to relax on our vacation knowing she was doing well. Kelli was very professional and knowledgable in the care of our "baby". I highly recommend Vet Tech Pet care and will definitely be calling them again to care for Lexie next time we go on vacation. More...


Pam R.

19 February 2014

Vet Tech looked after my two cats while I was away for 5 days, and were able to sign me up on very short notice. They were absolutely fantastic. They visited once a day to feed, set up my automatic feeders for a second feeding, clean the littler box, check that everything was ok, and give the boys some attention.They are outstandingly professional, taking all of the vet info, emergency info for my home, ways to contact me. They came to meet the cats and get keys and had an excellent way with animals. They texted me several times while I was gone to let me know everything was fine, and asked me to let them know when I was home and the cats were ok. When I arrived home the boys were calm, they house looked good, and they had even washed the used cat bowls.There are cheaper pet sitters, but I don't think I could find anyone better than these folks. More...


Patricia H.

12 October 2013

Excellent, reliable dog care in my home. My dog loves the techs.


Catherine M.

8 November 2012

Excellent service ! Kelli came to visit my pets while we were away for the weekend. So great to just call and know that I can trust my animals to be taken care of. She texted me cute and funny updates and it was great peace of mind to hear they were happy and doing well in our absence . More...


Maria E.

21 October 2012

Fabulous service!!   Extremely professional and thorough.  I have used them regularly  for three years and have always been thrilled.  I had a feline that required daily sub cutaneous fluid administration and they're the only service I could find who were trained and skilled in this specialty.  They go beyond all expectations!   I can go away now with peace of mind. More...


stephanie s.

15 March 2012

Fabulous service, fabulous owner. My dog is  happy when i get home after a day with Aimee. And when her staff members in my area can't assist, she comes herself. Also Aimee is an amazing pet photographer! More...


Sean F.

5 September 2011

Where your pets are concerned, Aimee and her team does it all. We can go on vacation or away for a weekend and have no worries whatsoever about our four cats. Service this good is rare these days, and worth every penny, but the genuine care Aimee provides is priceless and we are very appreciative. In addition to the services she provides are the unexpected, added touches that make it really special. It's like having family looking after your home while you are away. You won't be disappointed. More...


Mollie D.

15 June 2011

I used Vet Tech Pet Care last year when my beloved cat Ziggy was injured & I needed daily assistance caring for him after a surgery. I called Aimee scared and stressed about being able to care for him when he left the emergency center & she made sure that someone was at my house that evening. I needed twice daily visits and she was there for me (and Ziggs) while he recovered . Kelly was the tech specifically who helped me & I couldn't say enough wonderful things about her. It was also touching to get a card in the mail asking how he was doing and made the business relationship very personal which meant a lot to me. I trust her and her staff with my pets unconditionally and would use her services again  ... Thanks again Aimee & Staff !!! More...


Chris S.

7 November 2010

I feel like my dog has a better time with the family at Vet Tech then I do on vacation! The level of personal care is bar none. I can go on vacations without worrying about my pet, without having to leave him in a kennel, and most of all, without worrying if the people are doing a good job watching him or not.Trained and educated staff watch my dog at MY house so he is happy. One on one care, not a bunch of dogs. They follow ANY amount of directions I give. My Siberian husky needs at least two walks and lots of affection and he gets it. One of my favorite things I love is the constant text and email updates with pictures of my happy pooch.This service is so important for me, and knowing that my dog is safe and happy when I am on vacation is worth every penny. More...


Mari S.

13 September 2010

Aimee and her team have bailed us out big time. She is reliable, knowledgeable, and just like having a trusted family member taking care of our pup. Halle and I recommend her highly and so does Tucker dog! More...


Kim O.

27 July 2010

5+ stars. Aimee is the best!  She is extremely reliable, conscientious, trustworthy and great with animals.  I am so thankful to have found Aimee for those days when no one is home to walk my dog Stella.  Aimee has also been a lifesaver with evening visits with no notice when I've been unexpectedly stuck working late.  I give Aimee my highest recommendation. More...


Janet R.

13 July 2010

I can't say enough good things about Aimee and the people she has working with her.  I had a somewhat last minute need for daily walks and overnight care for my 2 dogs and 2 cats and Aimee jumped right in and took care of everything.  She and the sitter that stayed overnights sent updates on how everything was going including photos and even one video.  I would recommend Aimee's services to anyone and never miss a chance to sing her praises when a friend with pets mention they are going on vacation.  Aimee is great! More...


S H.

14 April 2010

Love love love Aimee and her crew.  When our beloved Panda cat was diagnosed with diabetes, we suddenly became tied to our house at 12-hour intervals to check her blood glucose and give her insulin shots.  No more vacations, no more happy hours or lingering over dinner in the city after work.  Hanging out with friends inevitably resulted in one of us having to jump up mid-activity and head home to "shoot Panda up."  So sad.But now we're free!  Aimee and her team are sweet as pie, great with animals, organized, competent and reasonably priced.  They are also experienced vet techs, so Panda's insulin injections and blood glucose testing are no problem.  We've used them twice for single-day visits and we're planning to use them again when we go on vacation(!)  Panda loves them and we feel totally secure leaving her in their care.  I can't recommend them highly enough! More...


judy s.

4 October 2009

After many years of anguish having to leave my 2 border terriers with  various kennels while we went on vacation, we finally found Aimee and her very capable crew. We were able to have Tiarra, who happens to also be an employee at the vet we use, come in to stay with them for 4 days. I have never felt so comfortable leaving them behind, knowing that Riley, who has multiple medical problems, and Lucy, who tends to be anxious and needy, would be in the very best hands and able to stay at home while we were away. Tiarra was excellent and both dogs were happy & healthy when we got back. She even left a very detailed note about their behavior, rather than the standard "they were fine" I've gotten from previous places. I would highly recommend them to anyone, especially anyone with dogs that don't do well in standard boarding. More...


Christine B.

31 August 2009

Needing a place for our little canine member of the family to stay last minute, I called around locally, only to find several places closed on Saturday.  Then I went to Yelp and came across O'Brien Family Pet Care...whew!  They made it possible for her to stay and went the extra mile to make it happen, even though it was last minute!The customer service is there and our dog was cared for very well, giving updates on her eating habits and personality while I was away.  Very helpful to me as it was my first time to board a pet.I recommend them for sure! More...



14 July 2009

In the past we have only trusted friends to watch our two cats.  After finding Aimee, we will never allow anyone else to take care of them.  When we first moved into our new home, our oldest cat was having a very hard time adjusting and not getting along with our youngest cat..  We were terrified to leave the two of them alone, much less with a stranger.  After meeting with Aimee we decided to give her a chance.  Boy were we lucky.  She treated the cats like they were her own and made them feel very loved in our absence.  Both cats seemed more at ease when we returned.  She is so thoughtful, she even brought in our mail.  In addition, Aimee provides text updates and follows up to make sure that you returned home.   We highly recommend her services to everyone. More...


chris c.

19 August 2008

Aimee and crew were a great help with my 1 and a half  year old Aussie while I was out of town this summer.  On the first 2 occasions I had them just come over for daily walks and feeding, but on the 3rd we boarded with them since we were gone for a week.  Finn came back happy and healthy.One of the bonuses of this service is that they really work with you to understand the habits (both good and bad) of your animals schedule and stick with it so there isn't any change to the level of care or balance in their lives.  We will definitely use them again. More...

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