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Los Angeles, Unites States

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Los Angeles, Unites States



Are you ready to get into the best shape of your life? Call now and start today!

I can train anyone anywhere anytime. I am confidant that I can reach you to your fitness goals in a fun and effective way with your own customized workout program.


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24 September 2019

I've been looking for someone to help me get back in shape and she's perfect! She has a up beat personality that meshes well with mine, and she motivates me to keep pushing which is what I need! The workouts make you sweat, which is what you need! She has a easy to follow meal plan that keeps me eating throughout the day that jumped started my metabolism! I'm looking forward to the next workout! More...



8 September 2019

I found Melody through Instagram by chance and so glad I reached out to her! She’s the first personal trainer I’ve had since moving to LA when I was really struggling to get motivated to get back in a routine and within the first few weeks already started noticing results. I look forward to all my training sessions with her as each one is different from the last. She super positive and motivating, I can’t recommend her enough! More...



5 September 2019

I’ve been training with Melody for over a year now. With in this past year I’ve lost almost 30 lbs with her and I have learned so much. I learned how to control my food, what to look for when I go shopping and I love the fact that she is accessible to me 24/7 even when we are not training. She has me send a food blog every day and gives me homework which really helps me hold myself accountable.
Melody’s has a very positive attitude and you can tell she really cares about me achieving my goals.I would never workout on my own but Melody always makes it fun and challenging and makes the hour fly by.



28 August 2019

I’ve been working with Melody for almost a year now and it has been absolutely wonderful. She’s reliable, punctual, and extremely flexible. I have an unstable work schedule and she makes it work even when I give her last minute notices. Melody also tailors the workouts to your specific needs and changes them up every session to keep it challenging and to make sure it doesn’t get too repetitive. She is knowledgeable and is a great pleasure to work with. Definitely recommend her, especially if it’s your first time training one-on-one: she will keep you motivated and make it worth your while More...



27 August 2019

Melody is amazing! She is the first trainer I’ve ever had and I’m very impressed. She helped me reach my goal in the first month of losing nearly 10lbs!! She’s fun, passionate about what she does, and helps keep me motivated. I look forward to every training session with her! More...


Jessica hendizadeh

10 August 2019

She’s the best!! The only trainer I’ve worked out with that I actually look forward to the workout. She customizes the workout for you to make sure you feel it and based on your needs/goals.


Laura M.

8 August 2019

I moved out to LA about 2 months ago, and my sister ran into Melody at the gym. It's very hard for my sister and I to motivate on our own so it seemed perfect that a trainer came into our lives. She met with us and had us tell her about our current habits, future goals and anything else that was holding us back. She showed us her process and we scheduled workouts right away. She's super flexible, positive and has a social media presence. I love working out with her encouraging words and videos she takes. It helps with accountability, motivation, and I love reposting to show my friends my progress. I've only been on her program for a month but I've already seen results and it helps that she has you text her all your meals. She is there every step of the way, not just when you're with her working out. I started in a very dark place mentally and physically, but ever since I started with vdhtraining I feel my life getting better every day. More...



1 August 2019

Melody pushed me in ways I would have never pushed myself. She is so patient, kind and strong! Thank you for making me feel confident in the gym :)


I am a hands on trainer that checks in on my clients daily. To hold them accountable and make sure they reach their goals.

I do a weigh in each weak and take a progress photo. I have my clients text me pics of their food and send me what they worked out on the days they are not training with me.

When you work with me I will not only be your personal trainer but I will be there for you every step of the way.

Discipline, Constancy, Diet and mindset and willing to change your lifestyle. Getting the body of your dreams is not a quick fix or a temporary diet.

I love that I get to do what I love most every day. I love training and I love helping other people becoming the best version of them selfs

Vdhtraining was inspired by a personal transformation I made for myself as I went from size 11 to size 2. I wanted to create a training program for others so that I could serve as a source of motivation and be the helping hand I did not have. I want to empower those walking through life juggling insecurites to use fitness as a means to not only achieve the body they desire but also to strengthen their mind and build confidence.

I believe fitness should be fun and functional. If you are ready to see results in your own life I can train anyone, anywhere, anytime! Are you ready achieve the body the body you have always wanted?



-Online training -I will help guide you with nutrition. -Help you overcome mental obstacles that keep you from your goal -Declutter your fridge and pantry -Food shopping -Meal prep

I will meet with you in person to discuss your fitness objectives, assess a baseline and help you understand the most efficient way to reach your goals.