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We are a locally headquartered SEO Digital Marketing Agency. Complete transparency is number one rule at our office, we see where you stand at the present with a no charge website Audit. And assign a "Dashboard" area to give you up to the minute stats on your campaign.



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I'll let you in on three things 99% of your competition has no clue on. Back it up with data on them. Look at your desktop / Laptop / Mobile ( rarely should your smart phone website mimic those others. Using Google Analytics, we check the "Bounce Rate" and "Dwell Time" and complete structure of the site to make sure you get chosen by Google to be in Top Spot. Look at where you are in Google Maps and Your Google My Business. Do you have 24 Hour Chat? , Pop Ups with CTA's to influence path visitor takes, E-books for Email addresses, Video, Video and Video. Does your site employ "AMP"? Why? Google wants websites to download in less than 2 seconds, and even then, you better get someone’s attention in less that 8 seconds or they leave.

Have you established a unique Landing Page? Do emails automatically get sent and new ones auto generated depending on response?
Did you know that by 2025 85% of all returned searches will be in the form of video and you should begin that shift sooner than later to get a head start. Do you know the top two competitors in each keyword ranking relevant to the words you should be using. Especially based on Google Trends happening now and in conjunction with last 12 months history to date?
I spend at least 10 to 15 hours a week going think tank groups, seminars or round tables in addition to publications for advantages on staying
on top of the crazy world called Google but have to admit U.S. Webshark has it down. This is almost an industry where people nearly spend close to 100 billion per year. Crazy stuff. When you consider if you live in a metro area of half a million people and let’s say it has 2000 plumbers we have to assume only some will have websites. Let's toss out 500 and take the figure of only 10 organic spots on the first page of Google.

But really unless you are in the first two spots in Maps and same in organic you might as well not waste time or money unless committed to achieving this goal. That really means only 4 out of 1500 really benefit from Google. People who run "Ad Campaigns" such as "Pay for Click" get 1% of the people who search on Google nationally.

The spots I mentioned capture 90 percent of business on page one. You need to an inside person with complete knowledge of SEO and Content Optimization; Then add Marketing skills needed to run a vigorous urban warfare on Google Competitors non-stop with website maintenance checked on daily. We do that and more without long term contracts. And that makes us succeed along with you,

Something I knew I had to learn as a business owner in the past in my profession.

Fell in love with the challeges. And every new client is a adventure in terms of marketing and feeling the satisfaction that comes with that achievement.

No long term contracts. If we don't deliver you fire us. It is pretty cut and dried.