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Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD are a leading manufacturer and distributor of fluid power products and accessories across the UK.

With over 40 years of experience with sales and repairs of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric equipment, we can provide low prices, speedy delivery and a knowledgeable service of world leading names such as Parker, Eaton, Donaldson, Daikin, Nachi, Bosch, ATOS, Sundstrand, Duplomatic, SUN Hydraulics etc.

No minimum order value, reliable, efficient, personal service, online ordering, stock check, account order history 40,000+ stock lines available for next day delivery (timed and same day service also available), top branded products from leading manufacturers from the UK, Europe and all over the world.

We operate throughout the UK and are a long established company within the industry due to the dedication and commitment we show to our customers’ care and satisfaction.

We pride ourselves in sourcing difficult to find parts for hydraulic, pneumatic & industrial equipment as well as standard parts.

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Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD Reviews


Review of Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD by Andrew Perry
5 05/06/2018 Andrew Perry

Great prices and very helpful, responsive service from USC Hydraulics, vast range of products and difficult to find parts not found elsewhere.

Review of Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD by James Geb
1 22/05/2018 James Geb

Purchased large amount of supplies and never got items, contacted them and never got a reply! They are WORST company do deal with, they do not call back or reply to emails when paid in full! HORRIBLE STAY AWAY!!!!

Review of Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD by Stephen
1 18/05/2018 Stephen

I posted an advert to have my power washer fixed. It was leaking water and as such had no pressure. An easy job. Universal supplies replied quickly to the advert stating they could take a look at it therefore I arranged to drop it off late one Thursday evening. I was told that they would diagnose the fault by the end of the next week at the latest. Long story short......5 weeks later and they still hadn't touched it. I repeatedly called every week asking for an update and was continually fobbed off and told they would get it to as soon as possible and given timeframes of a few days each time to no avail. After the 5 weeks I called and told them to leave it and that I would collect it the next day. Upon collecting it, I was informed they had now fixed it (even though I told them to leave it) and that I now owed them £50. I was informed they couldn't release it back to me without payment therefore reluctantly I paid. As soon as I got home, I tested it and found that it wasn't fixed!!!!!! And infact it was no different what so ever!! Still completely broken, leaking water with no pressure. I called the next day and demanded my money back. It took a week and a few more phone calls for me to finally get it. It is my recommendation that you do not go anywhere near this company if you value time, money, workmanship, customer services etc. Poor poor company.

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Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD replied:
Hi Steven,
Thank you for your comments, I would just like to point out a few inconsistencies with your review;
You mentioned that when you dropped it off, you were told it would be diagnosed by the end of the next week which was untrue. We told you that we were extremely busy and had a massive queue of other clients in front of you so it would take some time and we never advised any timeframe. Secondly, after a few weeks, you called up and told us that you were going to collect one Thursday night when you were free which was completely fine but the first week, you didn’t show up to collect it and the second week you told us you were going to leave it with us to investigate further (Adding on two weeks to your 5 week timeline) We managed to get around to looking at it after another few phone calls from yourself and although it was not fixed completely, the pressure was restored, the leaks were due to the machine needing a new head which when we spoke on the phone, you advised you didn’t want to spend a lot of money repairing and fault finding as we went so this was the most cost effective option to get your machine going again. You have had a full refund as an act of goodwill and I can only apologize for the length of time it has taken to look at your machine but really, we did advise from the start how busy we were and it was your choice to pursue the repair and leave it with us.
Review of Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD by ricewilly
5 27/03/2018 ricewilly

Needed a repair on my electric motor, great price.

Review of Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD by Bob McHugh
5 14/03/2018 Bob McHugh

Great prices and fast delivery, found these guys and have used many times. Can rely on USC compared to other similar companies in Scotland, hey also had a wide variety of parts and fittings that I couldn't find elsewhere.

Review of Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD by Andrew Jackson
5 18/08/2017 Andrew Jackson

really happy with my pressure washer repair and hose will be back again for another hose!!!!!!!!!!!!

Review of Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD by James Colburn
5 18/08/2017 James Colburn

Very helpful guys, go out of their way to make sure they found what I was looking for

Review of Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD by Jennifer Lee
5 18/08/2017 Jennifer Lee

Highly recommended

Review of Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD by Jen Lee
5 18/08/2017 Jen Lee

Pleasure to work with. Smooth transaction and great communication with the team. Highly recommended

Review of Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD by Jonathan Perry
5 18/08/2017 Jonathan Perry

Review of Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD by Andrew Perry
5 07/12/2016 Andrew Perry

Review of Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD by Chris Northmore
5 07/06/2016 Chris Northmore

Lovely company to deal with!

Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD

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Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD Q&A

Company Q&A

What do you love most about your job?

A challenge when faced with sourcing and finding parts which most people are told are 'obsolete'

What inspired you to start your own business?

We knew we could offer customers a better deal and better service than our competitors.

Why should our clients choose you?

Our customer service, we strive to be at the top of our game each and every day. We will never turn anyone away and will always do our best to accommodate what the customer is looking for or know someone who can help.

Services provided by Universal Supplies (Clydesdale) LTD


Electric Motors - Serivce / Supply / Repair

We are the Scottish distributors for Crompton Greaves electric motors and currently have a stock holding of 60K So whether you are looking for an IE2, IE3, Flame Proof or Explosion Proof electric motor at competitive rates without compromising on quality, get in touch and our sales team will be more than happy to advise you on the right option. We not only supply and repair Crompton Greaves but also various other types of Electric and hydraulic motors, many manufacturers and for a variety of applications. If you have any requirements for motors or repairs then we would like to hear from you. We would be pleased to provide you with a quotation. AC Motors Alternating current (AC) motors are a broad category of motors that include single / multiphase, universal, servo, induction, synchronous, and gearmotor types. There are many advantages in the use of AC motors aside from the wide availability of AC power. In general, AC motors cost less than DC motors. Some types of AC motors do not use brushes or commutators. This eliminates many problems of maintenance and wear, and also eliminates the problem of dangerous sparking. They are also particularly well suited for constant-speed applications. This is because its speed is determined by the frequency of the AC voltage applied to the motor terminals. DC Motors DC motors are configured in many types and sizes, including brushless, servo, and gearmotor types. A motor consists of a rotor and a permanent magnetic field stator. The magnetic field is maintained using either permanent magnets or electromagnetic windings. DC motors are most commonly used in variable speed and torque applications.

Hydraulic Motors - Serivce / Supply / Repair

We supply and repair all types of hydraulic motors in the UK. Below are some examples which are within our scope of supply. No matter who the manufacturer is or the application, give us a call with your enquiry. E Series Speed range 10-1400 RPM Maximum continuous pressure drop 70-175 bar Maximum continuous torque 45-300 Nm Available with 2 or 4 bolt flange mounting various shaft options and rear ports MT Series Speed range 680-2840 RPM Maximum continuous pressure drop 160-200 bar Maximum continuous torque 370-1250 Nm High efficiency disc valve motors with various shaft and options Tachometer drive connection MV Series Speed range 05-510 RPM Maximum continuous pressure drop 105-200 bar Maximum continuous torque 920-1880 Nm High efficiency disc valve motors with various shaft options Tachometer drive connections RS Motor 200 Series Suitable for many low speed applications, eliminating gears, shafts, chains, belts, pulleys and other speed reduction components. All motors are compact and light in weight in proportion to the torque and power delivered. All are fully reversible. BDR Type Motor Motor mounted lever operated directional control valves c/w 3 position detent kit Manifold mounts directly onto ports of EPMS (OMS) motor Nominal flow rate 25 l/min for X = 38 Nominal flow rate 50 l/min for X = 12 Nominal pressure 210 bar Relief valve variation ratio 10-250 bar Geolink Hydraulic Motor GWP100 LO braked orbital motor High torque Manufactured by Comer All makes and models can be supplied including: Adan Bosch Bucher Danfoss Denison Eaton Hamworthy Italgroup Kawasaki Linde Maxma Parker Permco Racine Rexroth Roquet RHL Sauer Sundstrand TRW Truninger Uchida VoithW Vickers Volvo White and many more…. Whether you need to buy new, replace your existing hydraulic motor or need to repair, give us a call with your details and we will provide a cost effective quote.

Hydraulic Cylinders - Serivce / Supply / Repair

We specialise in hydraulic engineering, being manufacturers and engineers of hydraulic equipment and components. We offer a first class service, including complete overhauls with most engine parts and components from stock. Our repair department can save your company money by repairing damaged hydraulic equipment such as hydraulic cylinders as well as axles, digger jibs and hubs. In most cases, our repair work is as good as new, saving you money and in some instances, time. From a simple cylinder head skim to a full overhaul of the cylinder, we have the knowledge and equipment to keep you operational. We can also supply you with anything from a valve stem seal to a full re-conditioned engine. If you have a special component needed but can’t source it maybe we can help with our Manufacturing dept Hydraulic Repair Specialists Rams / Cylinders repaired and manufactured in our fully equipped workshops. Machining and Overhead Crane capacity for even the largest Rams. All Hydraulic equipment pressure tested. All parts including Guides, Valves, Seal Kits, Bar & Tube, Pumps & Controls and Gaskets supplied from stock ensuring a quick turn around. Engine Blocks Re-boring & Honing New Liners Fitted Line Boring White Metalling Casting & Machining Cylinder Heads Fully Reconditioned Cylinder Units Surface Grinding Pressure Testing Camshaft Bores Straightened & Re-Machined Manufacture, Batch and one offs Our extensive workshop facilities allow us to provide the manufacture of bespoke and batch parts. Why not give us a call with your manufacturing needs. If we can’t help then we will know somebody who can. Contact us and we shall do our best to help solve any problems which you may have. We do our best to find alternative solutions when necessary. We specialise in urgent breakdowns. We can normally repair a cylinder within one to three days, this is normally done on a case by case basis. We would be pleased to look at your requirements and quote accordingly.

Hydraulic Filters and Filter Elements

We supply all types of hydraulic filters & elements, return line filters, suction strainers, pressure filters etc in the UK. Bosch, MP Filtri, Hycon, Donaldson, Argo Hytos, Fleetguard, HiFi, Filtrec to mention just a few. We can also quote for alternatives and even source or manufacture old obsolete items. Hydraulic filters are used for handling petroleum-based oils, emulsions, synthetic hydraulic fluids and lubrication oils. A high percentage of all hydraulic system failures are caused by contaminants in the fluid. Filter Applications Applications include the following, mobile hydraulic including earth moving equipment, excavators, draglines, loaders, tractors, forest industry equipment, refuse vehicles, forklift trucks, mobile cranes, sweepers, airplane towing trucks, and lorries. General industrial applications include die casting machines, power packs, test rigs, saw mills, mining machines, and lubrication filtration in the steel and paper industries. Configuration Choices for Hydraulic Filters Configuration, filter type, service limits, element construction, housing material, general features, and environmental parameters are all important specifications to consider when searching for hydraulic filters. Configuration choices for hydraulic filters include filter element and housing assembly, filter elements only, and housings only. The filter can be designed to handle petroleum based fluids, synthetic fluids, water, or water-based fluids. Basic assembly choices for hydraulic filters include in-line tank-mounted spin-on duplex off-line or recirculating pressure return-line breather suction We supply filters and gauges in the UK, liquid filtration elements and industrial air filters too. If you have any enquiries please contact our office and we shall be happy to help. Where possible we are able to quote for alternatives. We believe our prices to be competitive and our products of good quality.

Hydraulic & Industrial Hose and Assemblies

Hydraulic Hose We are able to offer a line of high performance hose for applications from the construction and manufacturing industries to agriculture and engineering industries. Hydraulic hose is flexible tube designed with a reinforced structure for the containment of hydraulic fluid under pressure. The hose consists of an outer cover, a reinforcement layer and an inner tube. The pressure ratings are measured in bars. Small diameter hose has high pressure rating. Hose selection is based on the tube material, tube bore diameter to carry flow and wall thickness to withstand internal pressure ie bar. Hydraulic braided hose 1 wire, 2 wire, 3 wire, 4 wire, 6 wire Jetwash Air Hose Fuel Hose Steam Hose Water Hose Shotblast Hose Liquid Mud Suction & Delivery Hose Chemical Suction & Delivery Hose Oil Suction & Delivery Hose Food Quality / Hygienic Hose Production sized of hose range from 4mm (3/16″) to 150mm (6″) Sizes : – 3/16″ (4mm Inside Diametr) – 1/4″ ( 6mm Inside Diameter ) – 3/8″ ( 10mm Inside Diameter ) – 1/2″ ( 12mm Inside Diameter ) – 5/8″ ( 16mm Inside Diameter ) – 3/4″ ( 20mm Inside Diameter ) – 1″ ( 25mm Inside Diameter ) – 1.1/4″ ( 32mm Inside Diameter ) – 1.1/2″ ( 40mm Inside Diameter ) -2″ ( 50mm Inside Diameter ) -2.1/2″ ( 65mm Inside Diameter ) Hose Assemblies We can supply our customers with the hose assembly of their choice. They only have to choose the type of hose, length and type of fittings. We also carry out repairs to damaged hoses on the premises. Simply bring in damaged hose and we will make a new hose as per your sample. Wire Braid and Multi-spiral reinforced Hydraulic Hose Assemblies designed specifically for High Impulse Pressure Surges Hydraulic hose in DIN and SAE standards for every type of application Bore sizes from 3/16″ – 2″ 1 wire/2 wire braid – Multi Spiral 4 and 6 ply Working pressures up to 700 bar Extensive range of fitting styles One piece elbow construction All major thread standards to international specifications Simple or complex assemblies supplied for low quantity replacement markets or high volume production requirements Hose Assembly Fittings Swaged and interlock fittings. Adaptors, Elbows, Tees, Hosetails, BSP, JIC, Flange, Metric, ORFS Straight, 45 degree, 90 degree. Swivel & Compact. One piece or two piece fittings For more information on fittings please see our section on Hose Fittings


We supply all types of hydraulic valves from simple shut off valves to precision control valves, used for various applications from hydraulic to marine and industrial. Wide range of manufacturers available. There are many types of hydraulic valves and we supply them all – angle valves admit media at an angle and permit maximum flow. Ball valves provide tight shut-off and reliable control. Block and bleed valves use a small port to depressurize the space between the inlet and outlet. Check valves prevent flow reversal. Control valves modify fluid flow. Types include globe, diaphragm, pinch, knife or gate, needle, butterfly, ball and plug. Directional valves steer process media through selected passages. Drain valves are used to remove surplus fluid from a system or container. Needle valves have a slender, tapered point at the end of a valve stem. Poppet valves open and close ports with a sealing device that includes a disk, cone, or sphere. Pressure relief valves remove excess upstream pressure. By contrast, regulators maintain a constant outlet pressure. Safety valves contain a thermal sensing component that opens or closes in response to temperature changes. Spool valves are actuated by a rotary or piston-like spool that slides back and forth to cover and uncover ports in the housing. Shut off valves close a line to stop flow when a pre-set condition occurs. Stack mounted, sandwich, or modular valves can be assembled to create a valve block. Solenoid valves (hydraulic) are similar to pneumatic solenoid valves except that they control the flow of hydraulic fluid (oil), often at around 3000 psi Available in different materials including, bronze, stainless steel, brass, carbon steel etc.

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