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I help Moms to get their bodies back by developing healthier habits that become automatic and fits every busy schedule.
- Lose the diet and gain power
- Stop counting calories and break-free from the diet mentality
- Create healthier behaviors and habits



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I'm helping busy moms establish a realistic fitness plan that fits their schedule. During a 90-day coaching service, I will help you develop healthier habits that become automatic. I'll give you the tools and accountability to transform your body and feel good in your own skin, without eliminating your favorite foods or being a calorie accountant.

Most of us have a problem with staying commit. It's easy to want to lose weight and decide that you're going to diet, but once things get hard or uncomfortable or we don't see immediate success, we drop the commitment.

What can help you significantly with keeping the high level of your commitment is your WHY.

You have all you need to lose weight. Remember your "why", commit to a result, and you keep taking action until you get the result.

I'm here to guide you through the whole journey.

I love teaching moms how to improve their health and discover that they have time for fitness.

Having three kids sure keeps me on my toes and I've had to learn how motherhood and my fitness practice can coexist!

I believe it's possible to find time for exercise no matter how busy you are and even 15 minutes a day is all it takes to see and feel results. That is why I've created the 90-days coaching program for Moms to teach busy moms that they don't need a new diet all they need is a new mindset.

Like no other fitness trainer I believe that you can be healthy no matter what size you are so you can be sure that I won't recommend any restrictive diet or assume that because of a bigger body you want to lose weight.


I'm a NASM Certified Personal Trainer. I'm helping mom establish a realistic workout routine that fits their busy schedule. E-mail me vena@venakalukiewicz.com to schedule FREE 30-MINUTES CONSULTATION SESSION if you are a busy mom and you want: - Stop feeling confused about food and exercise - Adopt healthier behaviors and habits - Break-free from the diet mentality - Stop counting calories - Feel better in your clothes - Lose up to 20+ lbs without cutting out your favorite foods - Feel SEXY and CONFIDENT