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Upward Commerce is a full-service Digital Marketing Agency. We’ve made a reputation for building audiences that care and convert. Through impactful marketing campaigns we bring the traffic and leads to your website, and help you convert those leads into loyal customers.



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What makes a great website is usability and design. We adhere to the latest case studies released from industry thought leaders and companies that prove enhanced user/customer experience leads to higher conversions/leads/sales. We factor in how visitors navigate & interact with a website, what the sales funnel (path to conversion) should look like, how the brand & personality engages with visitors onsite, and how to optimize the design to maximize conversions,.

We begin with a view from 30,000 feet to understand your business. During our initial research & planning phase, we take a deep dive into the following key aspects of your business: Value Proposition, Target Market, Industry Outlook, Unique Selling Points, Buyer Personas, Market Position, Competition, Digital Marketing Tools & Software and Business Challenges & Goals. We develop a custom & creative digital plan to reach your business goals. Brainstorming, designing, imagining, and strategizing is what our team loves to do best. Once a final plan is approved, we execute, and create the WoW!



We create & map out content for the different stages of your customers’ journey. We believe content quality must stand apart from the crowd by a significant margin (10x). The goal of content marketing is to provide value to leads as they move down the funnel. We create blog articles, guest posts, e-books, white papers, case studies, infographics, and press releases. We conduct outreach to journalists, bloggers, influencers, and reporters in your industry to share your content with the world.

Understanding where you can convert traffic into sales or leads from a page-by-page analysis of your website is paramount in increasing web revenue. We analyze low performing pages and start with the high traffic pages first. We gather the right data, a/b test, evaluate findings, and deliver results. Since we measure success by lifting your website conversion rate, you can hold us to it.

We thrive on creativity. We project ideas and experiences with visual and textual content. Our entire design process is focused on how your target customer will interact and develop a relationship with your brand. Creativity is the currency, and our innovative team works closely with you to produce engaging experiences which stay true to your brand.

Through various ad exchanges such as Google Display Network, we promote your brand in a variety of different ad formats across a multitude of websites across the internet. We can target particular audiences on relevant websites, and in specific locations.

E-commerce encompasses many parts that effect the success of your online store including marketing, merchandising, SEO, paid advertising, UX/UI design, conversion optimization, and lots more. We take a holistic approach of driving sales by raising awareness of your online store’s brand and product offerings – of which includes optimizing for m-commerce (mobile commerce).

Email marketing has the highest ROI than any other digital channel. As consumers become increasingly more mobile, so too does the email audience. Our expertise in email marketing spans across design, automation, personalization, acquisition, segmentation, and industry best practices. We establish an email strategy, build your campaigns, and always analyze the performance data.

Effective lead generation follows a specific sales funnel and customer journey. Our goal is to drive high-quality, targeted visitors through your funnel. Whether your brand is B2B or B2C, we develop a marketing campaign specific to your desired outcome and goals, and we execute proven lead generation through content, email, social, and advertising efforts.

The scope of merchandising continues to rise, especially as e-commerce and online shopping accelerates. A successful merchandising strategy helps online shoppers quickly find products relevant to them and their shopping experience. This better customer experience leads to increased purchase events and increased average order value. Product selection, visibility, price, placement, recommendations, reviews, and badging are key to driving your merchandising strategy.

More than half of the billions of Google searches done daily are on mobile devices. Mobile shopping trends are the wave of the future. We are a mobile-first agency and we put your brand in front of the mobile generation. Our mobile strategy experts transform your website into mobile friendly, responsive, and highly-engaging online destinations. Mobile-focused digital marketing and upgrades of existing digital assets for mobile readiness is a priority for brands.

Pay-per-click ads take up indispensable real estate on the web, and you can run up costs quickly, spending far more than your potential return if you’re not devoting time and effort to the program. Our paid search experts manage and optimize your AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns, ensuring the best results within your budget. We conduct extensive ad optimization on keywords, bids, ad text, landing pages, and mobile campaigns. Our goal is to increase conversions, maximize return on investment, and grow your business.

If you’ve ever wondered about those ads following you around on the internet, that’s a tactic known as remarketing/retargeting. People who see remarketing ads are, on average, twice as likely to convert and three times more likely to engage. Remarketing is a powerful online marketing tool as you are able to connect with your target audience, even after they leave your website. We remarket to your audience through display ads and social ads.

We build your online presence with Google in mind. SEO takes into account various strategies to improve search rankings for your website. We get you free “organic” traffic to your website with best-in-class optimization including keyword and on-page strategy to technical and offsite, with a focus on prioritizing the areas of greatest opportunity. We identify quick wins plus long-term technical SEO strategy. Our analytically- driven team works with your data sources and offers a comprehensive, integrated approach to SEO that maximizes conversions and ROI.

80% of users say they’re likely to purchase products from brands after exposure to their social media. Finding the right audience will ensure you get the most out of your advertising spend, which is why we employ advanced targeting techniques that drive more leads for your business. Our highly targeted marketing and advertisement campaigns go beyond impressions and clicks and focus on view-through conversions that capture the true impact of your social media campaign. It’s not about delivering ads…it’s about producing results.

Social media is a great way to increase social engagement with your brand. We post content on your social media platforms as well as interact with your followers on a consistent basis. The goal of our posts will be to engage your followers, increase brand awareness, and ultimately drive web sales. We design, post, follow, communicate, and track. Our top priority is to connect with people, and make an impact for your brand.

We deliver cutting edge UX and UI design services across any platform. Our expertise lies in making complex processes intuitive, helping users understand data, and making your products more engaging and effective. With a heavy emphasis on usability, we ensure that functionality is optimized for the user experience. We are UX/UI designers and data visualization experts.

Our data analytics experts help you leverage smart data analytics to deliver the power of knowledge and insight into your business decision making. See how visitors are behaving on your website, how they found you, and what keywords, locations, referrers, campaigns, etc. are driving traffic and sales to your website. Understand where and why visitors are not converting and take actionable insight to quickly improve web usage.

We excel at delivering aesthetically engaging and functioning websites that are responsive across all devices. We don’t design based on just looks, we design with strategy and purpose. From conception and strategy to design and implementation, we build premium websites that address your business goals and capture the essence of your brand.