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Tatiana Ramos Adames

Me ha encantado la experiencia en VMBC, las clases impartidas son entretenidas, diferentes y retadoras. Los instructores fueron amables y pacientes, siempre procurando que estuviera haciendo los movimientos de la manera correcta y buscando alternativas para adaptarla a mis limitaciones. Mi clase favorita ha sido HIIT, terminas sintiendote satisfecho y con mucha adrenalina. Definitivamente, he visto un cambio en la manera que mi cuerpo se siente! Mas energia y poco a poco creando resistencia. No me queda nada mas que agradecer! More...


Charlie Ts

Great place to experience variety of yoga, fitness, traditiinal martial arts program.


Frank Shabrang

Fun place to get a good workout while meeting an awesome crowd of people.


Russell Jacobson

Vancouver Mind-Body Centre is an excellent dojo and training facility. Chief instructor Natan is highly qualified and surrounds himself with amazing assistant instructors with other backgrounds ,as well ,that enhance the overall experience. I was and remain deeply impressed with the caliber of people there and it really reflects in the students. I look forward to my next visit. Itsumo arigato ,Natan Sensei. More...


Lynn Elizabeth

Very welcoming team, both the clients and instructors, that is. My first class was really fun and I enjoyed myself very much. As I was filling out my form before my first class, I had students saying hi and introducing themselves and also sharing their story about why they started and the challenges that they faced from start to present. One of their kettlebell instructors, Natan, is great to have around as his presence makes you comfortable and he knows how to keep the whole class focused and aware. He really pays attention to every one in the class and challenges you so that you can meet your goals. He's got humor which is really nice as it makes the vibe not so serious but more fun and interesting. I encourage anyone and everyone to try their studio out, whether you choose to do Kettlebell or Martial Arts you will surely have fun, as well as, see and feel the results!! Namaste =) More...


James Wallace

I can't reccomend VMB enough - the classes are always varied to keep the mind and body guessing. I love how deceptively simple exercises start off seeming impossible and then enter the realm of my capability. Natan and crew always support you where you are at and have one new step ready to add the moment you start getting comfortable. They take every exercise to the next level and I can't help but want to achieve that next step towards self mastery once they put it out there. There is a reason the people who come here are all regulars - they've all witnessed their own transformations first hand. More...

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