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Need help implementing your digital marketing strategy? That’s where VERSATILE ASSISTANCE+ comes in, providing project and task assistance for marketing agencies, professionals, and freelancers. We assist businesses with strategy planning and execution as well. We are a digital marketing support agency.


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I have a heart for service, personally and professionally. I enjoy helping others achieve their marketing goals to grow their business. I have 8 years of experience across several areas of digital marketing and I love being able to use my general knowledge of it to support others.

I've worked on the agency side and in-house. I know what pressures come with both of those environments, and how easily a typical 8 hour work day can turn into a 10+ hour day. I wanted to create a solution for marketing agency teams, professionals, and freelancers that feel overwhelmed and/or out of time. Something that would allow them to outsource tasks and projects fast, and have the work turned around quickly. I also wanted to extend that help to small, medium, and large businesses with marketing teams or managers that need assistance.

I'm comfortable jumping into any area I can to help a client reach their marketing goals. My services are affordable and easy to request. I'm available everyday via email, phone, and text to answer questions and provide support.


Onsite services include technical and basic website optimization (title, meta description, image alt tag, headers), and blog/content posting and optimization. Offsite includes backlinking, content creation for guest posting, and other external optimization tasks. Varies according to what your strategy includes.

Give us your imagery and strategy outline, and we’ll take care of scheduling posts for your clients. If you don’t have imagery/graphics created, just give us an idea of your aesthetic and we’ll create graphics/posts based on that and schedule them.

Automation is key to efficiency. Between Zapier, HubSpot, Magento, and other tools, it’s hard to find a professional that doesn’t use at least one. We can help you set-up your marketing automation tools for clients or manage what you currently have in place.

Google Ads, Bing Ads, Oath, Native&Search - we implement your clients’ account structure or import their campaigns across the different paid advertising platforms. No strategy yet? Give us your outline and we’ll help you with keyword research, ad copy, targeting and more.

Edits include updating copy, adding new content to website pages, creation of new pages, image sourcing and uploading, updating URL or site architecture, etc.

Once you’ve settled on budget and strategy with your clients, pass it on to VERSATILE ASSISTANCE+. We’ll handle implementing all parts of your paid social strategy for Facebook/Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

If your focus is strategy development and internal processes, we help you handle the work on your accounts so that you can run your agency or freelance service efficiently. This includes client communication, internal team communication, and task management.

Similar to handling the different aspects of Account Management so that you can focus on your internal operations, our Project Management service frees up your time on specific tasks for your clients. Let us know the details of your project and we’ll take care of the hands-on work for it.

We implement your conversion rate optimization plan for you. This includes editing calls-to-action, color scheme, font, headings, copy arrangement and more on your landing page or website.

We can implement your clients’ email marketing campaigns across different email platforms including Mailchimp, Constant Contact, HubSpot and Magento. Provide us with you strategy and creative, and we’ll handle the rest.

We can create reports for your clients, or use your existing platform/method. Let us know the area(s) of digital marketing you need reports ran for, and how often you’d like them for your clients, and we can create them to your specifications.

None of the what’s listed so far meets your needs? Get in touch, and let us know what kind of assistance you’re looking for. VERSATILE ASSISTANCE+ specializes in digital marketing tasks and projects, but we can handle offline marketing work too.