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VesCo Residential Cleaning is a leading family owned house cleaning service in Cincinnati, OH. We deliver high quality cleaning results performed by professional cleaning personnel trained and disciplined in their trade. VesCo does not contract work we employ.



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VesCo Residential Cleaning was founded and branded in 2009 by Jeremy Vesper.

VesCo Residential Cleaning staff bring their own equipment and supplies. We use name brand products you can purchase at Lowes, Home Depot, Sam's Club and more. Do you want to use a product of your choice? No problem! All we ask is that the customer supply their product and we will use it!

What we love most about our job here at VesCo is the people we serve. When we have a chance to make a positive difference in someone's day or take a stressful situation and turn it around for good that means a lot to us. Serving and being kind to people and treating people with respect and dignity and working hard for them to produce the results they are looking for is what we are in business to do. We love people! It is in our hearts to serve and walk in love and we wouldn't have it any other way!

My faith in God the Father and his Son Jesus and their words and teachings have inspired me to believe that I can be more than what the world says I have to be. Through the word I gained the courage to step out into the unknown and place others first before myself, working hard to serve with a joyful spirit and staying focused and determined to grow but remaining content in all situations. Through that inspiration we continue to gain traction by serving more and more people and being a blessing to many. We now not only serve the public but we employ the public as well. Our hard work from the ground up has allowed us to add others who feel the same dedication in their hearts to serve. We now support families by providing meaningful, good paying jobs with an opportunity for growth and an inner satisfaction of achievement for well doing! These things inspire us to this day and we will continue to fight the good fight and push for greater and greater things.

Bark customers choose VesCo Residential Cleaning because
-We are A rated!
-We get the job done right!
-We have Amazing People!
-We love what we do!
-We have great attitudes!
-We are punctual!
-We can be trusted!
-We offer affordable pricing!
-We take credit cards!
-We offer flexible scheduling
-We provide a detailed deep cleaning service
-We are always responsive
And most of all we LOVE people!