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Uxedios is a video production company based in Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in high quality video production, commercials, lifestyle films and branded content. We work with agencies, brands and businesses from all over the United States to craft stories that extend market reach and drive engagement.


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I think there are many important aspects to make a good photograph but the most important would have to be: interesting and engaging subject matter. Even if certain technical aspects are not well executed such as focus and composition, there can still be a reason for finding the photo meaningful. Ideally, engaging subject matter, lighting, composition and a sharp focal point are the most important aspects, collaboratively. Interesting lighting in photography is most fundamental, composition contributes in giving impact and aesthetic merit, and a part of the photo in good focus to draw our attention to the subject are very important. But an uninteresting subject matter for me will still leave a photo with little appeal even if all the other technical aspects mentioned are well executed.

What is your budget?
What are you after? Photos, timelapse, etc.?
Have you defined the style / finished look you are after?
If video files, what crop ratio? What resolution (1080p, 4k)?
Where (what medium) will these assets be used?
Who will they be used by? (mention if multiple people/accounts)
How long do you wish to have usage rights for?
What territory will the assets be used?
What is the size of your social media audience?
What location has been chosen, if any?
Do you have your own terms & conditions?

What I love most about my job is being able to express myself visually in a creative way, because I have always been a very visual person and would rather let my images speak for themselves rather than through words.

I wanted the freedom of running my own business. Meeting cool people, have more flexibility, and pursue my passion.

Ultimately, it comes down to dedication to a project and how hard you work. Ten times out of 10, I work harder than any other photographer or agency, despite exceeding the scope hours for the project, because doing great work means more to me than just a win for "just a client". Over-delivering helps me to win immediately, thus creating new relationships which allow me to win future business.