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Veronica van Nierop . Neuroscience therapy permanent change logo

Veronica van Nierop . Neuroscience therapy permanent change

Henley on Thames, , Oxfordshire

Veronica van Nierop . Neuroscience therapy permanent change logo

Veronica van Nierop . Neuroscience therapy permanent change

Henley on Thames, , Oxfordshire



I offer both therapy and coaching using applied neuroscience because, I have found over the 30 years working in the field of personal change and development, that this is the most successful and permanent way to achieve lasting change. Becoming who you need to be to create what you want in your life.


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Rhonda Lunnon

4 September 2018

My son Jude was diagnosed in primary school with having auditory dyslexia ,acting on instruction has always been difficult for him,when he got to year 8 this was frustrating him a great deal ,lowering his self esteem and confidence ,addressing his issues and acting on booking Veronica made an impact in itself, Veronica was great with Jude,made him feel relaxed in his appointments and explained the process well to reassure him,it’s definitively helped Jude to listen and focus more on instruction in his school environment and given him more confidence in learning!


Marie Ekerholm

4 September 2018

A few months ago Veronica helped my father who is in his 70s transform, which I never thought was possible. He has always been ‘difficult’, and has tried various treatments like psychotherapy etc but although he’s aware of his behaviour and how it affects people around him, he has never been able to change until now. Through the audio therapy Veronica has been able to remove old blockages and the transformation has been remarkable. He is now so much happier and more harmonic, he is pleasant to be around and we are able to have normal conversations without arguments. The best thing of all, the effect of the treatment keeps making improvements every day and it’s permanent! I can’t recommend Veronica enough, she is insightful, genuine and professional. More...


Kath Cassitta

4 September 2018

I am so happy to recommend Hear and Now to anyone who has auditory processing disorder.
As I have spent many years with this very frustrating issue I knew that when I suspected my son of having it I had to find him the right help. Sadly the National Health service and local, G.P don’t offer much help and support on this and will only offer a hearing test, which I have recently learnt is useless as a sound processing issue and will not be identified in a hearing test.
I found, Hear and Now advertised in a local school magazine. Veronica is the, Berard AIT practitioner and is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. I arranged a consultation and assessment for my son who was 6.1/2 at the time and I have never looked back! The results proved that my son was indeed experiencing processing issues, hypersensitivities and auditory distortions.
We followed up with the, Berard, Auditory Integration Therapy, a ten day course of, digitally adapted music therapy treatment.
After starting treatment I saw incredible changes in my son from as early as day five of the ten day course. He was retested half way through the course and it proved that his sensitivities had indeed changed; his hypersensitivities had reduced and come into normal range.
My son has improved in confidence, concentration and behavior, understanding instruction better, talking more clearly even his vocal volume has increased, he use to almost, cower away, when talking. His vocabulary has also improved and his questioning, along with his writing too. It’s incredible; you can expect to see changes up to 9 month after treatment too.
His processing, will within a year, be within the normal range. I believe my son now has a better chance at really enjoying his education. It was clear before this treatment he was not happy at all at school. He had poor concentration, lacked confidence and would struggle a little to keep up with expected levels of work. He lacked interest and engagement. He was classed as immature.
Basically, he would “switch off” as noise was uncomfortable for him.
My advice to any parent: if you think your child is not hearing or processing sound properly and they have been offered a hearing test that results in normal hearing range, but you still suspect an issue then please try a APD test, to check sound processing, as it is a different issue that won’t be recognized by a hearing test.
There is very little help available until your child is really struggling and falling behind.
Don’t rely on your child’s school to identify it, follow your gut instinct!
The school failed to even identify my son with perhaps having a hearing/processing issue, which meant not only did I question and doubt myself but also that he was not getting any correct support and just really getting into trouble for his behavioral issues as a result of his frustrations.
I’m happy to say that with this report and treatment my son has better support at school and seems a lot happier.
Veronica is the most amazing person; she is knowledgeable, excellent with children, very friendly, approachable and understanding. Since treatment she has offered to give a talk to the teachers and parents at our school in a bid to help people recognise auditory processing disorder. Veronica is passionate about her work and was so encouraging and happy for us with the results. She offers plenty of support and understanding from day one. There are post treatment check-ups over the next twelve months too
I am left feeling, Veroinca and her co-worker Alice will always be very special people to my family and I and I thank them dearly.

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What I love most about my job is the people I am lucky enough to work with. For me, it is as simple as that, working with people who are interested in progressing in their lives, whether to recover from events from the past, build resilience to anxiety, and stress, or to explore and reach their fullest potential for a happy and fulfilling career and life.

To me, we are all a work of art in progress, doing the best we can despite our 'baggage'. I love seeing people experience the changes they achieve in the way they think and feel and the marked reduction in their defensive states and stress levels. Unlike 'mindfulness', change, development and maturity gained with applied Neuroscience is permanent . This is because as new patterns form, people become more naturally happy and resilient. I have been working in this field for several decades and love it as much now as when I started.

I am inspired by the potential that we all inherently have within us. However, life happens to us all and we develop patterns that served us when we were young but no longer do. Other than a period when I was a lecturer at university, I have always been self employed. For me, it is important to work with people who aspire to be happy, to live a full and fulfilling life, no matter what their starting point. This is why I work for myself, it gives me the freedom to work with like minded people. Anxiety, depression or overwhelm are often people's starting point on a journey to a happy life, it is not who they really are, it is a behaviour they are expressing.
My business motto is to 'support people to be the happiest person they know, no matter what life brings.'

There are two distinctly different but important areas here.

Professionally - I am well qualified and have 30 years of experience in a wide range of academic and clinical areas. The quality and effectiveness of your result is very important to me, as is the gentle facilitation of your time through what is often, a difficult journey.

Personally - I have lived life and like you have experienced life's ups and downs, my work is not just an academic or professional role. My clients would describe me as real, insightful, relaxed, engaged and genuine. I am light and supportive, to keep the process easy for my clients when needed and I have been know to tell some very good jokes! I know first hand, that resolving 'stuff' in our lives takes courage and an element of determination. I commit to being 100% present for you during our work together and to respect your commitment to being the happiest you possible.