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Upcurve personal training

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Exercise prescription, nutrition plans and analysis.

I provide exercise plans for when you're training with me and when you're training alone. I keep accurate records that you can reqeust to view and question at any time. After all, they're yours!

My nutrition plans cover everything you need to know including but not limited to - your nutrient intake, your energy needs and the toxic impact of your present eating and drinking habits.

I usually ask for a day to day record of your eating and drinking habits over 7 days. I'll build a list of recommendations for change. This will follow by us agreeing on a sustainable structure to what you actually change.

Instructional videos & eBooks.

My growing catalogue of instructional videos & eBooks cover the following broad subjects and more: stress reduction and control, exercise routines, nutrition programmes.

My general approach is a holistic one that considers your whole life and the impact your habits have on your health, fitness & well being goals. My recommendations respect your ability level, your resources and your present knowledge of health and fitness.

Whilst I have an opininion on health and fitness that is grounded in science and my years of experience, I also respect the opinion and experiences of my clients. My general style is to identify, discuss, empathise and then agree to a course of action.

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Upcurve personal training Reviews


Review of Upcurve personal training by Beverley
5 09/07/2018 Beverley

I have had a few personal trainers and Richard is the best thus far. I feel stronger as Richard is obviously an expert how the body works and what muscles need work to get the best strength training and knowledgeable about various training technics. Most important he listens and if, as I have, injury he manages the training with that in mind. I am glad I have found someone of this calibre

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Upcurve personal training replied:
Thank you Beverley! You’re doing so well and it’s a pleasure to help you :)
Review of Upcurve personal training by Laura Yiannakou
5 11/06/2018 Laura Yiannakou

Reliable, friendly, professional, and a great work out!

Review of Upcurve personal training by Kaja Wojciechowska
5 09/06/2018 Kaja Wojciechowska

Great trainer, commited to help you improve regardles of what your goals are ;)

Review of Upcurve personal training by Helen Giwa
5 01/05/2018 Helen Giwa

After following Richard's advice on my diet and following his workout plans, I feel a lot healthier and fitter. My family have notice the difference. What I liked is that Richard works with you in reaching your goals. He has pushed me when I needed to be pushed. Thanks for your help really enjoyed our workout. I'll be back.

Review of Upcurve personal training by Sue Boyle
5 13/04/2018 Sue Boyle

Three years ago I started training with Richard to help with an ongoing health issue. He gave me the support and encouragement I needed along with exercise programmes carefully tailored to my needs. He also gave me the belief that things could improve and after a lot of commitment and hard work I have medical test results that show a significant improvement. I am inspired to continue and with his help could get even better!

Review of Upcurve personal training by James Chapman
5 12/04/2018 James Chapman

Rich has been an excellent PT. He is friendly, enthusiastic and passionate about his work. He is direct and encouraging without being pushy. He has given me personalised exercise programs as well as great nutritional tips. Well recommended.

Review of Upcurve personal training by Emily Williamson
5 17/03/2018 Emily Williamson

It’s great working with Richard - he’s super knowledgable and able to respond to individual needs for each session so I get the unique workout that’s best for me that day.

Review of Upcurve personal training by Petra Nunzi
5 26/09/2017 Petra Nunzi

Working with Richard has helped me through a hip injury and back to full physical fitness after 2 years in a destructive cycle of re-injury. He's patient, consistent and pushes me just further than I think I can go. He adapts his training program depending if injury flares up but in 12 sessions has set me on the path to full fitness. I can't thank Richard enough for getting me back to feeling young and active again :)

Review of Upcurve personal training by Christina Gillings
5 02/02/2017 Christina Gillings

Best personal trainer you could ask for. Professional through and through, Rich has worked out the perfect programme to get me moving again. I needed gentle activity to get me started after an injury, and now i freely get up for my 6am workout (however cold!) which gets gradually harder as time goes by (yes - I do notice Rich!) It's been the exact approach I've needed to ensure no further injuries, while getting the help and advice needed to change my eating habits... One step at a time though!

Review of Upcurve personal training by Susie Smith
5 18/12/2016 Susie Smith

Having never had a PT before I was very keen to make sure the chemistry was right and Richard was my 3rd attempt at finding the right energy and instruction. Richard spends time with you and is intuitive to his clients needs, to really develop a personal fitness plan that's right for you. I would definitely recommend Upcurve.

Review of Upcurve personal training by Bana Tadese
5 17/12/2016 Bana Tadese

I have had 10 sessions with Richard and I am very pleased with his technique and support. He is very patient and took the time to really get to know what it was I wanted to achieve. After an intense workout, we would have chats about what motivates me so that I can do better outside of our sessions, which I though were great!

I would defiantly recommend Richard to anyone, especially if you're new to fitness (as I was).

Review of Upcurve personal training by Vinay K Gupta
5 12/12/2016 Vinay K Gupta

I have been training with Richard for around 3 months now and during this time I found him very passionated, focused and professional to his trade. The best part of being trained by him is that you never feel too pushed, he closely observes your progress, regularly talks to you for feedback and tries to work out the optimal schedule to generate the best output. I feel lucky to find him as my trainer and would highly recommend him to everyone who are serious about their fitness objectives and looking for a starting point with a professional guide.

Review of Upcurve personal training by Sarah Hopkins
5 30/11/2016 Sarah Hopkins

I have been training with Richard for nearly three months. He has a positive outlook and is passionate and knowledgeable about what he does. I have three children and a full-time job, so my time and energy is limited. Richard has created a training schedule that is realistic and achievable. He is also good at managing expectations and ensuring your programme is sustainable in the long term. He is subtle in the way he challenges and improves your performance over the weeks. He also has lots of useful information about nutrition and meal plans. I’ve never had a personal trainer before, so I’m really pleased to have found Richard. I would highly recommend him.

Review of Upcurve personal training by Sian Richards
5 29/11/2016 Sian Richards

Excellent. Richard is a very professional PT who makes each session fun yet productive.
My training has helped improve chronic health issues whilst gaining better range of mobility.
I have experienced noticeable weight loss due to my exercise programme and healthier eating. Richard maintains regular communication providing support above and beyond your average PT!

Review of Upcurve personal training by Simona Riccio
5 29/11/2016 Simona Riccio

Richard is a very good listener, supportive, encouraging, passionate about his job and always good-humoured, his sessions are challenging, fun and tailored for my needs.
He helped me lose weight and go back to my normal shape after the first pregnancy. After the second one, I suffered for two years with really strong backache (due to a fall) as well as severe muscle tension (due to the nature of my work), even the simplest movement such as lifting my arm had become painful. I saw few chiropractors and physiotherapists but nothing would help, I then fell into a vicious circle where the pain prevented me from exercising and I gained weight, which would then put more pressure on my back.
I can confidently say that Richard has been the only one who has helped me regain my physical strength with trigger points massage therapy, stretching and through his training.
His knowledge goes beyond fitness and it extends to nutrition, health and general wellbeing.

Review of Upcurve personal training by Péter Kele
5 28/11/2016 Péter Kele

Hi there! I cannot recommend him enough as your PT.One day I had enough of my laziness and look so I decided to time for a change! I did the best thing...Asked his expertise and help in this change. Started with 120Kg and a barely 3k jog, and a year later I ended up doing the Ironman with 95Kg(just research it and let it sink in... ;)) You can have any goal he will 100% make sure that you reach it! While you having fun! Cannot thank him enough!

Review of Upcurve personal training by Anne Reid
5 22/11/2016 Anne Reid

Richard has an amazing ability for putting people at ease, his communication skills are excellent.

Review of Upcurve personal training by Charlie Popat
5 15/09/2016 Charlie Popat

I've been training with Rich for about six months now, and I can honestly say I've never felt and looked as good as I do. Rich's techniques and 1:1 training makes working out something that is enjoyable. His high spirited nature and motivation to push me to achieve results I never knew I could is what I love. The workouts are tough yet exhilarating, from high intensity with weights, to cardio and fat burning routines. Rich provides a well rounded service which includes varied workouts and meal/nutritional plans. I'd highly recommend Rich to anyone who is looking for a professional, dedicated and inspirational personal trainer!

Review of Upcurve personal training by Anthony
5 03/09/2016 Anthony

Clear explanation of the service provided, conducted in a friendly and professional manner.

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Upcurve personal training replied:
A pleasure helping you Anthony
Review of Upcurve personal training by Sue
5 02/03/2016 Sue

I have enjoyed exercise all my life but confronted with a medical problem I needed some structure and discipline in my workouts. Richard has given me these by devising a series of programmes which he adjusts as I progress. He has made videos of the routines when I have had difficulty remembering them and gives me encouragement and support. His knowledge of anatomy and physiology and their relation to exercise and fitness are central to his management of my training regime and inspire trust in this kind and gentle man.

Upcurve personal training replied:
It's great to see you overcome your challenges Sue. Weel done!
Review of Upcurve personal training by Ursula
5 02/03/2016 Ursula

Richard has trained me at different times over a period of nearly 15 years. He is an excellent trainer and matches the programme to your needs at any time. He can accurately asses your needs and knows when to push you hard and when to ease off. Even when I haven't been able to train for more than a year he quickly gets me back to both a good level of fitmess but more importantly feeling energised to do more. Richard is very empathetic, listening and encouraging you and his approach is very motivational.

Upcurve personal training replied:
Well done Ursula! keep up the hard work. I have no doubt you will.
Review of Upcurve personal training by Melissa
5 26/02/2016 Melissa

Richard is a holistic fitness coach and thinks about how you fit into life and fitness. He has taught me to analyse my lifestyle , my fitness and my nutrition and given me knowledge to improve. He is warm and imaginative. I recommend taking a journey.

Upcurve personal training replied:
I look forward to continuing to help you Melissa!
Review of Upcurve personal training by PhilippaOwen
5 25/02/2016 PhilippaOwen

Richard is unusually perceptive about people. He notices everything and tailors his sessions accordingly. After an hour, I feel empowered and motivated to continue the exercises on my own. Each week, imperceptibly, he builds a little more into the programme. Outstanding over many many years and for all the members of my family. I would go nowhere else.

Review of Upcurve personal training by Nera Fernando
5 23/02/2016 Nera Fernando

Rich is an amazing personal instructor. He will help you achieve your goals no matter what your circumstances are. Rich goes out of his way to tailor his training to your specific needs. I've got help from Rich in the past, which has really helped me achieve my fitness goals. And now, I've just given birth to a baby several weeks ago through a c section, and Rich is carefully helping me get back in to shape. He is extremely knowledgable not only on exercise and fitness but also on nutrition. He will always respond to your queries almost instantly and constantly checks up on you to ensure you are on track. Rich is extremly approachable, personable and is very easy to work with. I would highly recommend Rich.

Review of Upcurve personal training by Kelly Webb-Lamb
5 22/02/2016 Kelly Webb-Lamb

Right from the first session I knew that Rich was not like any other trainer; he didn't turn up with an idea in his head and then impose it on me, instead he listened to what I wanted, and to how my body was responding to what we did. Two years later, nothing has changed. Rich always works from a holistic sense of how I am and what I need. It is refreshing and very healing. His understanding of anatomy, nutrition and holistic health is second to none. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

Review of Upcurve personal training by Veronica
5 22/02/2016 Veronica

I have known Richard for a long time and he has always had a very professional and methodical approach to his work. Last year I had a hamstring injury which Richard helped me recover from. This involved a series of exercises which changed every 6 weeks to tailor my injury along with some massages. There were times when I thought I would never run again but Richard was always encouraging and I started to believe and commit to his methods. They worked - I am now able to do the exercises I want to and that is all down to Richard's advice and exercises.

Review of Upcurve personal training by Percy
5 21/02/2016 Percy

Rich is one of the best personal trainers I could imagine: bespoke, knowledgeable, intelligent and sensitive. I can't recommend him highly enough. In a world where service and knowledge so rarely go together, he is a real gem. He's helped me enormously with my body - and he has taught me how to help myself - invaluable. 10/10 - but really.

Review of Upcurve personal training by Sue Sargeant
5 21/02/2016 Sue Sargeant

I've known Richard for many years and have watched him develop fitness programmes and coach people at different levels. Richard has supported me to reach my goals to run and be fitter overall. He is a good listener and will find the right approach for you.

Review of Upcurve personal training by Stuart
5 21/02/2016 Stuart

Richard is an outstanding personal trainer, physio and well being coach. Having supported me for over 10 years, he has an engaging approach that builds trust and rapport. Without doubt he has influenced helped me with a balanced approach to life.

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How do you help your clients achieve their fitness goals?

First understand what their goals are. Then agree to a realistic plan that takes everything into account.

What’s the secret to getting the body of your dreams?

Having resolve to push past obastacles. It can be challenging. But commitment combined with being informed works.

What do you love most about your job?

Meeting clients for the first time and getting to understand their unique set of goals. I love the challenge of creating a solution that is unique to each client

What inspired you to start your own business?

By starting my own business I knew that I could completely devote my working time to helping clients

Why should our clients choose you?

Not only will you benefit from the change, you'll enjoy the results :) There will be plenty to learn and much more to do, but I'll be there every step of the way.

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Sports Massage

Relieving injury & mild rehabilitation. Stress & tension relief. Correcting muscle imbalances.

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Personal Trainer, Sports Massage & PT Business Mentor

All across London

From May 1996 to present.

Personal Trainer, Sports Massage Therapist, Business Mentor


Skype Personal Training

Providing full exercise, nutrition and lifestyle support online. Distance doesn't dictate results.

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