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Bruce Soland

6 March 2019

Knowledge about the increasing demand for security and a very progressive approach to use those who know, understand, and have functioned in a high risk environment. If your concerned about providing a safer zone in and around your business; hire this company! More...


Marceena Peart

19 December 2018

My company, Total Property Management (TPM) worked with Prime Ops for the past 8 months at Garage Plus Storage in Spanaway, WA. They were called in by the owner to combat and solve the drug and crime problems that were dramatically effecting their bottom line. TPM helped with all the administrative duties, whereas Luke and his team of Sheriffs worked countless hours, day in and day out, chasing these bad guys out and even arresting several really bad criminals. I don’t know what would have transpired if they were normal security guards without authority to look up these criminals records and build a case to evict and even arrest them.
Luke was so professional in all aspects of his newly formed company. His former employment in the fire service definitely gave him an advantage in his discipline and overall efficiencies, especially with such a young company. He operated like a 10-20 year businessman, it was very impressive.
I would highly recommend Prime Ops and Luke Guthrie for any security needs where you require arresting powers from your local police. He will provide you a needs analysis, an measurable objective, and timelines so you can get back to leading your company. My Property Management Company will be using his team in the near future. Thank you Prime Ops, thank you Luke.


Briana Holmes

30 August 2018

Why do I recommend Prime Ops? Luke is why, he is loyal and compassionate! His true goal is to offer protection to surrounding communities and stability for our future. His heart for making sure our children and teachers stay safe is remarkable. Luke will stop at nothing to find solutions for all your needs and concerns. He has solid family support and he has worked hard on building relationships with local police departments! You are in good hands with this company! Plus they have super RAD hats! ♡ More...

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