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Thom Ruben

16 June 2019

Absolutely phenomenal creative cuisine, super sliders, I had to quote “Guy Fieri” but off the hook truffel grilled cheese. Coming back to hit the duck confit for sure. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ More...


Donny C.

16 April 2019

Tried for first time today. Had the double down and it did not disappoint. Salt and pepper fries were awesome as well! Thank you!


Angela Z.

15 April 2019

We had the duck taco, duck bowl, and grilled cheese. Everything was so good! The grilled cheese was my fav, perfect pairing with the tomato bisque which was to die for  and the staff are so sweet too!


Henry C.

13 April 2019

They were posted up at Barebottle Brewery so we gave them a try. The sous vide duck confit taco and fried chicken sandwich were tasty and very juicy. Portion was ok. Took about 10 minutes for the order to come and we got to enjoy it inside the brewery. I would definitely try the duck again, it was insanely tasty with the pickles and tortilla. More...


Kaje Y.

1 April 2019

TL;DR: Get the Chipao, Di Vinci, and a large order of fries!On Saturday morning, I ran 12 miles on an empty stomach, took a quick shower, and went to Barebottle Brewery for a friend's birthday party. I'm SO hungry.The Upper Cut truck was outside, and I saw people ordering food. The security guard even had food and it looked really good. I went inside the brewery and had a beer. Now my stomach was really growling - so I went out to get a first round of food and settled on: + Full order of Garlic Parm Fries ($8): These fries are AMAZING! They are the right thickness, super super crispy. Hands down one of the best fries I've had in a while+ Full order of the Axis (Salmon) Rice Bowl ($17): This rice bowl seems like an anomaly on the menu, but maybe it's for pescatarians in a SEA of meat eaters. heh. The flavour is good, the sauce is good, you get a good amount of salmon - probably close to $17 in value. (However, I didn't realize how much I got until I wrote it out). Unless the margins are great - this might be the dish that doesn't make sense to keep from a business perspective. +Cadillac Grilled Cheese ($13): This grilled cheese should probably be the standard of grilled cheeses. It comes with a homemade tomato biqsue. I feel like this grilled cheese and tomato bisque, while not the best I've ever had, met all expectations of what a decent or good one should be.Now, I'm munching away on this food, and some guy comes by and asks how the food is. I told him the fries are really really good, the salmon rice bowl is good, and the grilled cheese and tomato soup was okay. But those fries! He comes closer, and introduces himself as Marty, the owner of the truck!We made conversation and I told him the options I thought about trying (the duck confit), but that I hesitated because it's tough to pull off. Round 2:+ Da Vinci (Duck Taco): Wow! Just wow. Really simple taco, but everything pairs so well together. Fatty, juicy duck, with a hint of sweet and spicy salsa, with some dry bitter arugula, and pickled red onion (to cut the fat from the duck). + CHIPAO (chicken slider): I'm hesitant to get chicken sliders because of how dry it usually comes out. I took a bite, and it was super juicy. Spices just right with a hint of a kick. Excellent! Note that the meat might be thigh - not breast. Marty hung out a bit to chat with me to discuss food prep styles (dry brine vs wet brine), how he preps his fries (including a quick blanch), and various marinades, taste pairings. He's very passionate about his food and he does a GREAT job in executing. Props to Marty for putting the work into making quality food at the right price points. More...


Errol F.

17 February 2019

Great quality food! I Had to make my first yelp review. My friends and I ordered the Salmon bowl, chicken slider (Chipao), Brisket slider (Double Down), and Garlic Parmesan fries. We were all very satisfied! The green sauce included in the salmon bowl was so good we had to ask for extra on the side. Their sliders were tender and delicious! And the Garlic Parmesan fries were so good my friend was munching on it without noticing he had to share. The owner and employees were all great vibes. Overall it was a great experience eating at Upper Cut. More...


Toni H.

12 February 2019

My boss had been bragging about their chicken sliders and after a while I had finally given in. I saw them parked at BareBottle and decided that was the perfect day to give them a go. When I tell you that it was the absolute best chicken slider I have ever me had, I mean every word of that. It was perfectly crunchy and juicy with just the right amount of sweet and spice. An absolute mouth orgasm. I will definitely be hitting their truck up again to try the other delicious food choices on the menu. More...


George P.

31 January 2019

Great food truck that matches perfectly with the brewery they are stationed by. My fiancé and I were consulting with the owner,Martin, on catering our wedding and were impressed with the diversity in the menu. When we swung by without notice just to try it out my fiancé introduced herself and he let us try whatever we wanted on the house!To the food!  All the sliders were amazing I favored the fried chicken slider but personally would have gotten one of each just for myself. The tacos were great! Duck tacos had a sweetness to them that was very unique and the fish taco was textbook. Finally that grilled cheese hit the spot! The fries were perfect sides and it was too bad we were soooooo stuffed that we couldn't try a bowl. But the fact that Martin comped is everything while we were just exploring catering options sold me. True professionalism, great quality food and down to earth attitude. I would recommend to many food truck enthusiasts to hit up Upper Cut!Needless to say we chose Upper Cut for our wedding and are super grateful and humbled to have them there! Thanks again Martin! More...


Trevor D.

21 January 2019

Boom! Been to this truck over 20 times. Stoked to see it's in the top 10 of SFs best food trucks. Marty and his crew provide consistent quality sous vide eats. It's rare I deviate from the double double and duck confit tacos, but during my last visit I stepped out of my comfort zone and went with the chipao chicken sandwich - amaze! More...


Iris K.

21 January 2019

Holy Chipao! I'm not one for Yelp Reviews, but I had to make an exception for Upper Cut! I found myself at Barebottle on a Saturday night and discovered my favorite sliders in all of San Francisco... the Chipao Sliders; fried chicken with a mouth watering honey bourbon glaze. Pairs perfectly with Poutine Fries. More...


Aaron B.

13 January 2019

Easily one of the most enjoyable food trucks I've eaten at the Chipau fried chicken slider is so good sal and pepper fries , the oinkster slider , double down slider , Cadillac grilled cheese tried them all left happy and sooo full this truck won't disappoint !


Monet C.

11 January 2019

Absolutely Amazing!! Highly recommend these guys are worth it! I tried the trio, crab cake, and duck and salmon taco. THOSE PARMESAN GARLIC FRIES THO! Everything was delicious and customer service was impeccable. Marty, you're the man. Thanks for the hospitality! Being from out of town, my brother, a regular, swore by this place. They are clean, presentation was appetizing and above most importantly, everything was FRESH. I can't wait to fly back into town to experience you guys again, keep up the great work!!! More...


Alex K.

3 January 2019

This is one of those places where everything you bite into, you end up closing your eyes and saying "God that's good". I recommend this place to everyone and its fascinating to learn how they cook everything! I can't recommend any specific food because EVERYTHING was amazing, but I will say the duck, fried chicken,  and pork dishes are freaking to die for. Really affordable too! I went with a group about a year ago and individually all 6 of us have gone to great lengths to make sure we eat here again! More...


Sandra J.

22 December 2018

If you don't eat here you are missing out on a little piece of heaven! 11/10 worth the money and time. The chipao will change your life. Take it from me... a very satisfied customer! More...


Cherish A.

16 December 2018

This food is as good as the owner is looking! (Side Note: Marty call me!) On a more serious note because trust me after meeting the nice charming young gentleman who owns this truck you will be serious about what I said to. Okay back to the food. I had his grilled cheese and tomato bisque pairing first. The tomato bisque actually I think it says soup on the menu but is more like a bisque due to its perfect even tone of cream. Not acidic but also somehow not creamy, can't explain it I will leave that to the chef. The grilled cheese was a hint of sweet which was a nice twist.Second, because I had to try more I then got one of his sliders with fried chicken that had such a nice bourbon batter with a CJL sauce on it. That is where my mouth started watering and not because I caught Marty out the corner of my eye but because this homemade CJL (Cilantro, Jalapeño,Lime) sauce is one of a kind I have never had. If you find this truck, first tell Marty to hit me up then my main recommendation was that chicken slider and if I had room for more I would have tried this perfect mans DUCK Confit! More...


Aaron M.

11 November 2018

Let me just get right to it: I expect I will never have a better grilled cheese in my life than the "Cadillac grilled cheese" that Upper Cut makes.  it's some secret blend of cheeses, plus some fruity sauce thing plus a perfect little bit of rich tomato soup and, well, I just don't even bother making grilled cheese for myself anymore.  I feel like a failure.They have a variety of other food options which I think rotates... my memory fails me but I think at least one or two were really good... you can tell none left the impression of the grilled cheese though. More...


Sarah Lane Camp

11 November 2018

Best grilled cheese ever.


Kevin L.

10 November 2018

Highly recommend the double down and the chipao. We went to this truck outside of bare bottle. Has a really good variety of options and high quality ingredients. Owner of the trucks is really friendly and hospitable! More...


Shirley L.

3 November 2018

Yum! I love the food at Upper Cut! It's fresh made to order goodness. My fav are the Cadillac Grill Cheese - the best grill cheese I ever had, with tomato bisque soup and all of the sliders - all amazing. It's always satisfying. Can't wait to go back and have more. Great people, great service! I highly recommend it! More...


Geraldine G.

11 October 2018

Just cad their Da Vinci (duck taco) five minutes ago, and yes it's pricey but holy cow. That was possibly the best taco I've ever had!!!


J Evan M.

10 October 2018

Umm nuff said! Yum! Pork shoulder bowl! Had the salmon bowl on previous occasions but once you get the egg on top your life will change LOL!


Nicole S.

2 October 2018

This review is long long overdue! I tried Upper Cut for the first time outside of Barebottle Brewing Co. and it was amazing! I love sous vide meat and was so excited to try them. Normally my fave is pork shoulder, and the pork shoulder slider was definitely good, but the fried chicken sliders stole my heart. They were so yummy we had to order more. I do think it is a bit over priced, but still giving a 5 star review because you get what you pay for!You can find them outside of Barebottle Brewing Co. on Cortland Ave every Wednesday and Saturday! More...


Bosco Z.

26 September 2018

Really good meat. The duck tacos are delicious and innovative, the sliders are amazing and even fish, the salmon, is great. If you want meat you can't think wrong with this place. More...


Charlotte T.

8 September 2018

Ok people are complaining about the price of the "Cadi" grilled cheese and tomato bisque. First off do you know how much figs cost? Let alone tomatoes.  Everything is fresh and cooked to order!! Including that delicious fried chicken breast (melt in your mouth with juices), yummy. This is a huge is a plus for me. I'm ocd so if the food was to greasy or not the right temperature I would definitely ask for a refund.Long lines are expect when you can get duck confetti tacos with an exceptional palette. Portions are always on point, and worth every penny. After all who needs a brown paper bag after one bite.Keep in mind that this is a food truck, not a Michelin five star restaurant, and they only can carry so much product. So when they run out of food or something is broken be more understanding and mindful.Love, Love,Love the service flavors and aspect and will be looking to book them in the future for parties. If you haven't tried them out do so already....!!! More...


Jordan L.

18 August 2018

Their truck was at Barebottle Brewery -- perfect combo for beers and solid snacks. Duck taco was killer and garlic parm fries disappeared too quickly. Grilled cheese has fig for the perfect touch of sweet and Oinkster was worth a repeat order. Highly recommend! More...


Brett N.

4 August 2018

Why 5 stars? Because the grilled cheese sandwich was the best thing I ate during my week in San Francisco.   ---   ---   ---I was in SF for a work conference for a few days and these conferences always consist of us eating a ridiculous level of great food around the Bay Area. I can easily say that my favorite bite of 2018's conference was the grilled cheese from Upper Cut.I couldn't quite put my finger on what made this thing so amazing until I went back and spoke with the owner while looking at the ingredients. There was some kind of pureed fig on this thing, and that little hint of sweetness is what set this grilled cheese apart from the rest. Well, that and the utterly unbelievable tomato bisque. The sandwich stood on its own quite well, but the bisque on top of it was what turned it up to 11. Please give me this sandwich every day for the rest of my life and serve it at my funeral. I only wished I'd had the appetite to try the chicken sandwich too, but that will have to wait for 2019! More...


Isaiah W.

16 July 2018

These guys were absolutely amazing! They were outside one of the parties we attended while in San Francisco and I couldn't have been happier (talk about clutch and much needed). I couldn't even list all the great things on the menu, at a certain point we were all ordering different things to share so we got to try as much as possible at once. I would highly recommend and if you see these guys around flag them down or run over. The Bay area has a ton of food trucks and this is one of the best I've tried. Cheers team! More...


T P.

16 July 2018

Seriously the best chicken sandwich I've ever had. Do yourself a favor and get a side of salt and pepper fries too. I'm so glad I waited in line. It was worth the wait.


Jessica T.

13 July 2018

There are a plethora of food trucks in the Bay Area, but in my opinion very few - are able to curate a menu that caters to a variety of different dietary needs, while at the same time producing photo-worthy dishes that are made with quality ingredients.Uppercut is one such food truck.We booked Uppercut for a work offsite and they were absolutely fantastic to work with - from beginning to end. Marty was extremely responsive and personable in all of our E-mail interactions and him and his team went out their way to produce a diverse menu that all of our attendees gushed over.From delicious Salmon Rice bowls, to Cadillac Grilled Cheese sandwiches with homemade Tomato Bisque, to Duck Confit tacos, to gourmet sliders and more - Upper Cut served up remarkable looking dishes with massive smiles. If you're planning a personal or work related event and are looking to hire  a food truck that will wow your guests with fantastic food and wonderful personalities - definitely hire Upper Cut.Trust More...


Krystina S.

7 July 2018

A MUST TRY! Everything on this menu is the bomb.com! I've been here a couple times now, and the food never ever disappoints.  Great staff, Oinkster Sliders, DaVinci Tacos, Garlic fries OH MY More...


Lisa O.

7 July 2018

Love their food!!!! Excellent presentation & flavorful in every bite. From sliders to duck tacos yummo


Jenn A.

7 July 2018

Bomb sliders and fries! My boyfriend and I split the pork shoulder and fried chicken slider, a side of fries, and the duck confit bowl and all were suuuper good and full of flavor. The truck was parked outside of bare bottle and it was the perfect accompaniment to our craft beers. Will definitely be coming back to try the other things in the menu (everything looks so good!)Also, holy crap. Just tried The Creme Brule its insane. You must get this as a dessert. More...


Kevin C.

7 July 2018

TLDR - Great service. Great people. And did I mention amazing food?We ordered the duck confit bowl, the fried chicken sandwich, pulled pork sandwich, and fries. All of the food was amazing. Unfortunately the fries came out quite late, but they recognized this issue and brought out a creme brulee for us to try as a sorry we were late. It was delicious. Highly recommend. More...


Itzik C.

23 June 2018

Great authentic food. Very flavorful and high quality. I tried several items and they were all simply perfect.


Mikki S.

16 June 2018

Just had the salmon bowl and Creme Brulé.  Sooo fricken good and gluten-free!  Will definitely go back to Barebottle Brewery if Upper Cut is serving up the chow.


Kazukiyo K.

10 June 2018

We were looking for a place for our son's teacher's farewell. She said she wanted to go to somewhere local so we took her to Barebottle Brewery. We didn't know that Barebottle didn't serve food but saw a long line in front of the Upper Cut food truck. After one bite we knew why there was a long queue. Their juicy food was an amazing match with the beer. We'll definitely eat at Upper Cut again. More...


Brian B.

9 June 2018

One of the best fried chicken sandwiches I've ever had. The guys cooking in the truck are awesome. This is a hidden gem about to blow up.


Lindsay D.

7 June 2018

The fried chicken slider was amazing! The breading was super chrisp and delicious. Not too crunchy. The chicken was very tender.  It tasted like chicken and waffles.  And the couple that work on the truck are so cool and friendly.  Pair that with the fun atmosphere of Barebottle Brewery (they're there Wednesday and Saturday) and you have yourself a fun dinner date! More...


Rodney H.

29 May 2018

Upper Cut is an interesting truck in that all their food is served sous vide.  I honestly can't really tell the difference with the cooking styles, but I'll take their word for it.  I tried them out a while back at Off The Grid Fort Mason.  And the food was pretty good.  I had the Duck Confit Taco and Oinkster Slider (bit.ly/2kvIGDC).  Both had great flavor but if I had to choose my favorite between the two it was definitely the Oinkster.  That pork was so tender!  I also like how they have the option to turn each into a rice bowl which I hope to try with their Duck Confit next time.Although I only had a small sampling of their menu, I like Upper Cut's concept and their food surprised me.  I hope I get another chance to try them again in the near future. More...


Sarah C.

28 April 2018

Tempted to not go five stars because it's over priced, but the quality of the food wins out and pushes it over because after all, the food is the most important part!Grilled cheese and tomato bisque for $13?  Yeah, seems steep, but worth it. May be the best grilled cheese I have ever had. The truffle oil was so spot on. Would purchase again in a second. Oinkster. $6 for a single slider? But oh man is that good meat. And those candies jalapeños - yum yum!I visited when they were at Bare Bottle Brewing and it complements beer quite nicely. :) More...


Kathy Bambeck

9 February 2018

Absolutely delicious food, beautifully prepared by such a professional creative team. Their hard work and passion shows!


Krystina Shapiro

7 February 2018

Everything you will eat here is hands down, the bomb dot com!!!!���


Lindsay Guevarra

26 January 2018

I never knew that a grilled cheese sandwich can taste so good with a subtle hint of sweetness & spicy tomato bisque on the side. Oh Yasss! �


Alina K.

7 January 2018

Delicious and flavorful bowls, tacos, and fries, coupled with super friendly and amazing service! They're fun to chat with, and go the extra mile to make your experience a great one. Can't wait to eat more of their food!! More...


Kelli C.

4 November 2017

Upper Cut is at Barebottle Brew Company on Saturdays and I can't think of a better combination. The food is incredible. The Oinkster, duck tacos, Grilled Cheese, Pulled Pork & Fried Chicken sliders... there's so much thought into the ingredients that I truly don't think I've ever had food like this. Can't wait to come back More...


Emma K.

21 October 2017

Handsdown the BEST grilled cheese I have ever had. It's been 24 hours and I'm still thinking about it. Also, the sliders were so freaking good too, if I could eat only those for the rest of my life I would die happy. Obese and happy. Staff was so friendly and just an overall great experience. Also my brother got the duck tacos and said they were 5 star mexican restaurant worthy More...


Lukas F.

21 October 2017

This is is my favorite food truck I've eaten at lately. The chicken sliders and duck tacos are amazing. The grilled cheese is phenomenal as well!


Janet T.

11 October 2017

OMG!!!    Did we hustle to get in line when we saw which food truck was opening!!!   UPPER CUT.... .  Woooooo Hoooooot!!I've already had their OINKSTER Sammie and Duck Confit Taco!   Absoultely TO DIE FOR!!The IPA Beers here at the Brewery go down easy too.Going to get back in line and maybe bring something home for dinner. ...I have my eye on their Double Down, or the Cadillac Grilled Cheese.....or both.   What a surprise stumbling on this gem! More...


Danny C.

17 September 2017

Pricey for sure, but the food is damn good. For about $6.50, you can get yourself a double down slider. It's 2 small, perfectly succulent patties inside a grilled bun with slaw. Yum. A large order of fries will set you back $6, but these bad boys are classic kennebec and perfectly fried. The garlic parmesan flavor will leave you thinking of the ballpark. The bowls are also fantastic. The duck confit is tender and savory, and it comes with a fried egg and brown rice (excellent al dente). Again, the only downside is the price. That bowl almost clocks in at $15 for a regular food truck tray/plate. Service time is quick and friendly, and I'd come back for a few more bites, especially that Cadillac grilled cheese. You can generally find a truck outside Barebottle Brewing on Cortland in SF. More...


Gunther M.

9 September 2017

So I was cruising and perusing around the mean streets of  San Francisco when I came upon a food truck fiesta. Holy Hell! When I decided that it was time to feed my face I looked no further once I saw UpperCut. The crew working the truck were swell as a bell and led me to a spiritual awakening of the food variety. So I ordered me up some duck tacos and as soon as they came out of the window I scooted on over to a table to prepare my body for what was possibly going to become a life altering moment. With my animalistic urges intensifying, I shoved that duck taco in the direction of my face. What transpired afterwards is hard to put into words, but I will try to explain it all simple-like. Not only was that duck taco edible, it was freaking incredible. This delicious duck taco made me rethink what's important in life, in fact it makes me want to become a better man. Overall I would recommend that you get your hands on some of these puppies, especially if you are in the mood for a life changing experience. More...


Aubrey G.

8 September 2017

Omgggggg.I don't know how I made it with almost no line. I'm from atlanta and was so happy to hear about this food truck event. But of course upon arrival, I have to try to figure out what I want to eat. And deal with remorse if the worse choice was made.I hands down made the best cheese. Salmon bowl is bangin!!!!!!! and I have never appreciated well cooked brown rice more. No sauce needed! More...


Natalie M.

21 August 2017

Sous vide cooking? In a food truck? I forget how many food trucks there are in SF...creative bunch aren't we.Sous vide cooking involves precise vacuum cooking. I got the pork shoulder bowl and was offered a fried egg on top. It came with some grilled vegetables and brown rice. This was actually bigger and filling than I expected it to be. The pork shoulder was SO soft and rich in flavor. It fell apart as I kept eating it. The vegetables were also really good (broccoli, some carrots, slaw). I was very impressed by the food. I also got to snag some of my friends garlic parmesan fries (WIN).Check their website to see where this food truck will be next! More...


Stephanie K.

19 July 2017

Hands down the best grilled cheese and tomato soup I've ever had. The truffle and fig additions were the perfect pairing for my sweet tooth.


Jean L.

15 July 2017

Every now and then I'll take a bite of something that compels me to chew more slowly. Usually that thing is toro or sea urchin or something else that costs $10 per bite but I had the same reaction to Uppercut's grilled cheese (I.e. The Cadillac). It's smothered in butter and oozes mild but flavorful cheese with fig jam and just enough truffle oil to make you say MMMMMMM WHAT IS IN THIS My SO, who is a meat eater, has tried most of the other meat options on the menu and he says the grilled cheese is also his favorite. My only complaint is that the tomato soup that comes with it is usually lukewarm. The truck is often parked at Barebottle Brewery in Bernal Heights so you get to have your crazy delicious sandwich while also hanging out at a giant warehouse with some pretty epic beers.Minus one star because the food can take really long and we found most of the other items (oinkster, chipao (fried chicken slider), duck confit)  to be good but not amazing (even thought they sound better in the description). More...


Katie B.

14 July 2017

Great food and wonderful service! Love the duck confit tacos and the double down sliders!! So many options and each one is delicious! I check out their website when I'm in SF so I can stop by the truck if I'm close! More...


Kati P.

11 May 2017

This is the best food truck I've ever been to.  Maybe it's a good thing I no longer work nearby its stop in South City.  Good for my cholesterol!  Everything looked fantastic, and I should have tried more, but I always went for the truffle grilled cheese and tomato soup.  They were mind-blowingly good.  The service is great, and considering what goes into making this top-notch food, the food comes out rather quickly (and if you order a special that will take awhile, he will warn you).  I live in Fremont and there is a food truck group near my house on Wednesdays, but the usual greasy slop that comes out of many food trucks is nothing compared to this excellent cuisine. More...


mary lou s.

26 April 2017

Salmon is great! Don't miss the candied jalapeños. Delish and quite a good meal. I think they have a great selection


Carolyn Korchik

19 April 2017

The food is delicious and Marty is great!!! You can't go wrong with the sliders, tacos, or bowls - and don't forget about the candied jalapeños!!! Soooo good!


Daniel Starner

18 April 2017

You have to get the oinkster! So good! The duck confit taco is also really good!


Gordon W.

17 April 2017

I was at a brewery on Saturday, and the Upper Cut truck was there. The menu was diverse and it's the first time I'd seen a Sous-vide (a method of cooking in which food is sealed in a vacuum-sealed plastic pouch then placed in a water bath or in a temperature-controlled steam) in a food truck. Right there, I knew this crew was innovating on their food.I tried almost everything w/ my GF. The Double Down was probably my favorite. Pork Slider also great. Grilled Cheese + Tomato soup also great. The presentation and staff was also on point. My only issue was that I ate to much, b/c the food was so damn good! They also have a non-profit Compute For Cancer sticker on their truck, which I appreciate a lot. A food truck helping an important cause.... More...


Raquel R.

5 April 2017

I tried Upper Cut today and their food was Amazing!!!! I tried the Oinkster- pork shoulder slider which the meat was juicy and tender and the bun was so soft - melt in your mouth! The Grilled Cadillac Cheese (bacon added) with fries was Awesome!!!! Now for the kicker....drumroll pleeease.... DUCK TACO.... Myyy fiiirst...and Ommmyyy it was A_M_A_Z_I_N_G!!!!!!!! More...


Raquel Ganda Rothenbuescher

5 April 2017

Upper Cut came out to MidPen Housing Corp. today and their food was Amazing!!!! I tried the Oinkster- pork shoulder slider which the meat was juicy and tender and the bun was so soft - melt in your mouth! The Grilled Cadillac Cheese (bacon added) with fries was Awesome!!!! Now for the kicker....drumroll pleeease.... DUCK TACO.... Myyy fiiirst...and Ommmyyy it was A_M_A_Z_I_N_G!!!!!!!! Thank you for coming out and sharing your delicious bites with us!!! Raquel More...


Ben B.

11 March 2017

Great food to enjoy while getting a beer. I come every Saturday night for a salmon bowl and some poutine. Great food, super nice guys.


John W.

2 March 2017

One thing I will suggest is the Cadillac grilled cheese that comes with a tomato bisque. Individually, they can stand on their own merits. But dip the sandwich wedge into the bisque, and it's possibly the greatest thing I've ever eaten. I cannot express how much I loved it in words. More...


Hugh H.

15 January 2017

I love this truck!   You must try the grill cheese sandwich and tomato soup.   I mean you MUST try it!   My girlfriend and I shared the sandwich and we both thought it was AMAZING...a very different and unique twist to how a typical grill cheese sandwich would be.  Big Thumbs Up!The Duck Condit Tacos, another favorite of ours! Along with a good variety of beef and pork sliders...you CAN'T go wrong with this place.Uppercut will definitely be a major player in the food truck seen of San Francisco!   Soooooo glad we tried it!! More...


Ted K.

11 January 2017

Oinkster is amazing, and the sliders are decently sized for the price.  Fries were perfectly crispy.


Chad C.

7 January 2017

My wife and are are throwing a party in sf in April.  We have been food truck shopping for a while.  This was day 3 in a row of sampling.  By far the best experience and food.  Marty aka Martin was responsive to all emails in a timely manner. We ate the double down slider, oinkster, duck bowl, and chicken taco. My wife loved the duck bowl and I loved both of the sliders. Our friend got the Cadillac grilled cheese with tomato soup and that was delicious as well. Looking forward to working with this truck and eating from them again soon. More...


Scott R.

4 January 2017

I don't often seek out food trucks, or really have much opportunity to with kids and living on the outskirts of the city.  We hopped over to BareBottle Brewery in Bernal, and Upper Cut happened to be there, and my only food choice.  I am thrilled that I was forced to eat there!  I was ravished, so the little piggie that I am, ordered one of each of the 3 sliders.  And holy hell!  I was knocked off my keister! These sandwiches were far better than anything I have had recently at a restaurant.  Each different slider had so many different taste components to it.  So many different levels for your taste buds to dissect.  I will definitely try to find these guys out and about again.  GO SHOVE THIER FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH HOLE! More...


Peyton B.

21 December 2016

The Cadillac Grilled Cheese is ABSOLUTELY amazing! I would recommend everyone try this AT LEAST once. Seeing that it had fig in the recipe threw me off a little bit but it compliments the truffle oil SO WELL! If I could give 5000000 stars I would. This grilled cheese sandwich is FIRE FLAMES. A JOB WELL DONE! More...


Christeen K.

2 November 2016

best experience ever. there freshest ingredients and powerfully cooked. our group tried all the bowls, fries and the grilled cheese Cadillac. you won't be disappointed.


Marisela Barraza

26 October 2016

Had some salmon today was super delish and the duck like where in the world can you buy duck off of a food truck Upper Cut is the place. Please don't let this opportunity pass you up give It a shot you'll be happy you did � More...


Mei L.

18 October 2016

Uppercut was at g lounge for lunch on SoMa and i was pleasantly suprised. I only ordered the duck taco as I was trying two different food trucks that lunch and it was amazing. Duck was moist and flavorful with a nice mango chili salsa on top. There was sweet, spicy,  meaty and had a pickle kick. Granted the taco was $6 and as a lover of Mexican tacos for $1.50, I will say that I would go back (as long as it is after payday). More...


Marcos G.

17 October 2016

Omg I absolutely love this truck! I tried it on Sunday at the presidio I got two sliders, it was soooo good that I went and got two more sliders! Awesome service and speedy turn around..... Thank you so much More...


N K.

8 October 2016

Tried their food while they were parked at Barebottle Brewing in Bernal Heights tonight. Ordered a slider and a bowl (rice and veggies) - both with pork. The pork was very tasty on both items. Lots of other options on the menu to try, so we won't hesitate to choose them the next time that we see them. More...


Katie T.

20 September 2016

The fries are wonderful, but the duck taco was one of the best things I've ever eaten.  One was a very generous portion, and absolutely filled me up.  The flavors were great and the experience of eating the food was incredible.  Cannot recommend this place strongly enough!! More...


Michael W.

19 September 2016

Tried this truck while at Bare Bottle Brewery. Had the sliders, duck taco, grilled cheese, and poutine.  Customer service was great. All items were very tasty with the exception of the poutine which was meh. Overall solid! More...


Alice L.

13 September 2016

I had the upstream/ salmon bowl and thought it was fresh tasting, perfectly cooked, relatively healthy, and absolutely yummy. The dish was one I would be happy with at any sit down restaurant. One thing that was particularly lovely is the salmon had wonderfully (pan) crispy outside with a "just cooked enough" interior. More...


Heather T.

22 August 2016

I think at this point, I've tried every item on the menu at Upper Cut. Hard to pick a favorite, because everything is so darn good. But if I had to, I'd say the Oinkster and Sir Ramen are my #1 and #2. Also, when they have the Poutine Fries on special, you MUST ORDER them. Sweet Jesus, these are good. The Grilled Cheese with Fig (another special, I think?) is also bomb. During one visit, I was trying to eat healthy (why ) and ordered the Upstream, which is Salmon and Broccoli served over rice -- even that was delish. Oh, and they sell the candied jalepenos that come on the Oinkster BY THE JAR people. Hold me. In short, you can't go wrong with anything on this menu. You can tell they put a lot of thought and care into every single dish, and they've come up with some really unique flavor combinations. The fact that they're parked every Saturday at one of my favorite new beer-drinking spots (Barebottle Brew Co) doesn't hurt either. I wish it was Saturday -- I want an Oinkster RIGHT NOWWWWW! More...


Vanessa S.

17 August 2016

So after following this truck for weeks, I've tired most of the menu and am always impressed...ALWAYS! The food is fresh, flavorful and made with integrity. You'd be an idiot not to check them out! More...


Ivania S.

16 August 2016

So I'll make this short and simple. Food is BOMB! I've tried everything on their menu and I was not disappointed. The crew on the truck are amazing, and very welcoming. A MUST GO TRY!


Julio S.

16 August 2016

After reading "Upper Cut" on this truck I sure hoped I was gonna knock out after eating the food and boooyyyyy I DID. I had one of each slider, the taco , and poutine fries made with their duck jus from tacos. Nope! I didn't share those. The only thing I didn't have was the Salmon Bowl but the party I was in had two people that had it and said it was amazing! Candied Jalapeños with the pulled pork was exeptionalThe menu said taco was "crispy duck", it wasn't, BUT that description was lost in my head after the first bite.The braised brisket with slider patty & cheese, slaw and bbq sauce was spectacularAnd the ramen burger patties , ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! This one hits me in the heart because in my day ramen was all I could afford to eat...when I tried this with the sriracha sauce I was taken back to places that shaped my being now....Poutine Fries. Just one word. THEBOMBDIGGITYMUSTTRYTHESEIFYOUDONTYOUARESINNING More...


Sharon C.

5 August 2016

I had the brisket taco w/ slaw-amazing!  So amazing that I have them cater lunch for our company.


Ryan D.

27 July 2016

I just had the brisket slider & fries for lunch, and it was so good it compelled me to write my first yelp review.I'm a big guy with a huge appetite (they call me the sloth) and the ~$8 slider/ fries combo was more than enough to fill me up.


Sneha M.

8 July 2016

Pricey for what it was, but gourmet sliders were pretty good. I need to try the crispy duck confit tacos. I would definitely try it again, but only when I feel like having an expensive lunch


Gigi T.

28 June 2016

The BEST sliders we have EVER had!!!  Hands down!  The bread is perfectly grilled with a slight crunch but soft bread.  We had the double down and oinkster.  Delcious!  And the fries were perfect! More...


Jason M.

24 June 2016

I'm the type to read reviews, not write 'em, but the food is so on point, I was compelled to write one. Not sure of the official names, but so far I've had the duck taco, pork taco, ramen slider, regular slider, Oinkster, Cadillac Cheese, fries...and it's all good. Savory and balanced and more filling than you'd think. My personal favorites are the Cadillac grilled cheese sandwich and the Oinkster. My wife normally stays away from pork, but she can vouch for it as well.I sum up the goodness of Upper Cut with this - Marty spent more than 3 months finding the right bread vendor, and even longer focusing his menu and honing his craft. All of that time and effort shows...every time.Trust Marty's tastes. He's a super cool guy, he knows what he's doing, and what he's doing deserves to be shared. Upper Cut is the type of business you'd be proud to support. More...


Sheeva N.

26 May 2016

Upper Cut is INSANELY DELICIOUS! 5 Stars for sure!The truck was nearby our work, so we decided to head over and try it out. First of all, the truck itself is totally awesome--I loved the whole "Sous Vide" style and the cool SF branding--seeing the Golden Gate displayed all over was awesome!  :) Second of all, the foooooood. Oh my god, the food. I ordered the Double Down, which was a meat on meat slider (Sous Vide style brisket and sirloin, need I say more?!) and so melt-in-your-mouth delicious.  It was the perfect mix of perfectly cooked smoky meat, tangy, crunchy slaw and sauce, and a soft buttery bun. Im legitimately drooling just thinking about it.I also had a bite of my friends truffle grilled cheese and tomato soup--OHMYGOD I have to go back just to order that! It was the absolute perfect grilled cheese, with nice buttery brown toasted bread and delicious, melty, ooey gooey cheese oozing out the sides. And the truffle oil.....jesus. Cherry on top of a perfect sandwich.The customer service was great too, super nice and fast! I can't wait to go back! More...


Paul Damyan

14 May 2016

I tasted Upper Cut's Duck tacos and brisket and pulled pork sliders. All were excellent! And the cook was kind of cute. I will definitely be a return customer whenever I see that silver truck. Good job, Upper Cut!


Nicole Johnson

14 May 2016

Upper Cut catered a recent party for me. The food was delicious (as always) and my guests could not stop raving about it!!


Felix Karim

13 May 2016

Ran into The Uppercut twice now on the east side of South SanFrancisco. This part of SSF, around all the biotech companies, has very limited choices of places to eat (only deli type stuff). Both times I had the Double Down slider with fries. Both were really delicious!!! Can you plan to come here regularly? I know many of my colleagues would be interested since they all asked where I got the slider when I walked into the lunchroom at work. More...


Tri N.

10 May 2016

I tried salmon+rice and duck taco the other day. Both were awesome, duck taco was very special, my 1st try. This food truck's totally clean and tasteful.


Jack T.

10 May 2016

The oinkster is insane! Soooo good!  Can't wait to try another menu item next time. Awesome customer service too--super nice folks and fast service!


Heather Thompson Noll

27 October 2015

A great concept combined with flawless execution. I would give it 100 stars if I could!


Jeff Carson

27 October 2015

Beautiful food and a super fun crew. One of the finest food trucks.